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Category Archive: Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Injuries in San Diego

Often referred to as “America’s Finest City,” San Diego boasts some of the most beautiful scenery for tourists. However, it is not only tourists enjoying the scenery. San Diego’s motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy it as well, because of many well-known motorcycle routes that traverse the local region, and day trips that allow you to see an Read More

What Causes so Many San Diego Motorcycle Accidents?

When you ride your motorcycle in San Diego, accidents occur when you least expect them. Distracted, impaired, and speeding motorists can make even a short trip dangerous. Even when you drive with care, a single impact collision can be destructive enough to send you to the emergency room. Motorcycle accidents don’t always cause severe injuries, Read More

What Laws Govern Motorcycles in San Diego

For some, nothing compares to the unique experience of riding a motorcycle. San Diego bikers enjoy an open-air riding experience in ideal weather. However, the trade-off of that experience is that a motorcycle lacks a substantial number of safety features. Motorcycles have no reinforced steel frames surrounding passengers, seat belts, or other protective safety systems Read More

San Diego Motorcycle Road Rash Injuries

San Diego’s climate lends itself to a great motorcycle riding experience. The views, the warm air, and the sunshine all make for an enjoyable ride. Whether you are out to experience the freedom of the open road or heading to work, a motorcycle provides you with a great way to get around Southern California. Yet, Read More

San Diego Motorcycle Helmet Laws Keep You Safe

Motorcycles provide great fun for riders. Especially in Southern California, where the weather is great year-round, motorcycles allow for quick and enjoyable transportation. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents happen frequently, oftentimes due to careless drivers. Whether you have been in an accident in a commonly dangerous area for motorcycles, like National City, Golden Hill, or nearly anywhere Read More

Why Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Here’s Six Reasons Why Following a motorcycle accident, you may experience stress and anxiety beyond just your physical injuries and worry about what’s to come. You likely have injuries to recover from, a motorcycle to fix, and a host of financial worries, especially if you cannot return to work immediately after the accident. Will retaining Read More

How Much Does a Motorcycle Crash Cost?

A motorcycle crash not only causes extensive damage to your motorcycle, but it can also cause substantial injury to you and any of your passengers. How much does a motorcycle crash cost, exactly? The cost of your accident may vary depending on the cost of your bike, the cost of your medical bills, and the Read More

What You Need to Know About Getting a California Motorcycle License

A California motorcycle license will allow you to travel California’s streets on a motorcycle. Minors who have reached the age of 15½ years old can obtain a motorcycle license in California, which means they can get a motorcycle license more easily than a traditional driver’s license. A motorcycle license can also allow for a cheaper, Read More

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