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Halloween Safety Tips – Help Your Children Enjoy a Fun Holiday

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year for children.  They spend days or sometimes weeks with their parents planning their costumes, their routes for trick-or-treating.  They ponder just about every detail that goes into the night.  It’s a tradition for kids to go fill their buckets with candy.  Then they come home and enjoy some of it and to eventually go to bed after the sugar wears off, exhausted after an exciting day and night.  It’s also a time when parents need to manage the situation carefully, as Halloween can involve some dangers if people are not reasonably cautious.  The children’s rights lawyers at Gomez Trial Attorneys would like to provide some Halloween safety tips that have been released to the public by different public and private entities in hopes that everyone has a safe Halloween. – Walking Safely

The first safety tip that people should keep in mind is perhaps the most basic – traffic safety.  Motorists need to be aware that there will be young people walking around even after dark.  They need to drive defensively in response.  Unfortunately, some motorists will make mistakes which means that pedestrians need to manage their own safety.  The best way to alleviate this need is for an adult to accompany all groups of children.  Young people need to understand that they should look both ways before crossing any street.  In addition, they should only cross when the crosswalk says to do so.  In addition, children should make eye contact with motorists who are waiting for them before crossing the street if possible. – Safe Costumes

The American Academy of Pediatricians has published several recommendations regarding safe costumes.  First, since children will be out after sunset in many cases, they should wear costumes that are bright and reflective so that they are extremely visible to motorists.  Parents should also be careful to provide costumes that are flame resistant.  If a costume comes with any sort of prop such as a sword or a lance, those props should be as soft, dull and flexible as possible so that the chance of injury is minimized. – Safe Candy Consumption

The Children’s Hospital of Michigan has provided several recommendations for the safe consumption of candy.  First, parents should instruct children not to eat any candy until they return home.  Parents should then inspect all of the candy for obvious signs of tampering before allowing children to eat it.  Any candy or food that is not factory-wrapped should be discarded.  Parents should contact their local police department if they notice any problem with candy.

Halloween Safety Tips – Use Your Best Judgment

Aside from the Halloween safety tips that appear above, parents should be sure to use their best judgment when it comes to their children and trick-or-treating.  If your instincts tell you that some plan for walking, some trick or some treat is not right, trust your instincts.  Ask questions if you’re unsure of what happened and be sure to do what’s necessary to protect the rights of your children if they are mistreated or harmed.  The children’s rights lawyers at Gomez Trial Attorneys would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween.

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