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Public Defender David Lamb Arraigned on Federal Child Pornography Charges

by John Gomez | Last Updated: June 17, 2016
David Lamb Child pornography

As children’s rights lawyers, we have worked tirelessly over the years to help people keep their young ones as safe as possible.  We’ve done so by holding those responsible for harm accountable.  We’ve also tried to bring public awareness to potential dangers faced by children.  One unfortunate lesson that we have learned over this time is that possible threats to children can come from just about anywhere, even from places where you’d least expect.  This reality requires vigilance and diligence from everyone.  Sadly, it’s possible that a San Diego county public defender who used to work in the juvenile division was a threat to children.  While nothing has been proven at this point, David Lamb was arraigned recently in federal court on charges relating to child pornography.

About the Allegations

According to an article published in the San Diego Union-Tribune, a link to which can be found here, David Lamb was arrested on May 25 and appeared in Santa Ana the following day.  He posted a $50,000 bond and his case is being transferred to San Diego.  Suspicion arose against Mr. Lamb when investigators with the Department of Homeland Security in Toronto noticed a computer address in San Diego that had posted multiple files containing child pornography in a chat room.  Those agents alerted colleagues in San Diego.

Agents then traced that computer address to Mr. Lamb’s home computer.  In September, agents raided the home and seized the following items:

  • Computer
  • iPad
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Storage drives
  • Flash cards
  • Several discs

Agents allegedly found videos containing child pornography and 847 photos.  They also allegedly found a file-sharing program that allows for the transfer of videos and images after passwords are provided.  Mr. Lamb allegedly used the password “sdattorney.”  Mr. Lamb is widely known as the attorney who represented the man who was convicted of kidnapping Elizabeth Smart, Brian Mitchell.  As a public defender, he was assigned the case in 2003.  An additional article on this topic from the United Kingdom can be found here.

Why This Matters

Once again, it should be noted that at this point nothing has been proven against David Lamb and he remains innocent unless or until proven guilty.  This situation matters because it reinforces the point that one should never assume that because someone holds a certain type of job or a certain level of education that he or she is not a potential threat to children.  Parents, caregivers and anyone else who sees or hears things that could be construed as suspicious should trust those instincts and take action in order to make sure that any children in contact with any such person are safe.

How Children’s Rights Lawyers Can Help

Situations like these also reinforce the need for children’s rights lawyers.  Even though the wheels of the federal criminal justice system are now turning, they tend to turn slowly.  Families of children may have other options available to them in order to pursue and obtain justice.  Anyone whose child may have been harmed wrongfully in a sexual manner needs to do whatever it takes to pursue every avenue that the law allows.  If this may have happened to someone you love, contact the child sexual abuse lawyers at Gomez Trial Attorneys today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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