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Erskine Fire Lawsuit Possible for Many When Cause of Blaze is Released

by John Gomez | Last Updated: June 29, 2016

Too many people around the world understand what it’s like to suddenly lose everything.  It is a helpless, overwhelming feeling that can lead almost anyone to give up hope and to give in to despair.  What do you do when your home and everything you’ve worked for literally goes up in flames?  What value could you possibly place on memories lost?  How do you put all of this back together?  Whom do you contact first?  The fire that is currently burning in California is going to force too many people to confront these questions.  For some, these questions will lead to an answer that involves filing an Erskine fire lawsuit.  Based on wildfires that have ravaged California in the past, below is a brief look at what people who have been affected by this fire should consider doing as soon as possible.

File Appropriate Insurance Claims

Whenever a disaster such as the Erskine fire strikes, such a circumstance can overwhelm insurance companies much like it does individuals.  When this happens, it can lengthen the amount of time it takes for claims to be resolved.  Therefore, individuals who have suffered losses as a result of this fire need to file the appropriate claims with their insurance companies as soon as possible.  The sooner this process gets started, the sooner it will move towards a resolution.

Pay Attention to the News

At this point, no cause of the Erskine fire has been made public.  Clearly, the identity of the party or parties responsible for this fire will make a difference in how it’s handled.  If a natural cause such as lightning led to the fire, it could lead to an analysis of whether or not the area that was hit by lightning should have been maintained better and if so, by whom.  If it turns out that the fire was caused by someone starting it intentionally, that obviously changes the course of action for homeowners in the area as well.  Regardless of the specifics, the identification of the cause of the fire will directly affect the filing of each and every Erskine fire lawsuit.

Seek Legal Advice Before Filing an Erskine Fire Lawsuit

There could be many different reasons that a homeowner will be forced to consider filing an Erskine fire lawsuit.  Perhaps an individual or a business entity was responsible for the fire, or perhaps insurance companies will not treat policyholders fairly.  Regardless of the circumstances, anyone who is considering filing an Erskine fire lawsuit needs to make sure that he or she has a strong foundation of knowledge in place before proceeding.  This knowledge will be critically important for anyone who is already dealing with a very difficult situation.

If you have suffered losses as a result of this fire and you are unsure of how to proceed, you should contact an attorney at Gomez Trial Attorneys to obtain the knowledge you need.  You can schedule an initial consultation that is free of charge, as you should not be forced to take on yet more risk of loss simply because you want to know how best to proceed.  Contact the firm today to schedule that free initial consultation.

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