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Dr. Anthony Zaccaglin

Brain Injury Client Liaison

Dr. Anthony Zaccaglin

Dr. Zaccaglin is a former doctor, current author, and high-functioning traumatic brain injury survivor. He also is a former Gomez Law Firm client. Since his injury, Dr. Zaccaglin has devoted a substantial portion of his life to further studying and understanding the road of a brain injury survivor. His published book, “The Real Deal: Finding the Summit of Life After a TBI,” explores those issues based upon his personal experiences.

Today, Dr. Zaccaglin works with the Firm as our “Brain Injury Client Liaison.” In that capacity, he helps our brain injury clients better understand both the medical and legal processes, and helps us better understand our brain injury clients. He sees things that we otherwise would miss. He knows what our clients need. When they are going through something, he understands. Many times, he and his family have had the same struggles themselves. He helps us ensure that the doctors don’t miss things too. He wants our clients to have the very best shot at getting better.

Dr. Zaccaglin’s personal case went all the way through trial and a jury verdict in his favor. He knows firsthand how confusing and overwhelming that process can be to the brain injury survivor. He now acts as a counselor and confidant to our clients during that difficult time. He also ensures that we tell the client’s story in a way that absolutely ensures the best outcome every single time. We are absolutely thrilled to feature him as part of our dedicated Brain Injury Practice group.

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