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The Devastating Impact of a Misdiagnosis and How a San Diego Lawyer Can Help

by John Gomez | Last Updated: June 26, 2021

San Diego Medical Malpractice LawyerA misdiagnosis places you on the wrong medical path, while simultaneously leaving your initial problem untreated. The effects of a misdiagnosis can forever alter your life and possibly result in the death of a loved one. If you experienced serious harm due to a misdiagnosis, you may want to hold the medical professional responsible for the mistake. Consider seeking the services of a San Diego medical malpractice lawyer today to help you with your compensation claim.

What Causes a Misdiagnosis?

Trust is important when it comes to seeking medical attention. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers must use their training and education to provide quality care safely. When they fail to act accordingly, they place patients at risk for serious harm.

While mistakes occur in almost any profession, there is little room for error in the medical field. According to research by Johns Hopkins Medicine, medical mistakes are the third-leading cause of death in the United States.

Misdiagnosis is one of the leading types of medical mistakes. Research shows that approximately 12 million people experience a misdiagnosis in the United States each year.

Diagnostic errors account for many mistakes, from malfunctioning testing equipment to misinterpretation of results. If you suffered serious harm due to a misdiagnosis, you may want to contact a medical malpractice law firm for a free case evaluation.

Other factors that contribute to misdiagnosis include:

  • Doctor fatigue, inexperience, or overconfidence
  • Lack of communication between multiple providers and internal staff
  • Insufficient training of hospital staff

These are just a few examples of how a misdiagnosis can occur. If you received a life-changing medical misdiagnosis that sent you along a path of unnecessary treatment and procedures,  contact a San Diego attorney to help you fight for justice.

San Diego Medical Care and Your Misdiagnosis

The large city of San Diego and the surrounding county are home to multiple medical facilities, including Scripps Mercy Hospital, Kindred Hospital, and the UC San Diego Medical Center. The numerous doctors’ offices and San Diego hospitals make finding medical care easy.

However, the vast number of medical professionals in the area can actually increase your risk of receiving a misdiagnosis.

Dealing with multiple providers and trusting their varying guidance can place you in harm’s way due to:

  • Unnecessary tests: Not only may a medical provider misread a test, but the test may serve no purpose for your true illness or injury.
  • Wrong treatment plan: A wrong misdiagnosis can lead to dangerous treatments with serious side effects, like chemotherapy.
  • Medication mistakes: An incorrect dosage of a harmful medication can cause a deadly reaction, especially when combined with other medication.
  • Unnecessary surgery: Recovering from surgery is sometimes a slow process that can prevent you from working.

In addition to these and other serious outcomes, you may have to miss a significant amount of work to undergo unnecessary tests and procedures. As you deal with mounting medical costs—all due to treatment that you did not need—your original condition may continue to deteriorate.

If you suffered financial, physical, emotional, and psychological harm due to a misdiagnosis, consider pursuing legal action. A medical malpractice case is best managed by a licensed, professional attorney.

Handling your case alone is frightening and overwhelming. Medical facilities, their insurers, and attorneys are ready to protect their best interests. A San Diego medical malpractice attorney is ready to protect your best interests.

Medical Mistakes and Your Damages

A misdiagnosis is a medical mistake that may qualify you for a civil case against those responsible for your harm.

Your attorney can decide how to best proceed with your case by examining:

  • Your medical reports
  • Medical bills relating to your unnecessary treatment and care
  • Statements from witnesses and other providers
  • Pictures of your wounds or other documentation of your suffering
  • Proof of your lost wages from your employer
  • Potential future earnings if your injuries prevent you from returning to work

Gathering and providing your attorney with this type of evidence will help uncover the important facts of your case. Your attorney must prove that those responsible acted with negligence and that their negligence caused your injuries.

Any medical professional that causes another person serious harm must face accountability. A doctor or other professional may face other reprimands—either by an internal review or a state board— if found liable for your harm. Those findings are separate proceedings from your civil case.

Each medical malpractice case is different and there is never a guarantee of compensation. However, if you suffered serious harm due to a misdiagnosis, give careful thought to contacting an attorney for a free case evaluation today.

When Medical Trust Is Broken

Trusting your medical team is necessary when you are sick or injured. When there is a misdiagnosis, it may prevent you from seeking care for your actual condition.

Broken trust between a patient and physician is dangerous. If you fail to seek care for your health, you may face serious consequences later that prevent a potential recovery.

Contributing to this harm are the mounting medical bills associated with your misdiagnosis. No one should pay out of pocket for expenses that are incurred due to negligence.

Paying for your misdiagnosis care while still seeking relief for your primary concern is nearly impossible. Combine that with the lost income that you’re likely experiencing and you may face a serious financial predicament.

Unfortunately, medical trust is an ongoing issue, as medical mistakes continue to plague our nation’s medical community. If your medical team lets you down, resulting in painful procedures and extensive medical costs, a lawyer can help you fight for justice.

