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Category Archive: Children’s Rights

Long Term Effects From Childhood Sexual Assault

8 Common Lasting Effects Whether you are a parent or a guardian who has learned your child has been sexually abused, or you are an adult survivor, you need to have a clear understanding of the long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse. Children who have experienced sexual abuse are at increased risk for a variety Read More

How Does Sexual Abuse Affect Adulthood?

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse face significant mental health and behavioral challenges in adulthood. Here, we discuss some of those challenges, and the avenues available to sexual abuse survivors seeking compensation from their abusers. What Research Tells Us About the Long-Term Effects of Sexual Abuse Researchers have long studied the effects of childhood sexual abuse Read More

Causes of Cyberbullying: Study Traces Online Bullying to In-Person Contact

The prevalence of cyberbullying has exploded in recent years. With new mediums and modes of communication come new opportunities for people to suffer through mistreatment. People can make use of social media, texting, message boards and video sharing among other things to humiliate and harm others. To date, most people who have looked at cyberbullying Read More

What Is Child Sexual Abuse?

Child sexual abuse is a broad umbrella term that includes any sexual interaction between a child and an adult, or another child. Child sexual abuse can refer to touching and non-touching behaviors. Movies, books, magazines, and society in general often depict child sexual abuse as male perpetrators victimizing young girls, particularly in poorer communities. This Read More

How to Report Sexual Abuse

Most people believe they would try to do the right thing if confronted with evidence of a vulnerable person being victimized. But when it comes to reporting suspected sexual abuse of a child, elderly person, or another vulnerable member of the population, even the best of intentions collide with the difficulty of not knowing where Read More

Successfully Implementing a Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy

Anyone in a position of leadership at an organization or institution that deals directly with children—be it concerned with education, health care, sports and recreation, arts, or community outreach—understands the critical importance of having a robust and effective child abuse prevention policy. A successful policy keeps children safe not just while they are in the Read More

What Are the Signs of Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse is a heinous crime and a violation of a person’s most basic human rights. But would you know how to spot sexual abuse if it was happening to someone close to you? It may surprise you to learn that identifying the signs of sexual abuse is not as straightforward as one might think. Read More

Study: Antibullying Programs Aided by Parents Giving Advice

Bullying is an enormous problem across the entire world.  Bullying at school has come under particularly intense scrutiny in recent years because of all of the different ways in which it occurs.  Chronic bullying is more common than many would think.  We have even seen how children with disabilities are forced to endure bullying as Read More

April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month – How You Can Help

Few things are as damaging to a person’s long-term prospects in life as being abused as a child.  Child abuse is a type of harm that continually inflicts damage on its targets in some way, shape or form.  Everyone who is a member of any society should have an interest in contributing to child abuse Read More

Human Trafficking Awareness: California Ranks First in US for Number of Cases

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 437,000 people around the world were intentionally murdered in 2012.  According to the U.S. Department of State, 11,774 people worldwide were killed in terror attacks in 2015.  These are obviously troubling statistics for several reasons.  These vicious acts are universally condemned and countries across the Read More

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