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The Walking Wounded

“I want to see Johnson & Johnson in court. I want to see them punished for what they’ve done because I believe they knew well beforehand and didn’t stop putting these products in.”   When the world’s largest medical device and diagnostics company discovers one of its top products is deeply flawed and endangering the Read More

Kransky Verdict March 8, 2013

For those individuals following the Kransky Trial Blog in support of Loren “Bill” Kransky and the many of us working hard on the case, today is a proud day.  John Gomez and his talented co-counsel won an $ 8.3 million verdict in the first recalled DePuy ASR hip case tried in the nation.  See below Read More

Kransky v. DePuy Trial – Day Twenty-Two February 28, 2013

The last day of trial consisted of closing arguments from both sides, and instructions on the applicable law. -Brian Panish began with Plaintiff’s closing argument.  He began by thanking the court for running everything so smoothly and efficiently.  He then thanked the jury for their time and commitment.  Mr. Panish quoted Abraham Lincoln saying the Read More

Kransky v. DePuy Trial – Day Twenty-One February 27, 2013

-February 27th marked the last day of the Kransky trial before closing arguments were given and the jury began deliberation.  Mr. Kelly, for Plaintiff, continued the cross-examination of defense expert Dr. Cuckler.  Mr. Kelly asked Dr. Cuckler why he, rather than those doctors who designed the ASR (Dr. Schmalzried and Dr. Vail), was hired to Read More

Kransky v. DePuy Trial – Day Twenty February 26, 2013

The Kransky trial continued on February 26, 2013 with the resumed testimony of the Defendants’ infectious disease expert, Dr. Ballon-Landa.  Mr. Calfo continued the direct examination and Mr. Kelly cross-examined the doctor. -On cross-examination, Mr. Kelly dissected Dr. Ballon-Landa’s testimony that Mr. Kransky’s hip was infected, which caused the pain and was the reason why Read More

Kransky v. DePuy Trial – Day Nineteen February 25, 2013

-The Kransky trial continued on Monday, February 25, 2013 with the Defendants calling to the stand Dr. Av Edidin.  Mr. Zellers conducted the direct examination and Mr. Kelly cross-examined Dr. Edidin. -Dr. Edidin testified as an expert in the science and engineering of orthopedic medical devices, specifically the kinds of devices that help people get Read More

Kransky v. DePuy Trial – Day Eighteen February 22, 2013

The Kransky trial continued wit the testimony of Dr. Thomas Schmalzried.  Dr. Schmalzried was a key designer of the ASR and a member of the surgeon design committee.  He also received royalties through the sale of the device.  Mr. Zellers for the defendants conducted the direct examination and Mike Kelly for the Plaintiff cross-examined Dr. Read More

Kransky v. DePuy Trial – Day Sixteen February 20, 2013

-Following Plaintiff Bill Kransky’s testimony yesterday, day sixteen of the trial continued with an entire day of video deposition testimony.  Excerpts of the following individuals’ videotaped testimony were played: -Paul Berman, Marketing Director J&J -Christopher Hunt -James Anderson -Thomas Trotsky, M.D., Mr. Kransky’s Primary Care Physician -Troy Fiddler, M.D., Mr. Kransky’s Treating Doctor -Jeffrey Hansen, Read More

Kransky v. DePuy Trial – Day Fifteen February 19, 2013

– The Kransky trial continued on Tuesday, February 19, 2013.  Plaintiff’s counsel Brian Panish continued with the direct examination of Fabrizio Billi, Ph.D..  Dr. Billi testified as to the wear and tear of the ASR’s he had examined.   Next, Mr. Zellers for the Defendants cross-examined Dr.  Billi. – John Gomez from Gomez Iagmin Trial Read More

Kransky v. DePuy Trial – Day Fourteen February 14, 2013

Day Fourteen of the Kransky trial continued on with the testimony of Randy Kilburn, the worldwide vice president of marketing for DePuy.  Defense counsel Mr. Zellers finished his cross-examination of Mr. Kilburn and Plaintiff’s counsel Mr. Panish conducted a short re-direct. -Plaintiff’s counsel next called to the stand Fabrizio Billi, a Ph.D. from the Orthopedic Read More

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