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Cruise Lines Face Lawsuits for Exposing Passengers to the Coronavirus

Former cruise passengers from around the world are seeking compensation from cruise lines for the mishandling of coronavirus infections on their ships. Cruise lines’ conduct resulted in injuries to passengers ranging from severe mental and emotional trauma to serious illness and hospitalization to death. Gomez Trial Attorneys partner Jeremiah Lowe spoke to CBS News about Read More

Cruise Crewmembers Sue for Negligent Response to Coronavirus

Cruise Crewmembers Suing Due to Covid-19 Negligence Lately, it is impossible to turn on the news without hearing yet another harrowing tale of a cruise ship passenger’s experience with coronavirus. In early 2020, cruise lines were equipped with information that, had they taken proper action, could have prevented thousands from becoming ill, and even saved Read More

Carnival’s Lackadaisical Response to Coronavirus: “Nothing’s perfect, OK?”

Carnival cruise line’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic left many seriously ill, and some dead. On April 16, 2020, Bloomberg Businessweek reported that Carnival executives had crucial information about the coronavirus onboard its ships, but chose to sail anyways. Not only did Carnival proceed with cruise voyages, they continued with business as usual. On Carnival’s Read More

Meat Processing Plants Close Due to Coronavirus Outbreaks Among Employees

Coronavirus Shutdowns Across America Various large meat processing plants across the country have closed after their employees tested positive for coronavirus.  Some of the plants include Tyson Foods pork processing plant in Columbus, Iowa, National Beef Packing Co beef processing plant in Tama, Iowa, JBS USA beef processing plant in Greeley, Colorado and Smithfield Food Read More

Cruise Ships’ Woeful Response to COVID-19 leaves Countless Individuals Exposed to Infection

Cruise Ships’ Response to COVID-19 Investigations are now underway involving multiple cruise lines for their handling of the COVID-19 outbreak. Such investigations include their decisions to set sail in the face of the pandemic, the lack of precautions that were taken to protect passengers on the cruises, the lack of information that was provided to Read More

Outbreak of Covid-19 on The Costa Luminosa Cruise Ship

Costa Luminosa Cruise Ship Under Scrutiny For Response to Coronavirus. The Costa Luminosa cruise ship is now the subject of great scrutiny for the Covid-19 outbreak that occurred during its February and March 2020 voyages. As passengers and others have noted, the cruise was a living hell and resulted in a widespread outbreak of Covid-19. Read More

Cruise Line Covid-19 Investigation Update

Cruise Lines Under Investigation About Coronavirus The Florida AG is investigating allegations that the Norwegian Cruise Line provided misleading sales pitches to prospective customers that downplayed the risk of the coronavirus pandemic. Similar investigations into other cruise lines are likely to follow.  Passengers often must rely on the cruise lines to provide current and accurate Read More

Covid-19 Outbreak on Grand Princess Cruise

Grand Princess Covid-19 Cluster Outbreak When the Grand Princess set sail for a 13-day trip, U.S. health authorities were already aware of and tracking several coronavirus cases involving passengers on the previous Grand Princess voyage. Ship leaders knew that passengers on the previous voyage had contracted the coronavirus, yet allowed current passengers to mingle, including Read More

How Many Sexual Abuse Cases Have Occurred in the Boy Scouts of America

Thousands. Going back as far as the 1920s, official investigations have revealed that thousands of Boy Scouts suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Boy Scout leaders and volunteers and that the Boy Scouts of America itself covered up many of these cases. If you are a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of Read More

Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities and COVID 19

Nursing Homes at Higher Risk For Coronavirus As the novel coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic continues – shown to be particularly hard on older people and people of all ages with serious underlying conditions – it is of utmost importance that nursing and assisted living (also known as long-term care) facilities who care for patients within Read More

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