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Imperial Beach Car Accident Lawyer

Imperial Beach is about as beautiful as it gets for any seaside town.  The residents here love where they live and the visitors to the area don’t want to leave.  Despite the fact that there are so many people here on any given day to enjoy the sun and the surf, the number of car accidents that occur here is relatively low.  That said, any Imperial Beach car accident lawyer that reviews the data from recent years will most likely identify at least one problem with traffic in this community.  That problem involves pedestrians and automobiles colliding.  If you or someone you love has been harmed in this or any other manner in Imperial Beach, contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Imperial Beach Car Accident Data – 2013

A look at the Imperial Beach car accident data from 2013 reveals the following types of crashes as the 5 most common in the area that year:

  1. Broadside – 34.6 percent of collisions
  2. Rear-end – 23.1 percent of collisions
  3. Sideswipe – 13.5 percent of collisions
  4. Vehicle/pedestrian – 13.5 percent of collisions
  5. Head-on – 5.8 percent of collisions

Imperial Beach Car Accident Data – 2014

A review of the Imperial Beach car accident data from 2014 shows not only troubling consistency, but a terrible trend upward for vehicle/pedestrian accidents:

  1. Broadside – 33.3 percent of collisions
  2. Vehicle/pedestrian – 24.4 percent of collisions
  3. Rear-end – 11.1 percent of collisions
  4. Head-on – 8.9 percent of collisions
  5. Sideswipe – 8.9 percent of collisions

Imperial Beach Car Accident Data – 2015

Vehicle/pedestrian crashes dropped in terms of percentage in 2015 in Imperial Beach, but they remained very high on the list:

  1. Broadside – 38.3 percent of crashes
  2. Vehicle/pedestrian – 14.9 percent of crashes
  3. “Other” – 12.8 percent of crashes
  4. Head-on – 10.6 percent of crashes
  5. Rear-end – 10.6 percent of crashes

How an Imperial Beach Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

It seems clear that while broadside collisions were the leading type of crash in Imperial Beach in each of the previous three complete years, pedestrians are at risk when on the roads here.  Clearly, pedestrians are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to collisions with vehicles for a plethora of reasons.  As such, vehicle/pedestrian accidents often lead to serious injuries and fatalities.  While not all of these crashes are the fault of motorists, those that are need to be handled quickly, efficiently and thoroughly so that the injured party can recover all that he or she has lost and will lose.

That is not nearly as likely to happen if that injured person seeks a recovery alone as opposed to obtaining the help of an Imperial Beach car accident lawyer.  That’s because insurance companies have skilled professionals working for them who will do what it takes legally to limit the insurance company’s financial exposure.  If you or someone you love plans on walking in Imperial Beach, please do so with caution.  If you have been wrongfully harmed, contact Gomez Trial Attorneys today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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