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San Diego Bicycle Accident Attorney

As fellow residents of San Diego County with some of the most beautiful weather in the state, The Gomez Law Firm understand your desire to hit the road, paths, and many other scenic routes on your bicycle. We know that riding your bicycle is an enjoyable activity and an excellent source of exercise. The gorgeous San Diego climate and extensive trail system makes cycling extremely attractive for residents and visitors alike. Many individuals enjoy cycling, especially when the weather is nice a ride is a welcome opportunity to get outside. Similarly, many San Diego residents use bicycles as their primary source of transportation.

However, it is not always blue skies and clear roads ahead. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents can cause substantial injuries, often involving significant costs.

Enter The Gomez Law Firm. If you suffer injuries in a bicycle accident you will undoubtedly be exposed to the high costs of medical care. In addition, your injuries may limit your ability to engage in certain activities. You may lose income from missed time at work. If you suffer injuries due to the negligence of another, you deserve compensation for your injuries. Our knowledgeable team of bicycle accident personal injury attorneys have years of experience helping those suffering from catastrophic injuries sustained in bicycle accidents.

Contact the personal injury lawyers at The Gomez Law Firm as soon after your accident as possible.

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Number1Award2019At this point, the worst has happened. You have been in a crash or collision and are severely injured. But you can rest easy because The Gomez Law Firm’ focus is on you, your accident, and getting you the maximum possible recovery to compensate you for your suffering. Meanwhile, your focus is solely on you and your recovery. We feel it should stay that way.

Why Hire The Gomez Law Firm for Your San Diego Bicycle Accident Claim?

Over the past ten years, The Gomez Law Firm has recovered more than $500 million in damages for our clients. Our clients have suffered injuries in a variety of accidents, including auto accidents and bicycle accidents. Some recent awards include:

  • $5 million awarded to a victim in a bicycle accident
  • $1,650,000 to a victim with a neck injury
  • $1,650,000 to a victim with a leg injury
  • $1,700,000 to the victim of an auto accident with an ankle injury
  • $1,700,000 to the victim of a pedestrian accident with a back injury

At The Gomez Law Firm, we fight hard for all of our clients, including victims of bicycle accidents. You do not have to have an attorney to file a bicycle accident claim. However, our resources can offer important advantages, should you decide to pursue a claim. Our attorneys can help you:

  • Assess the circumstances that led to your accident. When we accept new clients, we start with a consultation to help us understand exactly what happened during the accident. First, we work to identify all responsible parties. Often there are multiple parties whose actions led or contributed to a bicycle accident. Identifying all parties who should be held accountable is important and can help you receive more compensation for your injuries.
  • Put together a personal injury claim package that includes all of your expenses. Many bicycle accident victims face substantial injuries and a wide range of expenses following the accident. We will work with you to help assess all of your expenses and include them in your claim. Expenses may include initial hospital costs as well as ongoing treatment. You may also be entitled to compensation for any lost time at work or necessary household modifications for permanent injuries.
  • Negotiate on your behalf. In a perfect world, insurance companies would automatically offer the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries. Unfortunately, many insurance companies attempt to limit their financial liability by providing inadequate compensation to victims of serious accidents. After suffering injuries in a bicycle accident, having an attorney on your side will often significantly increase any settlement offers. After an insurance company makes an offer, an attorney can engage in negotiations to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.
  • Take your case to trial, if needed. In some cases, the insurance company that covers the responsible driver may not want to offer the compensation you deserve. If you have to go to trial to seek compensation, we will go with you. We will fight hard to ensure your rights are protected. We will seek compensation for every impact your injuries have had on your life.

We Know The Law

The California Vehicle Code provides clear guidelines for bicyclists’ conduct when taking to the roads. Bicyclists, along with motorists, are expected to strictly adhere to these laws. Familiarize yourself with the applicable provisions BEFORE heading out. The California Bicycle Coalition is a reader-friendly option for perusing California bicycle laws and other pertinent information to make your outdoor adventure a safe one. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a great resource for understanding your responsibilities as a cyclist on the road. Watch their informative ‘Rules of the Road’ video here.

