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Category Archive: Pedestrian Accidents

Anatomy of the Spine 101: Understanding Your Body

Vertebrae, nerves, and discs… oh my! What may seem like a highly technical and scientific part of our bodies is actually quite simple. And in personal injury cases, where spinal injuries are some of the most common injuries, it is of the utmost importance that you understand your injury and your body. From auto accidents Read More

Study: Children’s Developing Brains Can Lead to Increased Risk of Pedestrian Accidents

All of us likely remember what we were taught as children when it came to crossing streets: Look both ways before you cross and make sure the road is clear.  It all seemed simple enough when we were told to do this before crossing a street, but many of us likely remember that it was Read More

Report: US Pedestrian Fatalities Spike In 2016

Doctors have likely or will likely encourage most of us to do more walking as we get older.  Walking is very good exercise and can provide several different health benefits for people.  Most walkers, regardless of why they are out and about, share space with motorists and bicyclists.  For the most part, this shared arrangement Read More

DUI Danger: Study Ranks Drunk Driving Deaths By State

Are some states or geographic regions in the United States more prone to having drunk drivers on their roads than others?  Is there any reason to think that some parts of the country are more dangerous when it comes to DUI accidents or drunk driving deaths?  While a recent study does not necessarily answer those Read More

Parking Lot Accidents: Underrated Problem Rears Its Head in San Diego

Many of us have become annoyed as we drove through parking lots and parking garages over the years.  This tends to happen when a large number of vehicles are crammed into tight spaces.  Everyone is in a hurry to either get in or get out and people are generally thinking of other things as they Read More

Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Mira Mesa

Crossing the street on foot is much more dangerous than many people realize.  Despite the advancement of technology that has provided walking lanes, visual and audio signals and the like, a fatal pedestrian accident can occur at almost any time and in almost any place.  Tragically, that’s what occurred on Thursday morning in Mira Mesa Read More

Fatal San Diego Pedestrian Accidents – Group Releases the “Fatal 15” Intersections

San Diego is a walking city.  The weather is almost always amenable to this form of exercise.  The landscape is beautiful and the area is usually filled with travelers who want to take it all in.  San Diego is also a city that, like most other places in Southern California, is home to a high Read More

Pedestrian Accidents – Where They Occur The Most

Walking is not only the oldest form of transportation known to man, but it remains one of the healthiest.  Almost any doctor will tell a patient that going for a walk is a good, safe and beneficial way to get your heart rate up.  Unfortunately, the statistics relating to pedestrian accidents may force some to Read More

Study: California Car Accidents Lead to Poor Ranking For State’s Drivers

People often compare drivers by state.  While this is purely an anecdotal analysis when drivers discuss it, there are certain states that have poor reputations in terms of the drivers it allows on their respective roads.  California drivers are not generally thought of as being sound behind the wheel, as is the case with several Read More

Report: Fatal Pedestrian Accidents Among Teens On the Rise

It’s hard to believe that a generation ago, almost no one walked around with cell phones.  The concept of the smartphone was not even imaginable to most.  These days, it’s almost more eye-catching to see a group of people walking together without at least some of them tapping away or talking on their cell phones. Read More

Pokémon Go Study: Game Is a Major Distraction for Drivers and Pedestrians

Pokémon Go is a game that has taken the entire world by storm.  Millions of people continue to play it on a daily basis.  While the game is obviously fun, somewhat addictive for some players and requires some light exercise, it also involves danger.  Media outlets have published a high number of Pokémon Go stories in Read More

Study: PCH Accidents Need to Be Addressed in Orange County

Few stretches of road in Orange County are more iconic than the 37 miles of the Pacific Coast Highway from Seal Beach to San Clemente.  It’s an area that tourists come to see; locals come to enjoy, and crowds converge upon for different reasons.  While that’s positive in many ways, it’s also risky.  Recently, the Read More

San Diego Car Accidents – The 5 Most Common Types of Collisions

Nearly 15,000 San Diego car accidents occur every year.  That’s more than 41 crashes every single day.  Most of us have seen at least one collision occur, and they are terrifying to witness let alone experience firsthand.  All of us would be interested in knowing more about San Diego car accidents, as a higher level Read More

Collision Focus: The 5 Most Common Types of Serious Orange County Accidents

If you live in Orange County or in other populous areas of California, you simply understand that car accidents are a way of life and something that happens multiple times every day.  While that’s not a comforting thought, acknowledging that reality will help motorists make sound decisions and drive defensively so that their chances of Read More

Pokémon Go May Be Fun, But It Can Also Lead to Liability

Every once in a while, something new takes the American culture by storm.  Its popularity rings through to every age group, gender or just about any other demographic you can think of at the time.  Sometimes these phenomena are songs, sometimes they are movies, and sometimes they are video games.  It’s a video game that’s Read More

San Diego Pedestrian Accidents – Statistics and Avoiding These Crashes

San Diego is famous across the globe for several things.  At its foundation, America’s Finest City is known for its beautiful weather.  That’s one of the reasons you see so many people walking around in different parts of the county.  San Diego is definitely a walking city.  It’s also a city with a lot of Read More

Disabled man beaten in mistaken arrest attempt

A Vista family is questioning why their 21-year-old son with Down syndrome was roughed up by a sheriff’s deputy while the young man was walking to his father’s bakery. Sheriff spokeswoman Jan Caldwell said the young man was on his way to the bakery about 8 p.m. Tuesday when a Deputy Sheriff, who was responding Read More

CA hospitals fined for Endangering Patients

According to the Associated Press, California health officials have fined 12 hospitals $785,000 for mistakes that endangered patients. The California Department of Public Health announced fines Thursday for hospitals including those located in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties. Some of the fines involved incidents where patients had objects left inside them after operations and Read More

Study concludes San Diego roads dangerous for pedestrians

November 11, 2009 – San Diego has been named one of the most dangerous cities to walk in, according a national survey released Tuesday by the group Transportation for America. The report, Dangerous By Design: Solving the Epidemic of Preventable Pedestrian Deaths (and Making Great Neighborhoods), ranks the 10 most dangerous metropolitan areas for pedestrians.  Read More

Bicyclist Killed in Collision with Police Car

Updated November 10, 2009 – A 63-year-old man was killed Monday when the bicycle he was riding collided with a police car on a University City street during the morning rush hour. Walter Freeman of San Diego pedaled out of a gas station in the 3800 block of Governor Drive shortly before 7:30 a.m., crossed the Read More

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