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Kransky v. DePuy Trial – Day Fifteen February 19, 2013

by John Gomez | Last Updated: February 21, 2013

– The Kransky trial continued on Tuesday, February 19, 2013.  Plaintiff’s counsel Brian Panish continued with the direct examination of Fabrizio Billi, Ph.D..  Dr. Billi testified as to the wear and tear of the ASR’s he had examined.   Next, Mr. Zellers for the Defendants cross-examined Dr.  Billi.

– John Gomez from Gomez Iagmin Trial Attorneys then asked Plaintiff Loren “Bill” Kransky to take the stand.  To begin, Mr. Gomez asked how Mr. Kransky felt testifying today:


Q. Mr. Kransky, if you could lean forward so we can hear you real well, that would be helpful. How did it feel to walk up there and walk up those steps to take your seat here today?

A. Very good.

Q. Was there a long period of time where you couldn’t do that?

A. A very long period of time. About five years.

Q. And what about in terms of being able to walk into the door of the courthouse and sit down every day, was there a period of time when you had that ASR in that you couldn’t do that?


BY MR. GOMEZ: Q. Does it feel good to be able to do that again?

A. Yes. Absolutely.

Q. Thank you.

– Mr. Kransky testified about his background, his work experience, the pain he has experienced as a result of the ASR hip implanted in his body and how that has affected him.  Mr. Zellers for Defendants then cross-examined Mr. Kransky regarding his health conditions.

-Following Mr. Kransky’s testimony, counsel introduced excerpts of the video deposition of Paul Arnott.  Mr. Arnott is a complaint and vigilance manager for DePuy.

-Next, Plaintiff’s counsel called to the stand Peter Forumuzis, Ph.D..  Peter Formuzis is not a medical doctor, he has a Ph.D. in economics.  Dr. Formuzi has testified as an expert in various states and gives his opinions about economics and the financial condition of large corporations.  Dr. Formuzi testified on  behalf of the Plaintiff Loren Kransky and has testified almost exclusively for plaintiffs, one reason being defendants don’t typically bring in an expert to discuss their own financial condition.

Click on the article below to hear more about Loren “Bill” Kransky’s testimony and the trial:

J&J Hip Recipient Says He Feared Surgery Would Kill Him

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