Calculating the Cost: Common Bicycle Accident Claims

On a bicycle, you have no protection from the vehicle that strikes you in an accident. When accidents occur at high rates of speed, you may fly off of your bicycle. Your body may strike pavement, a light pole, a street sign, or a building with little or no protection. As a result, bicycle accidents often cause serious injuries that can lead to high medical expenses. By working with an attorney, you can better calculate the cost of your medical expenses following an accident.

Medical Expenses

Following a bicycle accident, many victims find that their medical expenses grow higher than they anticipated. You can include all of your medical expenses in your personal injury claim. Even if you are not fully recovered, you can work with your attorney to estimate your overall and future medical costs. Predictions will be based on the extent of your injuries and your projected recovery. The final amount of your medical bills will likely depend on the extent of your injuries. Some common injuries from bicycle accidents include:

Traumatic brain injury. Wearing a helmet can significantly decrease the potential for traumatic brain injury (TBI) if you are involved in a bicycle accident. However, even the best helmet cannot eliminate the risk. Over their lifetimes, victims of traumatic brain injuries can expect to pay a significant amount of money on medical expenses. The costs of medical care will vary.

Some symptoms of TBI include:

  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Headaches
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Sensory changes
  • Mood disturbances or mood swings
  • Personality changes
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Memory problems

In some cases, victims of severe traumatic brain injury may need round the clock care.

Spinal cord damage. The cost of spinal cord damage varies significantly depending on the extent of the injury. In just the first year following a spinal cord injury, victims could face:

  • An average of $347,000 in medical expenses for incomplete spinal cord injuries that cause decreased mobility
  • An average of $518,000 for paraplegia
  • An average of $769,000 for tetraplegia

For victims of spinal cord injury, the need for medical care will also continue throughout the rest of their lives. Incomplete spinal cord injuries do not completely sever the spinal cord, and victims maintain some mobility despite the damage.

Victims with incomplete spinal cord injuries may heal, recovering increased mobility overtime. However, victims with complete spinal cord damage may not ever regain mobility below the site of the injury. Spinal cord damage may cause a loss of bladder and bowel control and limited sexual functioning.

In addition to the cost of hospitalization, surgeries, and therapy, victims with spinal cord damage may face other costs related to their injuries. The following costs may all be included in your bicycle accident personal injury claim.

  • The cost of modifying a home. Home modifications may include wheelchair ramps, widened doorways, or special showers that improve freedom of movement for the accident victim.
  • The cost of specialized vehicles making it possible for victims with paraplegia or decreased mobility to continue to drive themselves.
  • The cost of a wheelchair. Average wheelchair costs vary dramatically based on the victim’s needs. However, a standard, non-motorized wheelchair intended for everyday use can cost between $1,000 and $2,000. On the other hand, a motorized chair can cost as much as $30,000.

Amputation. Having to amputate a foot or leg can be devastating.  In addition, it can cost anywhere between $30,000 and $60,000 for the initial hospital stay. Many people choose to use a prosthesis to improve mobility or independence after the accident. As a bicycle rider, you may want a specialized, heavy-duty prosthesis. A specialized prosthetic will allow you to enjoy your favorite form of exercise as soon as possible after the accident. During a lifetime, the cost of prosthetic devices can mount substantially. A basic prosthesis often costs around $5,000, while a more expensive model may cost as much as $50,000.

Amputation victims often need to replace these prosthetic devices within the first year after amputation. Generally, prosthetic devices must be replaced every three to five years. They may need more frequent replacement after heavy use, especially use by athletes.

