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What Is Demonstrable Evidence and How Does It Affect My Case

In everyday life, and especially in encounters with law-related topics, you have probably heard someone use the phrase “demonstrable evidence.” Typically, it may have come up in a statement that went something like: “If you want me to believe [X], you’re going to have to show me demonstrable evidence that [Y].” Most people have a Read More

California Traffic Laws for Emergency Vehicles

The California Driver Handbook states that drivers must “yield the right-of-way to any police vehicle, fire engine, ambulance, or other emergency vehicle using a siren and red lights.” While most drivers can safely pull over to allow emergency vehicles to pass, some situations end with an accident. In this post, we take a look at Read More

Should I Go to the Hospital After a Car Accident?

Whether a person should go to the hospital right after a car accident is a common question. Those who suffer visible, serious injuries usually get medical attention immediately after an accident, but victims with hidden injuries or those who don’t know if they have injuries may not get the care they need right away. Always Read More

How Much Do Lawyers Get in a Settlement?

If you sustained injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you could seek compensation. While it’s possible to settle without an attorney, having one by your side can maximize your recovery. So, how much does it cost to hire one? Personal injury attorneys usually receive a percentage of the final settlement or court award. The percentage Read More

Hospital Lien Statutes and Their Impact On Your Personal Injury Claim

One aspect of a personal injury case is a hospital lien. Liens can be a hassle for many people since they need to give money to medical providers before they can enjoy their reimbursement. Hospitals can charge you more when they file a lien, and many patients find them unfair. If you got into an Read More

What Happens When Fog Causes Driving Accidents?

Fog often presents certain dangers to drivers, making it necessary to practice extra care when driving in foggy conditions. Even if fog appears light, it still often puts drivers and others at risk. To help keep themselves and other drivers and pedestrians safer on the road, it is essential for drivers to practice awareness and Read More

Do Most Car Accident Cases Go to Court?

Getting into a car accident takes a heavy physical, emotional and financial toll, but will you also have to deal with going to court? Probably not. Nationwide, most car accident claims resolve in an out-of-court settlement between the car accident victim and the at-fault party’s liability insurance company. That’s because court trials are expensive and Read More

Calling the Insurance Company After an Accident: Your Questions Answered

Following a serious car accident, you may have questions about how and when to contact an insurance company and even whose insurance company you should contact. Should you call the insurance company if the other driver called the accident? When should you call your insurance company to report an accident? Take a look at some Read More

What Is a Demonstrable Injury?

If you pursue a personal injury claim, you may come across the term demonstrable injury. This type of injury can be seen by the naked eye or detected on diagnostic imaging. A broken bone is one type of a demonstrable injury. A non-demonstrable injury is often invisible to others. For example, you typically see whiplash. Read More

Can you sue if someone hits your car?

When you sustain injuries in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. If you prove the other driver’s negligence, you could receive a fair settlement from their insurance company. However, in some cases, you have to file a lawsuit to obtain a recovery. To take care of all the court-related issues properly, work Read More

Can I Get a Settlement for a Car Accident Without a Lawyer?

Technically, you can get a settlement for a car accident without a lawyer. In fact the insurance company would prefer that you do! Because without a lawyer, there’s a good chance that your settlement will be far less than what you are lawfully entitled to as an injured plaintiff. Once you accept an insurance payout, Read More

Weird, Interesting, and Fun Laws in California

Weird laws: it seems as though every state has them on the books, even as lawmakers act to help keep the law up-to-date and relevant. With information available on the internet, it has become easier to take a look at potential weird laws and their impacts on you including the steps you need to take Read More

Attorney John Gomez and Gomez Trial Attorneys Enter Into Partnership With University of San Diego Athletics

Attorney John Gomez and Gomez Trial Attorneys have entered into a three year partnership with the University of San Diego athletic department to financially support Torero athletics as part of the “Torero Blue” club. Through this partnership, Gomez Trial Attorneys commits to act as a major financial partner to the University and its outstanding student Read More

Will an Insurance Company Offer a Settlement? What to Do Next?

After a serious accident, you may automatically assume that the insurance company will offer a settlement that will help provide you with much-needed compensation for the losses related to that accident. You have medical bills to pay, other expenses to deal with, and a loss of your usual income while you recover from the accident. Read More

What Is a Fair Settlement for a Car Accident?

If you suffered serious injuries in a car accident, you may find yourself wondering what a fair settlement looks like. How much compensation do you have the right to expect after a serious accident, and how do you know that you have received a fair settlement offer? Often, insurance companies will try to contact accident Read More

What Does Liability Mean in Insurance?

If you need to file a personal injury claim following a serious accident, you may find that your lawyer and the insurance companies use unfamiliar words to discuss your status and your rights. One common term you will see: liability. What exactly does liability mean, and how does it apply to your claim? If someone Read More

What Do Car Accident Lawyers Do?

You had a car accident, and you need to file a claim. You may find yourself wondering whether you should work with a lawyer especially if you suffered severe injuries. What exactly does a car accident lawyer do, anyway? Can having a car accident attorney on your side benefit your case enough to make it Read More

Is It Worth Suing an Uninsured Driver?

Following a car accident, suing the driver that caused the accident and seeking compensation through that driver’s insurance policy offers the best, and often easiest, way to get compensation for your injuries, the damage to your vehicle, and the suffering you have faced following a car accident. However, what happens when that driver does not Read More

How Do You Prove Premises Liability?

Property owners (commercial and residential) owe you a duty of care while you’re on their premises. Whether you’re an employee, customer, or visitor, property owners should consider your safety. This includes maintaining the property in safe conditions or warning you of any lurking dangers. Failing to do so equates to negligence, and negligent property owners Read More

The Claims Adjuster Will Not Call Back. Now What?

Dealing with a claims adjuster can become extremely frustrating. You need the claims adjuster to get in touch with you to let you know what has happened with your claim, what the next steps look like, and how much compensation you can expect for your injuries. If you had a car accident, you may need Read More

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