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Gomez Trial Attorneys Expands to East Coast

Gomez Trial Attorneys and Founder John Gomez announce the opening of Gomez Zwibel, a national plaintiffs trial firm, which will add an East coast office to the Gomez Trial Attorneys presence.  Gomez Zwibel is lead by Managing Partner Elizabeth Zwibel, and will feature physical office space in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area of Florida.   While Gomez Zwibel is a Division of Gomez Trial Attorneys, the name recognizes the significant influence and accomplishments of Managing Partner Elizabeth Zwibel.

“This venture is more about who than where,” states Founder John Gomez.   “Liz is one of the very best trial lawyers in the country and her values align perfectly with ours.”   Zwibel, for her part, states, “I have always greatly admired John as a trial lawyer and the more I learned about his law firm, the more I wanted to be part of that and create something special.”   The move also establishes a bi-coastal and national presence for Gomez Trial Attorneys, one of the most decorated and fastest growing plaintiffs trial firms in the country.

“While I am most excited to welcome Liz to our family, I am also excited by the scope and presence our expansion provides,” states Gomez.    “While we have always handled cases nationally, Liz’s reputation and presence give us the ability to help more and do more in any State in the country.”   Zwibel adds, “This partnership allows me the ability to join forces with John and his firm to take on the very biggest of cases on both coasts and beyond.”

Both Liz and John have tried multiple cases to verdict, have achieved landmark and record shattering results and are highly sought after legal speakers and leaders.   Gomez Zwibel and Gomez Trial Attorneys are available to provide justice to individuals and families seriously injured by negligence, defective products and sexual abuse.   Gomez Zwibel will continue the Gomez Trial Attorneys commitment to “Try any case, anywhere, if that is what justice requires.”

Gomez Trial Attorneys is one of the largest and winningest plaintiffs trial firms in the country and has collected close to one billion dollars in verdicts and settlements for its clients.   To learn more about John Gomez and Gomez Trial Attorneys, you can visit the GomezFirm.Com or call 833-GetGomez.