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Defective Products Attorney Update: Study Signals Warning for Nursery Products

There is perhaps nothing more exciting than expecting parents learning that they are expecting parents.  As such, they tend to take some immediate steps to prepare for that magical arrival.  Parents need to prepare themselves for the rigors of caring for a newborn.  They also need to go about acquiring things.  These things, such as Read More

Consumer Alert: Manufacturer Announces Sargento Cheese Recall

Cheese is one of the most versatile foods in every American’s diet.  Cheese can be a part of just about any meal or snack.  Americans love cheese and consume it at an astounding rate.  As such, when danger arises with regards to any popular brand of cheese, that danger can threaten an enormous number of Read More

Rat Bite Fever – GTA’s San Diego Defective Products Lawyers Earn Historic Ruling

Children love pets.  Pets are part of our American culture, and most families think of their pets as family members.  While dogs and cats are the most common pets in the United States, there are many other animals that are extremely popular choices.  Rats are one of those popular choices.  Unfortunately, having a pet rat Read More

3rd Pinnacle Hip Implants Bellwether Trial Leads to $1.04 Billion Verdict for Plaintiffs

An increasing number of consumers are experiencing serious problems with their artificial hip implants.  One company in particular, DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, is facing thousands of hip implants lawsuits.  The defective medical device lawyers at our firm have posted an informational page on DePuy’s Pinnacle hip implants.  A Pinnacle hip implants Read More

CBS Seatback Failure Story Prompts Strong Reaction From Legislators

We all understand that every time we get into a vehicle, we are taking some sort of risk.  Many of us are particularly aware of potential risks when an infant is in the vehicle.  Obviously, infants are extremely vulnerable to harm in crashes.  This is precisely why infant car seats are not only manufactured, but Read More

Lunchables Recall: Kraft Heinz Announces Recall Due to Mislabeling Concerns

Parents lead busy lives.  Unlike generations past, both parents work in the majority of American families.  Recent estimates indicate that more than 60 percent of two-parent households see both parents hold jobs of some sort.  That’s why convenience has become so important with regards to feeding children.  Many parents simply don’t have the time to Read More

Consumer Update: Tyson Chicken Nugget Recall Announced

Anyone who has children likely considers chicken nuggets one of the staples of their diets.  They are a source of protein and for the most part, kids like them.  As such, when something goes wrong with chicken nuggets on a massive scale it could lead to serious problems for families all over the United States. Read More

Statistics and Warnings from Defective Products Lawyers

Nearly everyone who lives in the United States buys consumer products with such regularity that we rarely consider all that went into every product that reached our homes or offices.  These products had to be designed, manufactured, packaged, shipped, stocked and displayed before we ever saw them.  American consumers tend to assume that any product Read More

Listeria Recall Attorney Alert: Fourth Recall In Recent Weeks Announced

It seems there are some issues that tend to snowball out of nowhere and become potentially enormous problems for consumers.  When such a potential problem involves the food we eat, the public needs to know about every possible danger they could be unwittingly facing.  Many a listeria recall attorney has been answering questions from consumers Read More

Listeria Recall by Quaker Oats Third By Food Company In Past Month

They say bad things tend to happen in threes.  That’s usually a saying that is used in different contexts, but we can all hope that the latest listeria recall is the last one for some time to come.  We’ve already covered a massive frozen foods listeria recall and a subsequent listeria recall that dealt with Read More

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