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Study: Elder Financial Abuse Affects Caregivers As Well

The San Diego elder abuse lawyers at Gomez Trial Attorneys have been working to raise awareness with regards to elder financial abuse for years.  We have described common scams that are used to defraud older people.  We have provided information regarding how people can check on their older loved ones to make sure that they Read More

Elder Abuse Laws and National Senior Independence Month: A Checkup Checklist

February is National Senior Independence Month.  As the population of the United States ages collectively, progressively more people are going to start facing questions with regards to certain aspects of life.  This will be true whether we are getting older ourselves or because loved ones are reaching their Golden Years.  Things that we often took Read More

Retirement Finances and Elder Abuse: Study Identifies Potential Vulnerability

Elder financial abuse is an enormous problem in the United States.  We have focused on this issue more than once recently.  Many people understand that one of the biggest problems regarding financial elder abuse is that it is vastly underreported by victims of it.  Clearly, shame and embarrassment are likely reasons for this underreporting.  However, Read More

Elder Neglect Explained? 5 Sets of Statistics That Provide Context

Elder neglect and abuse is a growing if somewhat overlooked problem in the United States.  The problem is only going to get worse as more people than ever before approach their Golden Years.  Some states appear to be in better positions than others when it comes to elder abuse prevention.  Even hospital emergency rooms appear Read More

Study: Radiologist Training and Identifying Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is an enormous problem in the United States.  We continue to look for new ways to recognize it because a majority of cases are never reported.  The best way to either minimize or even eradicate elder abuse is for more people to become engaged in recognizing its signs.  Some people are looking for Read More

Report: California Ranks Near Bottom in Elder Abuse Protection

The population of the United States is aging rapidly.  As of now, there are more than 43 million people living across the country who are at least 65 years old.  That number is expected to skyrocket to more than 83 million people by the year 2050.  This is largely due to the Baby Boomer generation Read More

Signs of Elder Abuse – Keep An Eye Out This Weekend

Millions of people will be visiting with older relatives this holiday weekend.  Thanksgiving is an opportunity for family members who may not see all that much of each other to get together and enjoy each other’s company.  People who live in nursing homes or who require in-home care often times do not have busy social Read More

San Diego Elder Abuse Alert: Police Looking for Three Suspects in Series of Scams

Scams against the elderly occur constantly.  People who perpetrate these scams tend to be very good at what they do.  This is why everyone needs to be vigilant with regards to scammers targeting older people in whatever way they can.  Many times, one question, one sudden intervention or one statement can bring an end to Read More

Elder Financial Abuse Prompts FINRA to Propose New Protective Regulations

According to many experts, the problem of elder financial abuse in the United States continues to get worse.  Scammers are repeatedly targeting older people.  These scammers spend as much time perfecting their craft as anyone else does working in a legitimate profession.  People who are retired today and living off of those savings started putting Read More

Elder Fraud Alerts – Common Scams Used On the Elderly

Financial elder abuse is an enormous problem in the United States.  It’s only going to get worse as the population of the country ages on a collective level.  There will be more elderly people who others will attempt to scam.  As a result, more people will lose money unnecessarily.  The elder abuse lawyers at Gomez Read More

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