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Two Fatal San Diego Accidents Occur During Most Recent Storm

It’s been quite some time since motorists in San Diego have had to navigate their vehicles through difficult weather conditions on a regular basis.  We have all gotten involuntary retraining in recent months.  The winter rains have returned.  People need to drive differently in inclement weather.  Unfortunately, mistakes tend to be magnified when they occur Read More

Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Mira Mesa

Crossing the street on foot is much more dangerous than many people realize.  Despite the advancement of technology that has provided walking lanes, visual and audio signals and the like, a fatal pedestrian accident can occur at almost any time and in almost any place.  Tragically, that’s what occurred on Thursday morning in Mira Mesa Read More

Dangerous Driving: AAA Survey Reveals Troubling Percentage of Drivers Taking Risks

If we are honest with ourselves, most of us think that the only bad drivers out there are the other drivers.  Many of us have used terms that cannot be repeated in front of children to describe people who were engaging in dangerous driving.  The acts of other motorists that prompted these unfortunate utterances often Read More

Study: Alcohol-Related Accidents Lower In States With Stronger Policies

For over 100 years, driving under the influence has been against the law in parts of the United States.  New Jersey was the first state to pass such a law in 1906.  However, given the lack of technology at the time, there was no set limit in terms of the amount of alcohol a motorist Read More

Why? Texting and Driving Survey Uncovers Reasons for This Dangerous Act

By now everyone should understand that texting and driving is extremely dangerous.  The vast majority of jurisdictions in the United States outlaw this act on some level.  That’s because the statistics are clear:  texting and driving causes car accidents that lead to serious injuries and fatalities.  Unfortunately, people still send and read text messages while Read More

Sexual Assault Allegations: Woman Claims She Was Violated During X-Ray

No one looks forward to having X-rays done.  An X-ray is not painful, but the reason such a test is done is because someone is experiencing some sort of pain.  People who are injured generally have enough to think about in terms of their recovery.  Most people won’t think that they’re under any sort of Read More

Fatal San Diego Pedestrian Accidents – Group Releases the “Fatal 15” Intersections

San Diego is a walking city.  The weather is almost always amenable to this form of exercise.  The landscape is beautiful and the area is usually filled with travelers who want to take it all in.  San Diego is also a city that, like most other places in Southern California, is home to a high Read More

California Traffic Safety Laws Rank State in Middle Range of Jurisdictions

There are many different ways to compare the relative safety of driving in different states.  Relative traffic safety is something that can be broken down so that we can obtain an understanding of which protective steps tend to work and which do not.  The Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety has completed its annual review Read More

Police Department: Fatal DUI Accidents in San Diego Rise in 2016

There is really no excuse at this point for getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol or some other intoxicant.  Not only is such a terrible decision counter to logic, but too many billions of dollars have been spent on DUI awareness.  Many if not most of us have been in a Read More

Rat Bite Fever – GTA’s San Diego Defective Products Lawyers Earn Historic Ruling

Children love pets.  Pets are part of our American culture, and most families think of their pets as family members.  While dogs and cats are the most common pets in the United States, there are many other animals that are extremely popular choices.  Rats are one of those popular choices.  Unfortunately, having a pet rat Read More

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