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While discussion about sex abuse often proves uncomfortable at best and traumatic at worst, shedding light on these horrors is a crucial component of helping survivors find justice. Many San Diego sexual abuse victims find themselves uncertain or embarrassed when it comes time to find the courage to speak up about their experiences. But you’re not alone. Our San Diego personal injury lawyers can help.

When schools, churches, nursing homes and other organizations fail to protect children and vulnerable adults from sexual predators, the victims often suffer lasting emotional harm. Our lawyers obtain compensation for victims of clergy sex abuse, child molestation, and other types of sexual abuse. In most cases, sexual molestation and abuse occurs because an organization failed to take reasonable steps to protect victims. Can sexual abuse be prevented? Often churches and other organizations ignore warning signs of sexual abuse — or worse, know about the abuse but do nothing to prevent it.

Can a Sexual Abuse Attorney Help Me?

The short answer is yes. If your case is suited to legal action, you will benefit from having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney by your side as you seek compensation.

There’s no surefire way to guarantee that an attorney can take on your case. With that being said, the majority of attorneys offer potential clients free consultations to determine eligibility. We operate on a contingency fee basis. That means that unless we help you recover compensation, there’s no need to worry about paying hefty fees or forking over hard-earned savings.

If you or a loved one have suffered sexual abuse and are seeking the assistance of a qualified and empathetic attorney, schedule a free consultation with Gomez Trial Attorneys today. Our team of seasoned industry professionals is always ready to help new victims find the justice that they deserve.

What Constitutes Sexual Abuse & Assault?

Terms like “sexual abuse” and “sexual assault” are so broad that it can be difficult for victims to understand whether their experiences warrant legal action. Many actions and offenses fall under broad umbrella terms such as those mentioned above.

California law states that any unwanted touching of a body part—particularly the genitals, groin, anus, buttocks, or breast—likely qualifies as a sex crime. Other factors such as where and when bodily contact occurs can also influence whether behavior constitutes a crime.

There are exceptions to these rules. Many sex crimes involve physical contact, but thousands of victims struggle to cope with non-physical sex crimes as well. Other offenses, like stalking, also qualify as sex crimes.

Crucial Information for Victims and the Public

Many of us are ill-informed of the nefarious truths that lie behind sexual assault. For example, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center states that most instances of sexual battery occur between individuals who already know each other. Concepts like these can help empower victims to move forward and take the steps they need to pursue compensation and safety. Other individuals may be able to avoid circumstances that could lead to sexual assault.

Those who hold positions of power may be especially apt to leverage that power to commit sexual abuse. Some examples of such people and positions include:

Time Limitations for Victims

Unfortunately, the law dictates that sexual assault survivors must report their experiences and file a claim within a certain time window. This can prove difficult for those who experienced exceptional trauma or may feel unsure about what happened to them. These issues, however, do not prevent California courts from holding victims accountable for meeting deadlines:

  • As of January 2020, a 3 year window of opportunity to file a civil lawsuit will be opened, allowing any victim of childhood sexual abuse that occurred at any time, to file a lawsuit during that time period. 
  • As of January 2020, survivors of childhood sexual abuse that are now age 40 or older must include certificates of merts to file a civil lawsuits prepared with assistance of an attorney and mental health practitioner.

Recovering Damages Resulting From Sexual Abuse

Sexual assault victims can receive more in court than the satisfaction of achieving justice. Certain monetary damages are fully recoverable to facilitate the healing process and ease the physical and emotional anguish that experiences like sexual assault can cause. Victims may pursue monetary compensation to account for:

  • Medical expenses acquired as a result of the assault. Ongoing psychological, emotional, and physical care also qualify as medical expenses
  • Lost income or diminished earning potential if the assault caused you to miss work or lose wages. Victims may seek compensation for diminished earning potential if their overall ability to earn a wage diminished as a result of the assault
  • Pain and suffering and mental anguish that the victim endured as a result of the assault. Most instances of sexual abuse are traumatic—they may even lead to long-term psychological complications

Those who have experienced sexual assault may also advocate for punitive damages in court. These are monetary damages paid by the offender to the victim. Many criminals who intentionally harm others—be it sexually or otherwise—are made to provide these types of damages. It’s one way that American courts attempt to prevent similar behavior and cement punishment in criminals’ minds

You’re Not Alone

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that sexual abuse is far from uncommon. In fact, statistics indicate that Californians experience sexual abuse at a higher rate than the national average. Over 86 percent of Californian women—and more than half of Californian men—report experiencing sexual assault during some point in their life. San Diego residents are not immune to this statewide problem.

Educating victims and the general public about the truths behind assaults like these plays an integral role in the prevention of further abuse.

Gomez Trial Attorneys Can Help

The Gomez Trial Attorneys team works determinedly to help our clients seek the compensation that they deserve. Regardless of the abuse that you or a loved one may have suffered, you deserve to see your case handled fairly in a settlement or going to court. Our lawyers have excelled within some of the nation’s top law schools and gone on to distinguish themselves through academic and trial success.

We understand that your attorney should act as your partner throughout the legal process. That’s why we’ve hand-selected some of the industry’s most well-informed and trustworthy individuals to help build our practice. At Gomez Trial Attorneys, we’re committed to offering clients a suite of valuable resources and a team of helpful legal professionals.

Call Our San Diego Sex Assault Attorneys if You Are a Survivor

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