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The top ten things to do when working with a brain injury client

Founder John Gomez and Partner Ben Coughlan, and Trial Attorney Kacie Vinel published an article in the Consumer Attorneys of California’s July/August issue of Forum Magazine. “The Top 10 Things to Do When Working with a Brain Injury Client” is designed to help trial lawyers better represent clients who have suffered brain-injuries. John, Ben and Read More

GTA Obtains $832,500 Settlement in Premises Liability Case

Partner Bibianne Fell and Trial Attorney Patrick Stormes Swan obtained a $832,500 settlement on behalf of their client who suffered a personal injury in a premises liability case. If you or someone you know has been injured by an unsafe condition due to negligence of the property owner, contact Gomez Trial Attorneys for a free Read More

GTA Represents Families Affected by E. coli at San Diego County Fair

GTA is currently representing families affected by the E.Coli outbreak at the San Diego County Fair. San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency has reported one probable case and 10 confirmed cases that have resulted from visiting the animals at the fair. Our office continues to investigate the cause of the outbreak and to Read More

Over 80 Women Sue Sharp Hospital for Videotaping Procedures Without Consent

Gomez Trial Attorneys, Patterson Law Group and Admire & Associates filed a lawsuit against the Women’s Center at Sharp Grossmont Hospital on behalf of over 80 women who were secretly recorded while giving birth and receiving treatment and operations for birth complications, miscarriages, hysterectomies and other serious medical procedures. Sharp Grossmont Hospital executives admitted to Read More

San Diego Slip and Fall Attorney Fact Sheet – 20 Important Statistics

Fall injuries are serious matters.  Many of us have been conditioned to think otherwise.  We may think of the proverbial person walking into a courtroom with a fake neck brace.  This was an effective comedy tactic.  It’s also something that people in general need to put out of their minds when they think about fall Read More

Survey: Distracted Driving Accidents Tied To Regular Smartphone Use in Vehicles

Generally, when society identifies and almost uniformly agrees that a behavior is dangerous, people tend to respond by avoiding that behavior as much as possible.  The past several years have seen more and more information coming out with regards to using mobile phones while driving.  A vast majority of jurisdictions in the United States now Read More

Sexual Assault Allegations: Woman Claims She Was Violated During X-Ray

No one looks forward to having X-rays done.  An X-ray is not painful, but the reason such a test is done is because someone is experiencing some sort of pain.  People who are injured generally have enough to think about in terms of their recovery.  Most people won’t think that they’re under any sort of Read More

Study: Tangible Whiplash Diagnosis May Be On the Horizon

For decades, whiplash has been an injury that has invited mocking and extreme skepticism.  Hollywood has parodied the injury countless times.  Most if not all of us have seen those movies where an actor walks into a courtroom with a bulky neck brace pretending to be injured.  Sadly, many of us have learned to assume Read More

California Supreme Court Expands Employer Liability for Asbestos Cases

Employers are responsible for providing a reasonably safe environment for their workers.  If they fail to do so, they can face legal liability if an employee is injured and files a lawsuit in response.  Employer liability is a legal concept that’s nearly universally accepted.  However, courts in different jurisdictions have and will continue to make Read More

Punitive Damages in Premises Liability Cases

By Ben J. Coughlan, Esq. and Max Halpern You have spent the last few weeks deposing company employees and PMKs in your slip and fall case. You have done everything you can to prove notice pursuant to CACI 1006.  You have a solid premises liability case.  You have found your way around the notice requirement. Read More

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