Coronado Car Accident Lawyer Analysis – A Look at Right of Way Crashes

Coronado car accident lawyer

When people come to San Diego on vacation, one of the places that many want to see is Coronado Island.  This beautiful and unique place is usually teeming with people given its historic sites, its quaint neighborhoods and of course its world-famous beach.  Walking or driving down Orange Avenue should clue anyone in to just how many people look forward to spending time here.  It should also alert people to the fact that when so many vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians share a relatively small area, problems are bound to arise.  Coronado car accidents occur at a high rate, and based on the data it appears that one problem seems to be associated with them more than others – right of way mistakes.  Below you’ll find a brief statistical overview of right of way crashes that occur and some ideas as to why someone who has been wrongfully harmed in this manner should seek the help of a Coronado car accident lawyer.

Coronado Car Accident Statistics – Right of Way Collisions

Generally speaking, motorists traveling at an unsafe speed is the leading cause of car accidents in a community.  It should be obvious as to why:  the majority of us will exceed the speed limit for one reason or another, and that leads to mistakes and less time to correct them.  Things appear to be a bit different in Coronado.  Based on available data, it seems that right of way mistakes is a major problem here.  See the percentage of Coronado car accidents caused by right of way mistakes during the last three complete calendar years:

  • 2013 – 27.4 percent of crashes and the leading cause of Coronado car accidents
  • 2014 – 30.4 percent of crashes and the leading cause of Coronado car accidents
  • 2015 – 23.6 percent of crashes and the second-leading cause behind unsafe speed

Why is this happening?  Why is right of way mistakes such a prevalent problem with regards to these incidents?  Any Coronado car accident lawyer will likely have a theory or two based on what clients have told them over the years.  These theories tend to include:

  • The large number of people unfamiliar with the local roads tend to make mistakes on them.
  • The seemingly constant congestion simply increasing the odds that a crash will occur.
  • That same congestion slowing down the speed of drivers.
  • The constant presence of pedestrians and bicyclists.

It should be noted that Coronado bicycle accidents constitute nearly 25 percent of all Coronado car accidents that occur on an annual basis.

Coronado Car Accident Lawyer Considerations – How to Proceed

When someone has been injured in a Coronado car accident, that person suddenly has a lot on his or her plate.  He or she needs to work to recover physically, psychologically and financially from the harm suffered.  In many cases, the person or people who have been injured are not familiar with Coronado and are hesitant to get involved in a legal process far away from home.  These are all real concerns and they must be handled.

The problem is that insurance companies that are supposed to be responsible for the damages incurred also realize this.  That’s why many of them will simply not offer a reasonable settlement for the losses that were forced upon the injured party or parties.  If you have been harmed in this manner, you should not attempt to take this on by yourself.  Instead, seek the help of a Coronado car accident lawyer who understands how to fight for the rights of clients.  Contact Gomez Trial Attorneys today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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