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Category Archive: Auto Accidents

What Happens When Fog Causes Driving Accidents?

Fog often presents certain dangers to drivers, making it necessary to practice extra care when driving in foggy conditions. Even if fog appears light, it still often puts drivers and others at risk. To help keep themselves and other drivers and pedestrians safer on the road, it is essential for drivers to practice awareness and Read More

What Does Liability Mean in Insurance?

If you need to file a personal injury claim following a serious accident, you may find that your lawyer and the insurance companies use unfamiliar words to discuss your status and your rights. One common term you will see: liability. What exactly does liability mean, and how does it apply to your claim? If someone Read More

Is It Worth Suing an Uninsured Driver?

Following a car accident, suing the driver that caused the accident and seeking compensation through that driver’s insurance policy offers the best, and often easiest, way to get compensation for your injuries, the damage to your vehicle, and the suffering you have faced following a car accident. However, what happens when that driver does not Read More

What to Do After an Accident Injury in San Diego

San Diego consistently ranks among the best places to live and work in the United States. Unfortunately, that does not make the city immune to accidents and incidents that can cause serious injuries and fatalities. Crashes on the 805, slip-and-falls at restaurants in the Gaslamp Quarter, and all manner of preventable mishaps at businesses and Read More

Following California’s Headlight Law Can Reduce Accident Risks

People rave about California’s long, sunny days, but the state enjoys equally lovely nights, with mild temperatures and plenty of places to eat, enjoy music, and spend time with family and friends, all within a short drive from each other. Night driving in California presents unique hazards, including heavy congestion in well-frequented nightspots and an Read More

Distracted Driving Is the Most Common Cause of Collisions in San Diego

The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) estimates that approximately 20,000 traffic collisions occur each year across San Diego County. These only include crashes resulting in severe injuries and fatalities. Several thousand more include minor fender-benders and collisions resulting in minor or no injuries. The majority of car accidents in San Diego and throughout the Read More

Who Is at Fault Following a San Diego T-Bone Accident?

About T-Bone Accidents T-bone accidents get their name from the position of the vehicles when they collide. The nose of one vehicle hits the side of another vehicle. The wreck could occur at high speeds or low speeds, depending on the circumstances of the wreck. Usually, these accidents happen when someone does not stop at Read More

Where Do Broadside Collisions Most Commonly Occur in San Diego?

A broadside collision occurs when another vehicle hits the side of your vehicle, either by sideswiping you or hitting you head-on, also known as a T-bone accident. Both types of broadside accidents can cause extensive injuries depending on the circumstances, including speed and the angle at which the vehicle hits you. The size and weight Read More

What to Do After a Car Accident in San Diego That Was Not Your Fault

It is normal to wonder what to do after a car accident that is not your fault. A car accident comes out of nowhere; many people have not thought about what to do until the moment they are in the middle of one. But knowing what to do—and what not to do—is extremely important. It Read More

Is it Worth Getting a Lawyer to Handle Your Car Accident?

A car accident can change your life. When you sustain serious injuries, you must make immediate decisions that inevitably affect your future. In difficult situations, people often turn to experts by instinct. It makes sense when you want the best results. You seek medical treatment from skilled physicians and surgeons. You find the best body Read More

I Was in a Three-Car Accident—Who Pays My Damages?

When you get into a car accident, your first worry may be your injuries. Once you start to recover, or after you are well enough to be released from the hospital, you begin to realize the fallout of the accident in lost wages, medical expenses, and other life-changing impacts. It is often easy to determine Read More

How Dangerous Are Sideswipe Collisions in San Diego?

Auto accidents: head-on or rear-end collisions, T-bones. These come to mind when thinking about traffic accidents. Sideswipe collisions, on the other hand, are often associated with the latest action movie when a police car or criminal chases another vehicle and tries to run it off the road. Many don’t realize they are a more common Read More

Speeding Is a Factor in Almost 25 Percent of San Diego County Traffic Accidents

Speeding is not typically a direct cause of a traffic accident, but it factors into many traffic accidents in San Diego and throughout the nation. Speeding creates an environment where vehicles are more likely to crash, and drivers are more likely to suffer severe or fatal injuries. Below we take a closer look at the Read More

7 Reasons Why Car Accidents Occur in San Diego

Every year, hundreds of people die in San Diego vehicle accidents, and many more incur serious injuries. If you have recently been involved in a San Diego car accident, you might be uncertain about the cause of the accident, especially if law enforcement is still investigating it. The cause of a car accident ultimately determines Read More

San Diego Rear-End Collision Injuries

If you live in San Diego, you understand how the city itself contributes to high numbers of rear-end collisions. California leads the nation in fatal accidents, which is unsurprising considering the large population, high rates of tourism, large number of registered vehicles, and the resulting traffic issues. San Diego ranks as the second most populous Read More

Can I Claim Anxiety After a Car Accident?

Car accidents happen every day and are one of the most common traumatic events people suffer. The average driver is in a car accident about once every 18 years, so throughout a lifetime the average person will experience about four car accidents. Everyone responds to accidents differently. For some people, the emotional trauma can last Read More

The Most Common Types of San Diego Accidents

San Diego roads see extreme congestion, though not as much as our metropolitan neighbor to the north, Los Angeles. Still, car accidents occur regularly on I-5, I-15, and other roadways throughout the area. While most of these accidents prove minor, even those minor crashes can cause serious injuries. The number of car accidents in San Read More

San Diego Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics

A motor vehicle accident can turn involved individuals’ lives upside down. One minute you’re turning on Market Street and 6th Avenue, and the next, you’re flying through your windshield because a distracted driver rammed into you—only to wake up to horrifying injuries, debilitating pain, and endless worries for you and your family. If you or Read More

San Diego Car Driver Fatigue: The Hazards You May Face on the Road

Driver fatigue poses a serious hazard for drivers every day. Many drivers each year confess to driving while tired or even to falling asleep behind the wheel. Unfortunately, driver fatigue can have serious overall impacts on drivers’ ability to handle their vehicles safely. Many of the effects of driving while fatigued can show a similar Read More

San Diego Car Accidents Scenarios: Who’s at Fault?

Anyone familiar with car accidents understands the trauma associated with the speed and fury at which accidents seem to occur. What may occur in only two or three seconds can feel like a lifetime during an accident. Law enforcement generally makes the initial determination on who faces liability for an accident and how the accident Read More

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