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Amy Collins

Senior Paralegal

Amy first met John Gomez in 1998 when she served as a juror in a federal drug trial.   John was the prosecutor.   The jury, including Amy, returned a guilty verdict in less than 15 minutes.   That same night, Amy saw John at a graduation party for a family member and learned they were related through marriage.    Amy soon took a job as a paralegal at the United States Attorneys Office where John worked.

Fast forward to 2005 and John called Amy to invite her to be his first employee at his new law firm.   It was John, Amy, 5 case files, a card table and a boom box.    The phone never rang and John and Amy would walk to Kinkos or the hardware store to fill their days.

That all changed just a few months later when Amy and John obtained a $106 million wrongful death jury verdict arising out of San Diego’s infamous “American Beauty Murder.   That case received enormous media attention and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing ever since.

Amy continues to work today as John’s lead trial paralegal.   She has been a key member of dozens of successful trial teams since that time.   She also works closely with attorneys Jessica Sizemore and Kayla Lynk.

A former semi-professional soccer player, Amy stays in shape today, lifting, running and continuing to play competitive soccer.  She won a Gold Medal at the World Masters held in New Zealand in 2017 for soccer.  Amy is also an accomplished vegan chef and prepares vegan meals for others as part of her own food preparation business.  Among her healthy and satisfied clients is John Gomez himself.

Her son Josh is a graduate of Cal Poly Polytechnic University and is a Senior Manager of Gaming & Esports at Red Bull.  Her daughter Cassie played soccer for the University of Michigan.  Cassie went on to obtain her Master’s Degree in Social Work at the University of Michigan and currently works in San Francisco as a Clinician.  GO BLUE!


Amy Collins

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