Broken bones. Following a bicycle accident, you may have multiple broken bones. If you do not require surgical intervention to fix those bones, your medical treatment may cost a few thousand dollars.  However, surgical treatment for a broken bone may cost as much as $35,000. Multiple broken bones may substantially increase the amount you must pay to treat your injuries.

Road rash. Many bikers take pride in minor road rash from the slips and spills they have over the years. Road rash on the face or neck, however, can cause significant disfigurement that makes many people highly uncomfortable. Road rash around the joints, on the other hand, can significantly decrease mobility, making it hard to perform common activities. Many accident victims choose scar revision to help decrease the appearance of scars and restore normal appearance after road rash. The cost to minimize those scars will vary based on the extent of the injury.

Unexpected Medical Costs

In addition to the common medical costs experienced after an accident, many accident victims must also consider other factors. Talk with an attorney to determine more about how unexpected medical costs could contribute to your personal injury claim. Unexpected medical costs may include:

  • Durable medical equipment, including shower chairs, scooters, crutches, and hospital beds
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Psychological therapy to help cope with trauma from the accident or ongoing issues during recovery

Lost Time at Work

When you suffer serious injuries in a bicycle accident, it may prevent you from going back to work. If you work in a labor-intensive job, for example, you may struggle with injuries that impact mobility or strength. If you work in a highly creative profession, traumatic brain injury can prevent you from performing your normal job responsibilities.  If you lose wages as a result of a bicycle accident, you are entitled to compensation for those losses.

In addition to lost wages, you may also be entitled to compensation for lost earning potential in the future. You may claim lost earning potential if your injuries prevent you from returning to your former profession after an accident. Lost earning potential claims can help you return to school or acquire better certifications. You may then be able to pursue employment in another field.

Pain and Suffering

In addition to monetary costs, you may face other losses due to your bicycle accident including, physical pain, mental suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. These damages are often called “pain and suffering.”  Being injured in a bicycle accident may prevent you from doing activities that brought you pleasure, including social activities with friends and family members. Depending on the facts of your case, you may be able to recover pain and suffering in your claim.

Determining Liability After a Bicycle Accident

To claim your injuries after a bicycle accident, you must determine what factors contributed to your accident. Often injured parties choose to file a personal injury claim against the driver who caused your accident. However, there may be more than one party who is responsible for your accident.  For example:

  • A drunk driver could share liability with the bar or restaurant that chose to over-serve that driver.
  • A mechanical failure could implicate the vehicle manufacturer or the mechanic who most recently worked on the vehicle.
  • If the driver is an employee and was working at the time of the accident, the employer could share liability.

To determine liability after a bicycle accident, you may need to work with an experienced attorney who can look at your case, review the circumstances that led to your accident, and hire expert witnesses to support your case.

The Main Types of Bicycle Accident Claims

  • Bicycle vs. Road Defect (Design or Maintenance Problem)
  • Bicycle vs. Auto
  • Cycling Product malfunction (Design or Manufacturing Problem)


A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission revealed that bicyclists accounted for 2 percent of all traffic deaths and 2 percent of all crash-related injuries in one recent year. Results revealed that cyclist deaths occurred primarily between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., with the occurrence increasing to 71 percent in urban areas. Another study reported the number of cyclist deaths increased to 18 percent in one recent year. This is consistent with the Governors Highway Safety Association’s reports of increasing cyclist fatality incidents.


Be Prepared

While you cannot control other cyclists and motorists on the road, you can control how well you personally prepare for your ride and take steps to decrease the risk of a crash. Simple measures such as ensuring that your bike is the right size for you, your bike is functioning properly, and wearing reflective, protective gear. The NHTSA offers a helpful tutorial on how to fit your helmet. Finally, never stop learning. Visit local classes to brush up on how to navigate traffic and communicate with others on the road.

Arm Yourself With Information: Resources For Cyclists



If you need an attorney after a bicycle accident claim, do not delay. Contact The Gomez Law Firm at (619) 237-3490 as soon as possible after your accident. We can help you seek the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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