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Mission Statement



Gomez Trial Attorneys mission is to provide the very highest level of legal representation to those who have suffered loss.

In so doing

  • We represent ordinary people. We represent families. We represent individuals. We represent parents and children. We represent our neighbors.
  • We are trial lawyers. We recognize that juries alone guarantee and protect justice. We never hesitate to ask juries for justice for our clients and never cower at the prospect of doing so.
  • We devote ourselves entirely to legal excellence in everything we do. We devote ourselves entirely to every client we have.
  • We improve the communities we live in and the lives of our neighbors both as attorneys and human beings. When we become aware of injustice or suffering in our communities, we act.
  • We are leaders in our civic, philanthropic and political communities.
  • We commit ourselves to pro bono legal representation. We respect the dignity, talents and contributions of every member of our legal team.
  • We make our workplace dynamic, exciting, positive and rewarding.


  • We protect, preserve and exercise the right to trial by jury; The core of our practice is trial work. We have had considerable experience and success in trying cases before juries. We use that experience and success to obtain the very best results for our clients. We do not hesitate to take cases to trial and do so whenever necessary. We protect and preserve the right to trial by jury by committing our resources and energies to resisting any effort by industry or government to take justice out of juries’ hands.
  • We devote ourselves entirely to legal excellence in everything we do;We are the very best lawyers we know in everything we do. Our attorneys and staff perform at the very highest levels of excellence in the profession. We apply that talent, training and experience to everything we do. Whether legal writing, legal arguments, negotiations, or trial, we provide a legal product that is of an uncompromising excellence.
  • We devote ourselves entirely to every client we have;We limit our caseload to a number that will allow us to provide that level of legal excellence to every single one of our clients. We know our clients well. We make ourselves completely available to them and ensure that we never forget who or what we work for. We get the very best result for every single one of our cases. Our clients are part of our team and family and continue to be so after their case is over.
  • We improve the community we live in and the lives of our neighbors;We are active in our communities as lawyers, leaders and human beings. Every member of our team contributes in some way outside of the office to improving the lives of our neighbors. Once a month, every member of our team, and every current or past client that wishes to, comes together to make our community a better place to live. We are active politically and for causes we believe in. We are leaders in the trial bar and have a firm commitment to pro bono representation and partnerships.
  • We provide a dynamic, exciting and rewarding work environment.We make work fun and rewarding in every way. We work on our cases as a team and implement policies and procedures to ensure that everyone participates and contributes equally. We talk among ourselves and solicit the opinions of everyone. We reward contributions and vest every member of our team with a stake in our success.