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Wet Pavement and Careless Drivers Lead to Dangerous Accidents

Southern California enjoys notoriously sunny weather. In fact, it typically rains less than 40 days per year in the region. When those rainy days arrive, traffic accidents often increase. Single-car crashes, multi-car crashes, motorcycle wrecks, bicycle accidents, and even pedestrian accidents resulting from wet pavement from storms can lead to dangerous and fatal accidents. Although Read More

Distracted Driving Is the Most Common Cause of Collisions in San Diego

The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) estimates that approximately 20,000 traffic collisions occur each year across San Diego County. These only include crashes resulting in severe injuries and fatalities. Several thousand more include minor fender-benders and collisions resulting in minor or no injuries. The majority of car accidents in San Diego and throughout the Read More

Types of California Motorcycle Licenses

Southern California’s pleasant climate and picturesque landscapes make riding a motorcycle a popular pastime, and many choose to commute to and from work on a motorcycle too. If you have bought or are thinking about buying a motorcycle, you cannot legally jump on for a ride, even if you have a driver’s license. Your driver’s Read More

Do I Have to Respond to a Subrogation Letter?

You have no legal obligations to respond to a subrogation letter. You can put the letter in the garbage and ignore additional notices, but it’s not in your best interest. Immediately dealing with a subrogation letter allows you to resolve a claim sooner than later. You can potentially avoid a lawsuit if you are at Read More

Who Is at Fault Following a San Diego T-Bone Accident?

About T-Bone Accidents T-bone accidents get their name from the position of the vehicles when they collide. The nose of one vehicle hits the side of another vehicle. The wreck could occur at high speeds or low speeds, depending on the circumstances of the wreck. Usually, these accidents happen when someone does not stop at Read More

Where Do Broadside Collisions Most Commonly Occur in San Diego?

A broadside collision occurs when another vehicle hits the side of your vehicle, either by sideswiping you or hitting you head-on, also known as a T-bone accident. Both types of broadside accidents can cause extensive injuries depending on the circumstances, including speed and the angle at which the vehicle hits you. The size and weight Read More

What To Do After a San Diego Car Accident Checklist

Car accidents can happen anywhere in San Diego, from the 805 to an intersection in the Gaslamp Quarter. No matter where they happen, however, it’s important for the drivers involved in them to know the steps to take to keep themselves safe and protected. The decisions and actions that confront drivers in the moments and Read More

San Diego Truck T-Bone Accidents

According to a report from the transportation research group TRIP, about $2.8 trillion in products ship into and out of San Diego each year. These products include imports arriving at the city’s ports and products both going to and coming from the rest of the country via truck. While California’s economy depends on the movement Read More

Organizations Against Drunk Driving

It’s a public health crisis that has taken hundreds of thousands of lives over the years and has prompted nationwide efforts to keep the public safe. No, we’re not talking about the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re talking about drunk driving, a persistent plague on U.S. roads that threatens the lives of innocent motorists and inflicts untold Read More

What to Do After a Car Accident in San Diego That Was Not Your Fault

It is normal to wonder what to do after a car accident that is not your fault. A car accident comes out of nowhere; many people have not thought about what to do until the moment they are in the middle of one. But knowing what to do—and what not to do—is extremely important. It Read More

When Tow Trucks Crash and Hurt You in San Diego

While San Diego doesn’t have as much traffic congestion as other parts of southern California, such as Los Angeles, it is still the eighth-largest city in the U.S., with well over a million people, and regularly ranks in the top 50 areas most impacted by traffic. Currently, San Diego residents can expect to lose about Read More

Why Do Tanker Truck Accidents Present Unique Dangers in San Diego?

San Diego is no stranger to tanker truck accidents. A tanker truck headed to the tank farm in Mission Valley takes a corner or a curve too quickly, overturning and spilling fuel on the ground. Environmental damage isn’t the only risk of this scenario. With the presence of sports stadiums in the area—previously the Jack Read More

Motorcycle Accident Injuries in San Diego

Often referred to as “America’s Finest City,” San Diego boasts some of the most beautiful scenery for tourists. However, it is not only tourists enjoying the scenery. San Diego’s motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy it as well, because of many well-known motorcycle routes that traverse the local region, and day trips that allow you to see an Read More

How Old Do You Have to Be to Drive a Motorcycle?

You can legally drive a motorcycle in California at age 15 and a half with a learner’s permit, but you cannot get your motorcycle until age 16. You should also know that if you are under 21, you have to fulfill more requirements to obtain your motorcycle license. For example, you must complete a motorcycle Read More

When Do I Have the Driving Right of Way?

You have probably heard the term countless times, but do you know what “right of way” really means in the context of driving a car, truck, or motorcycle? If you are like many drivers, your answer is something like, “I thought I did, but now I am not so sure,” and that is okay. Many Read More

Should I Take the CHP Motorcycle Course?

Did you know that the California Highway Patrol (CHP) administers motorcyclist training courses for riders of all ages and experience levels? If you ride motorcycles but haven’t yet taken it, you should. Here’s what you need to know about CHP motorcycle courses and how they can help you become a better, safer rider. Overview of Read More

How to Deal With Accidents Involving San Diego Dump and Garbage Trucks

San Diego is home to more than half a million homes and over 85,000 businesses, and the city only expects to grow in the coming decades. All the residents and businesses in San Diego create waste that trash service companies collect regularly. This requires garbage trucks to travel busy arterial roadways and residential roadways in Read More

What Causes so Many San Diego Motorcycle Accidents?

When you ride your motorcycle in San Diego, accidents occur when you least expect them. Distracted, impaired, and speeding motorists can make even a short trip dangerous. Even when you drive with care, a single impact collision can be destructive enough to send you to the emergency room. Motorcycle accidents don’t always cause severe injuries, Read More

Cement Truck Accidents

Sharing the road with or doing work near any large construction vehicle can be a harrowing experience. They’re uncommonly large. They often spill their cargo in transit, turning small pebbles into dangerous projectiles that crack windshields and chip paint. And they take a beating in day-to-day use, potentially making them more prone than other vehicles Read More

California Bike Laws You Should Know

Riding a bike in California is a great way to get around, get some exercise, and protect the environment. However, to bike safely, you need to know California bicycle laws and how they apply to you. Is it illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalk in California? How much room do motorized vehicles have Read More

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