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Category Archive: Wrongful Death

How to File a Wrongful Death Suit

If you are like many people who have recently lost a loved one, you may have questions about how to file a wrongful death suit. These lawsuits are appropriate in situations where the negligent actions of another person are responsible for the death of a close family member. In some situations, a wrongful death lawsuit Read More

Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations

The Information You Need to Know and How a Wrongful Death Lawyer Can Help You Losing a family member is one of the most challenging events anyone can ever go through. What makes it even more traumatic is if the death was the result of a preventable accident. When this happens, the surviving family members Read More

What Is Wrongful Death?

The loss of a loved one is as tragic as it is life-changing. Grief can be overwhelming, and healing from your loss can take years. When the death is caused by the negligence of another person, though, that grief is accompanied by a slew of other emotions like anger and a sense of injustice. You Read More

Navigating Landmines In Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Litigation Against Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment Companies

This article by Jeremiah Lowe and Victoria Lazar was published in the May 2019 issue of Consumer Attorneys of San Diego’s Trial Bar News. By now the general public is well aware of the opioid crisis, and the countless lives it has taken. There is, however, a lesser known crisis in the multi-billion dollar industry Read More

Seven Million Dollar Verdict Against American Addiction Centers

American Addictions Centers Held Liable for Death of Client Shaun Reyna Murrieta, CA – After years of litigation, American Addiction Centers, based in Nashville Tennessee, has been held responsible for the wrongful death of Shaun Reyna. This past Friday, February 2, 2018, a jury in Murrieta, California, found the company was negligent and found it Read More

Report: US Pedestrian Fatalities Spike In 2016

Doctors have likely or will likely encourage most of us to do more walking as we get older.  Walking is very good exercise and can provide several different health benefits for people.  Most walkers, regardless of why they are out and about, share space with motorists and bicyclists.  For the most part, this shared arrangement Read More

DUI Danger: Study Ranks Drunk Driving Deaths By State

Are some states or geographic regions in the United States more prone to having drunk drivers on their roads than others?  Is there any reason to think that some parts of the country are more dangerous when it comes to DUI accidents or drunk driving deaths?  While a recent study does not necessarily answer those Read More

US Car Accidents: The $13,714.49 Per Second Problem

If you learned of a problem that was costing Americans a total of $13,714.49 per second, would you want something done about it?  Would you feel the same way if you received a random monthly bill for $113?  What if this problem also included a rising number of fatalities?  Such a problem already exists.  That Read More

Two Fatal San Diego Accidents Occur During Most Recent Storm

It’s been quite some time since motorists in San Diego have had to navigate their vehicles through difficult weather conditions on a regular basis.  We have all gotten involuntary retraining in recent months.  The winter rains have returned.  People need to drive differently in inclement weather.  Unfortunately, mistakes tend to be magnified when they occur Read More

Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Mira Mesa

Crossing the street on foot is much more dangerous than many people realize.  Despite the advancement of technology that has provided walking lanes, visual and audio signals and the like, a fatal pedestrian accident can occur at almost any time and in almost any place.  Tragically, that’s what occurred on Thursday morning in Mira Mesa Read More

Study: Alcohol-Related Accidents Lower In States With Stronger Policies

For over 100 years, driving under the influence has been against the law in parts of the United States.  New Jersey was the first state to pass such a law in 1906.  However, given the lack of technology at the time, there was no set limit in terms of the amount of alcohol a motorist Read More

Police Department: Fatal DUI Accidents in San Diego Rise in 2016

There is really no excuse at this point for getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol or some other intoxicant.  Not only is such a terrible decision counter to logic, but too many billions of dollars have been spent on DUI awareness.  Many if not most of us have been in a Read More

Rat Bite Fever – GTA’s San Diego Defective Products Lawyers Earn Historic Ruling

Children love pets.  Pets are part of our American culture, and most families think of their pets as family members.  While dogs and cats are the most common pets in the United States, there are many other animals that are extremely popular choices.  Rats are one of those popular choices.  Unfortunately, having a pet rat Read More

Alleged San Diego DUI Crash Leads to a Fatality

Every year at this time, people tend to take a step back and relax a bit with friends and loved ones.  It’s a joyous time and a time to appreciate what we have.  Unfortunately, this festive spirit around the world can lead to bad decisions.  Tragically, that’s what police suspect occurred over the weekend.  A Read More

Study: Distracted Driving Deaths Would Fall With Universal Handheld Phone Ban

The use of handheld and hands-free cell phones while driving continues to be a hot-button issue for many people.  The debate regarding whether or not to enact laws banning the use of handheld phones has been a contested one in several jurisdictions.  Some states have banned handheld phones for motorists while others have not.  Some Read More

Study: Traffic Deaths Spike In United States Due to Increase in Distracted Driving

We posted recently with regards to the troubling rise in traffic fatalities in the United States in 2015.  It was the sharpest rise in traffic deaths in the country in 50 years.  More recently, we followed that information up with another look at traffic deaths in the United States.  They continued to climb upward during the first Read More

Study: California Car Accidents Lead to Poor Ranking For State’s Drivers

People often compare drivers by state.  While this is purely an anecdotal analysis when drivers discuss it, there are certain states that have poor reputations in terms of the drivers it allows on their respective roads.  California drivers are not generally thought of as being sound behind the wheel, as is the case with several Read More

Report: Fatal Pedestrian Accidents Among Teens On the Rise

It’s hard to believe that a generation ago, almost no one walked around with cell phones.  The concept of the smartphone was not even imaginable to most.  These days, it’s almost more eye-catching to see a group of people walking together without at least some of them tapping away or talking on their cell phones. Read More

Fatal Teen Car Accidents Rise Precipitously in 2015

It takes time to master any skill or task.  Children need time to learn how to ride a bicycle, to tie their shoes and to dress themselves in the morning.  It takes adults some time to learn a new hobby, musical instrument or how to cook a new dish.  While this learning curve is recognized, Read More

Tragic Bus Accident In Baltimore Leaves Six Dead and 10 Injured

Nearly 500,000 school buses take to the roads every school day across the United States.  The vast majority of these trips arrive at their destinations without any type of incident.  In many ways, riding a school bus or a metro-city bus is much safer than driving a private vehicle.  Unfortunately, when things go wrong with Read More

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