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El Cajon is a beautiful community of just over 100,000 people.  It sits in a valley surrounded by mountains.  Living in El Cajon offers residents the best of both worlds.  It sits near San Diego and all that the city has to offer and several different types of natural attractions.  The people of El Cajon are known as hardworking and industrious.  Many will commute to a different part of San Diego County to earn their livings. Unfortunately, that’s one of the reasons that many an El Cajon car accident lawyer remains busy helping clients.  Crashes happen here on a regular basis.  Below is a breakdown of how these collisions are spread out over the course of the week.  Anyone who has been wrongfully harmed in this manner needs to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

El Cajon Car Accidents – Daily Percentage Breakdown

When one reviews the data relating to El Cajon car accidents when broken down by day of the week, it quickly becomes apparent that the roads here are at their most dangerous during the typical workweek.  Below is the percentage of crashes with the corresponding day in 2013:

  • Monday – 15.8 percent
  • Tuesday – 16.4 percent
  • Wednesday – 15.4 percent
  • Thursday – 14.4 percent
  • Friday – 17.6 percent
  • Saturday – 12.2 percent
  • Sunday 8.4 percent

El Cajon car accidents occur with more frequency every weekday than they do on either day on the weekend.  The same trend held true in 2015, when only 19.4 percent of crashes occurred over the weekend.  It should also be noted that in 2015, nearly three-fourths of all El Cajon car accidents took place during daylight hours.

El Cajon Car Accidents – Commuting Risks

The data above reveal that there are more risks present during the workweek than there are on the weekends.  That’s likely because so many people in El Cajon commute to work on a daily basis.  Those who follow this routine may want to consider driving as defensively as possible in order to minimize the chance that they will be involved in an El Cajon car accident.  Generally speaking, the more vehicles that are on the road at any given time, the higher the likelihood that one motorist will make a mistake that can lead to serious injuries.  Leaving yourself enough room to maneuver could make the difference between being involved in a crash and arriving at your destination unscathed.

How an El Cajon Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you or someone you love is injured in an accident, you should make sure to obtain the help of an El Cajon car accident lawyer as soon as possible.  That’s because filing the appropriate insurance claim or claims is only one step in the process and many times that step can lead to problems for those who have been wrongfully injured.  An El Cajon car accident lawyer can help you by reviewing the accident that occurred, dealing directly with any insurance companies involved and making sure that the full value of the claim is pursued.  If you face this difficult situation, contact Gomez Trial Attorneys as soon as possible to schedule a free initial consultation.

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