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Our Team Is The Best In The Business

As law students, we excelled at some of our nation’s top law schools and distinguished ourselves both academically and in trial practice. We worked for judges, learning invaluable lessons that help our clients in every case.

Some of us were prosecutors, serving our communities while honing our trial skills in the criminal courts. Some of us come from the best and biggest corporate law firms in the country.

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“I would recommend john gomez to companies know him and they do not want to go to trial against him because he is going to come out on top.”

Jerry Griffin

Accident Victim


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We Are the Best in Everything We Do
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We Keep Law Simple:

Whatever it takes for our clients to win

Lots of San Diego personal injury lawyers lack the manpower, facilities or money to battle Goliath. Not us. Our attorneys are the best in the business and we constantly train them to get better. We know and work with the very best experts in every field. Our 20,000 square foot legal center includes an on-site audio visual and graphics department, a jury and trial consultant, a full courtroom for mock trials and focus groups, a video conferencing center, a jury deliberation area where we can video and record “mock” deliberations, a 25 seat “boardroom” and a full kitchen and lounge area for clients and guests.

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San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys

San Diego's Top Trial and Accident Lawyers

We are San Diego’s top trial and serious personal injury law firm. We handle San Diego’s very biggest cases. If a case is in the news, we are almost always the lawyers involved. We handled the Kristen Rossum “American Beauty Murder” case, the Pizza Hut delivery driver case, and now, the runaway Lexus case that resulted in the tragic deaths of CHP Officer Mark Saylor and his family.

Our award-winning San Diego lawyers are the very best in the business. President and Founder John Gomez attended Yale Law School, the nation’s top-ranked law school. He then tried cases on behalf of the United States as a federal prosecutor. He now exclusively represents people, families and small businesses that have been involved in accidents or suffered harm.

Our San Diego attorneys include the 2006, 2008 and 2010 “Trial Lawyer of the Year” award recipients. That award is the very highest award a San Diego trial attorneys can receive. Given that we have received the award three of the last five years, you know you are hiring the best when you choose us.

Over the past ten years, our San Diego personal injury attorneys have collected over $350 million in verdicts and settlements with more than 60 awards of more than one million dollars each. We have the experience, resources and track record to take on the very biggest cases and get the very best results. We have obtained jury verdicts in excess of one million, ten million, and one hundred million dollars.

We understand what you are going through and are ready to help, especially when you are looking for lawyers near me. We will stand beside you and fight to get you the full justice you deserve. Insurance companies and defendants know we will take your case all the way to trial. They pay our clients more when cases do settle instead of going to trial.

We hold wrongdoers responsible for their conduct through the civil justice system. We make the world a safer place through litigation. We contribute time and money to our community to make it a better place for all of us.

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