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Children’s Rights Attorneys Begin Trial in Fresno

GTA children’s rights attorneys Allison Worden and Carli Bouslaugh begin trial in Fresno today for Carson F., a minor, who was assaulted by his assigned aide on a school bus in 2013.  At the time, Carson was a 10 year-old fourth grader with special needs.  We are bringing the case against the Clovis Unified School Read More

Chronic Bullying Epidemic? Study Says Nearly 25% of School Children Endure It

Many of us have had jobs or other daily requirements in the past that we dreaded.  Many of us also got through those situations and looked back on them with an appreciation for what we had later in life.  Adults have more of an ability to endure difficult situations because we have more experience and Read More

Sexual Abuse of a Child Allegations Lead to Involvement By Children’s Rights Lawyers

Schools are supposed to protect the safety of their students.  Teachers are at the forefront of this protection effort.  Students are taught by their parents and by schools to trust their teachers.  These influences and social norms prompt young students to believe what their teachers are telling them and to do what their teachers are Read More

Consequences of Bullying: Missouri Teen Commits Suicide

The children’s rights lawyers at Gomez Trial Attorneys fight every day to protect children who are bullied.  Part of our effort involves publishing articles that we hope raise the awareness of this issue.  We’ve covered several different aspects of bullying recently, including bullying studies, bullying statistics and even bullying from a worldwide perspective.  While all Read More

School Bullying: Government Report Reveals Continued Prevalence

The National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) is charged with compiling and reporting on data that relates to the educational system in the United States.  In recent years, school bullying has become an increasing problem across the country.  We have looked at several aspects of this troubling issue, including the bullying of students with disabilities, Read More

Study: Childhood Sexual Abuse at Home Raises Risk of Human Trafficking Involvement

As we’ve mentioned recently, January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month.  The children’s rights lawyers at Gomez Trial Attorneys are going to continue to work to raise awareness with regards to this terrible situation regardless of our place on the calendar.  Law enforcement agencies around the world have engaged in noble efforts to arrest those involved Read More

The Cyber Bully Problem Remains Prevalent, Says Authors of Recent Study

Chances are that nearly every child has a cyber bully in his or her life, whether that child knows it or not.  Until relatively recently, society had not learned very much about the nature of the cyber bully, as this form of bullying only became prevalent with the growth of the Internet.  More and more Read More

Children’s Rights Lawyers Update: January Is Human Trafficking Awareness Month

It’s hard to believe that human beings can still be bought and sold in this modern time, but it’s true.  This happens much more often than many people would realize.  Human trafficking has become such an enormous problem across the entire world that different people and entities are working to promote awareness of it.  As Read More

Study: Student Bullying of Teenage Boys Worse On the School Bus

Those of us who rode on the school bus daily as children most likely remember it as a place where a lot of tomfoolery took place.  Songs were sung, things were thrown around and jokes were told.  Unfortunately, student bullying also occurred on a regular basis.  Until recently, we didn’t really know much of anything Read More

Study: Bullying Rates Remain Higher for Children with Disabilities As They Age

We as a society have come a long way with regards to bullying.  What used to be seen and largely dismissed as a rite of passage for some is now seen as the serious problem that it is.  Regardless of how far we’ve come with regards to bullying, we still have a long way to Read More

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