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Who Is Liable in a Slip and Fall Accident?

You fell on the property of another party, and you believe your fall was due to the conditions of the property or the actions of those on the premises. The law allows victims of negligence in slip and fall accidents to seek compensation for the damages they sustain. You want to find out who is Read More

What Is a Premises Liability Law?

When someone owns a piece of land, they must keep it safe if they allow visitors. However, accidents can still occur due to a variety of reasons. If you obtained injuries at a mall or grocery store, for example, you might come across the concept of premises liability. Most states have a premises liability law Read More

How to Pay for a Lawyer With No Money?

When a legal concern or dispute comes up, many people give up on fighting back because they believe they cannot get the legal help they need to resolve their claims. For many, the financial obligations of hiring an attorney can deter them from consulting with one. If you have no money to pay a lawyer Read More

How to Get Paid After a Car Accident?

Many people do not realize that car accidents can cause financial devastation. Because crashes happen fairly frequently, folks assume that insurance companies will simply take care of the details and pay a settlement quickly, and that, for the most part, their lives will go on as usual. For many car accident victims, however, getting paid Read More

How Much Should You Settle for In a Car Accident?

After enduring a car accident, you need money to pay for your medical care, replace your lost wages, and compensate you for the harm you have suffered. Often, that money will come to you in the form of a settlement payment from the party at fault for your crash and that party’s liability insurance company. Read More

How Much Should I Ask for Pain and Suffering From a Car Accident?

If you were in a car accident, you know that the process of recovery can take a lot longer and hurt more than you expected. You must deal with the cost of repairs to your damaged vehicle, your medical bills, and expenses accrued from time off work. You will also probably suffer a lot of Read More

How Much Money Do You Get From a Car Accident Settlement?

When you are in a car accident, you will probably notice a great deal of pain from the injuries you suffer and a lot of stress from getting back to normal. Before long, you will also notice bills piling up for medical expenses, vehicle repair costs, and various other inconveniences. You will also notice the Read More

How Much Is a Back Injury Worth in an Accident?

Several factors affect the value of an accident injury claim. The extent of your back injury, how much economic loss you’ve incurred, and your long-term prognosis determine how much you could receive in an insurance settlement or court-awarded damages. Insurance carriers and courts also look at insurance policy limits and whether you contributed to the Read More

How Much Does a Lawyer Cost for a Car Accident?

Car accident victims often worry an attorney will be too costly to represent them in an insurance claim or lawsuit seeking financial compensation for their injuries. Victims are already under a severe financial strain, facing extensive medical bills and lost time at work. The last thing they need is to add a new expense to Read More

How Do I Settle a Car Accident Claim Without a Lawyer?

If you want to settle a car accident case successfully without a lawyer, do not continue down that path. The odds are against you from the beginning. Defense lawyers and the insurance industry are far too powerful to take on without an experienced and qualified car accident attorney. The party at fault for your accident Read More

How Can I Prove My Pain and Suffering?

The law gives little guidance in determining the amount of financial compensation for pain and suffering. Generally, there are no concrete standards for determining monetary awards. Courts instruct juries to be dispassionate, though it is not uncommon for a decision to be based on emotion. Experience gives a personal injury attorney the skills needed to Read More

Do Insurance Adjusters Lie?

After an accident, most people want to recover money for their damages. A part of the process involves insurance companies. Usually, you would notify an insurer of the incident to open a claim. Typically, the person you speak to is an insurance adjuster. An insurance adjuster’s job is to resolve claims quickly. However, many of Read More

Can You Sue Someone if You Are Injured on Their Property?

Like everyone, at some point, you have to travel somewhere else for casual or business reasons. Whether people go to a store or government building, accidents can occur. Some groups have a higher risk of severe injuries. While most situations happen due to negligence. A person with control over the building may have failed to Read More

C2 Fractures : The Hangman’s Fracture

C2 fracture “Hangman’s fracture” is the colloquial name for a traumatic spinal cord injury that affects the axis vertebrae. Doctors have used this term since 1965, when some doctors used it to describe traumatic spondylolisthesis involving the pars interarticularis of C2 on both sides. Hangman’s fractures can involve the lamina, pedicles, pars, or articular facets Read More

What Is Demonstrable Evidence and How Does It Affect My Case

In everyday life, and especially in encounters with law-related topics, you have probably heard someone use the phrase “demonstrable evidence.” Typically, it may have come up in a statement that went something like: “If you want me to believe [X], you’re going to have to show me demonstrable evidence that [Y].” Most people have a Read More

California Traffic Laws for Emergency Vehicles

The California Driver Handbook states that drivers must “yield the right-of-way to any police vehicle, fire engine, ambulance, or other emergency vehicle using a siren and red lights.” While most drivers can safely pull over to allow emergency vehicles to pass, some situations end with an accident. In this post, we take a look at Read More

Should I Go to the Hospital After a Car Accident?

Whether a person should go to the hospital right after a car accident is a common question. Those who suffer visible, serious injuries usually get medical attention immediately after an accident, but victims with hidden injuries or those who don’t know if they have injuries may not get the care they need right away. Always Read More

How Much Do Lawyers Get in a Settlement?

If you sustained injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you could seek compensation. While it’s possible to settle without an attorney, having one by your side can maximize your recovery. So, how much does it cost to hire one? Personal injury attorneys usually receive a percentage of the final settlement or court award. The percentage Read More

Hospital Lien Statutes and Their Impact On Your Personal Injury Claim

One aspect of a personal injury case is a hospital lien. Liens can be a hassle for many people since they need to give money to medical providers before they can enjoy their reimbursement. Hospitals can charge you more when they file a lien, and many patients find them unfair. If you got into an Read More

What Happens When Fog Causes Driving Accidents?

Fog often presents certain dangers to drivers, making it necessary to practice extra care when driving in foggy conditions. Even if fog appears light, it still often puts drivers and others at risk. To help keep themselves and other drivers and pedestrians safer on the road, it is essential for drivers to practice awareness and Read More

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