How a Medical Malpractice Attorney Can Help You

A medical malpractice attorney has the experience necessary to represent victims of misdiagnosis. Your lawyer can handle the legal details of your case while you seek the treatment you need.

The medical profession is a busy one, typically with one physician seeing dozens of patients a day. Doctors’ stressful schedules are no excuse for you suffering harm and financial burden due to a misdiagnosis or another medical mistake. Increasing medical costs can cause your unnecessary bills to mount beyond your control.

A doctor and other medical professionals owe patients a duty of care. A medical malpractice attorney must work diligently to prove a physician, nurse, or other medical professional is negligent and thus responsible for your harm.

Negotiating a medical malpractice settlement is an intricate process. Knowledge of state laws and how they apply to your case is crucial for securing the best outcome possible. Medical malpractice attorneys understand the process and how to proceed in the best interests of clients.

The attorney you hire can also serve as a calming force for you while you deal with your existing health issues. They can answer any questions you ask and keep you informed about your case.

If your attorney cannot settle your case out of court, your case may proceed to trial. While it is impossible to predict the outcome of your case, contacting a lawyer is a positive step forward and can provide some peace of mind.

You Can Afford to Hire a Lawyer

Most medical malpractice attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. You typically do not need to pay a retainer to secure a lawyer. Under a contingency agreement, if your lawyer is unable to secure compensation on your behalf, you generally don’t owe any attorney fees.

Medical facilities, physicians, and more protect themselves when it comes to civil lawsuits against them. When it comes to protecting your rights, you should retain an experienced San Diego medical malpractice attorney to help you pursue justice.

Representing yourself is challenging as you struggle to find a solution to your health problem. Accepting a settlement offer alone can leave you in a financial bind should your medical condition worsen.

To an insurance adjuster, your claim is over once you accept a settlement offer. While an initial settlement offer may seem like a lot of money, it is typically not enough to cover future expenses.

The long-lasting effects of a misdiagnosis can require continuous care. If this happens to you and you’ve already accepted a settlement, you cannot seek additional funds for any unanticipated medical expenses.

The legal process for civil cases is quite complex. It can consume far too much time and energy for those suffering from a serious medical condition. A misdiagnosis compounds medical problems, making it harder to balance appointments and your case.

By putting your case in the hands of a qualified attorney, you can focus more on finding the right doctor for your medical needs.

You Must Act Quickly

A misdiagnosis can leave you overwhelmed with medical tests, procedures, and more. Time can pass quickly, causing you to miss the statute of limitations for filing your civil lawsuit.

If the window of opportunity closes before you have a chance to file your lawsuit, there is no second chance. While you may feel confused about your condition and what next steps to take, one call to a lawyer can ease your mind.

A free case evaluation leaves you nothing to lose. Consider hiring a lawyer to help you fight for compensation for the full cost of your misdiagnosis.

Medical malpractice lawyers are here to help you. Giving them as much information as possible, as soon as possible, can help them and you. A lawyer needs time to review your case carefully. Unfortunately, time is not on your side when it comes to pursuing compensation.

Let go of the burden of your legal case and consider handing it over to a medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner it is off your shoulders, the faster your lawyer can get to work for you.

Each day that passes following your misdiagnosis can result in further harm to your health. The medical bills do not stop once you receive a diagnosis. The financial pressure only builds as you continue down the wrong medical path.

Medical malpractice lawyers can use their legal experience to identify all parties liable for your harm. Your lawyer can then focus on building a strong case for maximum compensation and use their negotiation skills to handle aggressive insurance adjusters. If assertive insurance adjusters attempt to contact you, refer them to your lawyer.

San Diego Misdiagnosis Lawyer

If you suffered the effects of a misdiagnosis, find an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help you fight for justice. Whether you suffered temporary or permanent harm, the misdiagnosis most likely affected you financially, physically, and emotionally.

Placing your trust in a medical professional, only to have it shattered, can devastate you. Your caution in seeking other medical care is understandable. A lawyer can help you hold those responsible for your harm accountable for your damages.

You do not have to fight for compensation alone. A San Diego misdiagnosis lawyer can stand by your side and represent you in negotiations and if necessary, in court. No matter the size of the facility, the number of defendants, or the type of misdiagnosis, an attorney can help you seek maximum compensation given your specific circumstances.

The outcome of your case depends upon a variety of factors. A lawyer will review each detail of your case to determine the best approach to seeking compensation on your behalf.

Your lawyer will only receive attorney’s fees if they successfully recover compensation for you. A medical malpractice lawyer can even come to you if you are too ill to leave your home or the hospital and can carefully explain the process in a caring and compassionate manner.

The stress of your situation is unfair and unjust. By pursuing a claim and lawsuit, you may prevent another patient from suffering the same fate. Seeking the services of a medical malpractice lawyer does not mean you are weak, but rather smart about protecting your best interests.

If your loved one died due to a misdiagnosis, you may want to contact a San Diego medical malpractice lawyer today. Your misdiagnosis demands justice and an attorney can help you seek maximum compensation.

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