Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse occurs in numerous forms and affects many types of victims. Consequently, sexual abuse claims are extremely varied; parents may bring a claim on behalf of a child, or adults may file a claim relating to sexual abuse endured during childhood. No matter the details, sexual abuse claims are extremely sensitive in nature and require the attention of experienced attorneys. The personal injury lawyers of the Gomez Law Firm in San Diego, CA have successfully handled a wide range of sex abuse claims. We are dedicated to helping people all across California, including San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Imperial Counties to bring those responsible for the abuse to justice. If you or a loved one is the victim of sexual abuse, please contact the Gomez Law Firm today. We handle all California sex abuse claims on a contingent fee basis. That means you do not pay attorney fees or costs unless we make a recovery for you.

When schools, churches, nursing homes and other organizations fail to protect children and vulnerable adults from sexual predators, the victims often suffer lasting emotional harm. Our lawyers obtain compensation for victims of clergy sex abuse, child molestation, and other types of sexual abuse. In most cases, sexual molestation and abuse occurs because an organization failed to take reasonable steps to protect victims. Often churches and other organizations ignore warning signs of sexual abuse — or worse, know about the abuse but do nothing to prevent it.


  •  Schools
  •  Religious Organizations
  •  Psychiatrists and Therapists
  •  Residential Care Facilities for the Disable


  • Change in personality
  • Unusual sexual behavior
  • Anger problems
  • Depression
  • Engaging in criminal activity
  • Disconnecting from friends and family

Gomez Trial Attorneys are experienced in representing families affected by sexual abuse. We will thoroughly research and prepare your case. Child psychologists, rape counselors, child abuse advocates, and sexual predator profilers may be brought in to offer their insight, knowledge, and analysis. We know how to aggressively litigate cases against sexual predators while delicately handling all of the powerful emotions involved. Sexual abuse can have emotional and psychological effects that last a lifetime. Victims can have difficulty forming healthy relationships or even holding a job. Shouldn’t those responsible for these atrocious acts of sexual abuse be held responsible for the damages they cause? Gomez Trial Attorneys handle sexual abuse cases with sensitivity and compassion. You can rely on us to get results for you and your family members. If you know of a child who is a victim or you yourself are the victim of sexual abuse, please don’t delay in seeking help. Contact Gomez Trial Attorneys for a free and completely confidential initial consultation.

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