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Category Archive: Mass Torts

All You Need to Know About the Zantac Mass Tort Lawsuit

Recently, scientists reported dangerous carcinogens in the over-the-counter heartburn drug Zantac and its generic form ranitidine. Carcinogens are chemicals that can cause cancer in humans. Because of this discovery, Zantac and all ranitidine-containing products were removed from store shelves under an FDA recall.  Since the recall, thousands of lawsuits have been filed by people diagnosed Read More

3M Lawsuit Over Military Earplugs

Consumers must trust that the products they purchase will perform and function safely. While the word “consumer” might not immediately bring to mind the U.S. military, the 3M earplugs fiasco has shown that a vendor the military relies on for critical safety equipment may be an additional threat to men and women in uniform. Lawsuits Read More

Lawsuits Against 3M for Defective Combat Earplugs

GTA is actively pursuing cases for defective dual-ended Combat Arms Earplugs manufactured by 3M (previously manufactured by Aearo). These earplugs were used by all branches of the military from approximately 2003 to 2015. While there are other different types of earplugs used by the military personnel during these years, these were the most commonly used Read More

2018 Year in Review

In 2018, we won landmark and precedent-setting trials. We fought hard for gender equality and consumer rights. We took on companies that sell bad drugs and dangerous medical devices, and we helped people that very badly needed our help. We made a difference for the better. Read more in our 2018 Year in Review Brochure.

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