La Mesa Car Accident Lawyer Update – Crash Data Overview

La Mesa Car Accident Lawyer

La Mesa, also known as “the Jewel of the Hills,” is a community that’s home to nearly 60,000 permanent residents.  It sits near all that San Diego County has to offer.  La Mesa hosts one of the more well-known Oktoberfests in California and is home to a lot of families.  Unfortunately, La Mesa is also home to a rising number of traffic accidents.  A review of the data shows that more accidents are occurring on an annual basis in each of the previous few years.  You should contact a La Mesa car accident lawyer if you have been injured by a negligent driver.  Whether you’ve been in an accident or not, it may be helpful to see some of the statistics regarding crashes that occur here in hopes that you will never be involved in such a circumstance.

La Mesa Car Accident Statistics – 2013

246 La Mesa car accidents occurred in 2013.  341 people were either injured or killed in these crashes.  That’s nearly one person every day.  The leading violations recorded for people who were found to be at fault included:

  1. Unsafe speed – 35.4 percent
  2. Improper turning – 13.4 percent
  3. Driving/bicycling under the influence – 10.6 percent
  4. Automobile right of way – 8.5 percent
  5. Unsafe lane change – 6.9 percent

La Mesa Car Accident Statistics – 2014

257 La Mesa car accidents took place in 2014.  These crashes left 335 people injured, which represents a slight increase from the previous calendar year.  The most common violations recorded by law enforcement after these accidents included:

  1. Unsafe speed – 32.7 percent
  2. Improper turning – 14.4 percent
  3. Automobile right of way – 12.1 percent
  4. Traffic signals and signs – 9.7 percent
  5. Driving/bicycling under the influence – 6.2 percent

La Mesa Car Accident Statistics – 2015

The number of La Mesa car accidents jumped to a total of 319 in 2015.  The number of people injured and killed also climbed over 400, to 409.  The most common traffic violations that were associated with these crashes included:

  1. Unsafe speed – 39.8 percent
  2. Improper turning – 13.2 percent
  3. Traffic signals and signs – 10.3 percent
  4. Automobile right of way – 8.8 percent
  5. Driving/bicycling under the influence – 5.3 percent

How a La Mesa Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Speeding and improper turning are clearly major problems in La Mesa.  These mistakes are quite common in other communities as well.  When they occur and people are injured, those harmed need to take immediate steps to protect their legal rights.  That’s because filing an insurance claim is often not enough to fully recover losses incurred.  Insurance companies are for-profit entities that will work to minimize their financial exposure to liability.  Consumers often find themselves buried in paperwork and red tape to the point where they ultimately accept a smaller settlement amount than they deserve.

You need to take action if this has happened to you.  Contact a La Mesa car accident lawyer at Gomez Trial Attorneys as soon as possible to schedule a free initial consultation.

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