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Frontier Natural Products Recalled Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination

March 11, 2010 –Frontier Natural Products Co-op is voluntarily recalling several of its products manufactured with non-organic black pepper that were sold under the Frontier brand and under the Whole Foods Market brands listed below that contain black pepper supplied by Mincing Overseas Spice Company. The black pepper has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

Recalled products were sold in all 50 states and in some parts of Canada to distributors, retailers and consumers. Below is the list of products containing the black pepper:

  • Frontier Cajun Blackened Fish/Meat seasoning, 16.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-00351-5) (Lot Code: 0011)
  • Frontier Curry powder, 16.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-00139-9) (Lot Code: 0007, 0029, 9350,9351)
  • Frontier Curry powder, 2.19 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-18338-5) (Lot Code: 9352, 0042)
  • Frontier Curry powder, 400.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-80139-5) (Lot Code: 0029, 9351)
  • Frontier Garlic N Herb blend, 1.94 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-18908-0) (Lot Code:  0005, 9351)
  • Frontier Garlic N Herb blend, 16.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-00295-2) (Lot Code: 0035, 9324, 9334, 9344, 9363)
  • Frontier Garlic N Herb blend, 400.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-80295-8) (Lot Code: 0033, 9335)
  • Frontier Greek Seasoning blend, 16.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-00353-9) (Lot Code: 0032, 9310)
  • Frontier Herbs of Italy, 0.80 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-18446-7) (Lot Code: 9355)
  • Frontier Muchi Curry powder, 16.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-00138-2) (Lot Code: 0004, 9350)
  • Frontier Oriental Seasoning blend, 16.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-00360-7) (Lot Code: 9356, 9363, 0061)
  • Frontier Pepper Black Coarse Grind, 16.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-00181-8) (Lot Code: 9327, 9357)
  • Frontier Pepper Black Coarse Grind, 1.76 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-18381-1) (Lot Code: 9339)
  • Frontier Pepper Black Coarse Grind, 400.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-80181-4) (Lot Code: 0019, 0032)
  • Frontier Pepper Black Cracked, 16.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-00282-2) (Lot Code: 9321, 9349)
  • Frontier Pepper Black Cracked, 400.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-80282-8) (Lot Code: 0021, 0004)
  • Frontier Pepper Black Fine Ground, 16.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-00298-3) (Lot Code: 0008)
  • Frontier Pepper Fine Grind, 1.76 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-18382-8) (Lot Code: 0020)
  • Frontier Peppercorns Black Whole L/M, 16.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-00183-2) (Lot Code: 9299, 9306, 9357)
  • Frontier Salad Sprinkle, 1.23 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-18901-1) (Lot Code: 0005)
  • Frontier Salad Sprinkle blend, 16.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-00367-6) (Lot Code: 0022)
  • Frontier Spaghetti Seasoning, 16.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-00384-3) (Lot Code: 9341)
  • Frontier Thai Seasoning blend, 16.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-00387-4) (Lot Code: 0015)
  • Frontier Veggie Pepper blend, 16.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-00366-9) (Lot Code: 0034, 9352)
  • Frontier Mediterranean Seafood seasoning, 16.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-02834-1) (Lot Code: 9351)
  • Frontier Toronto Steak & Chicken Rub, 16.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-89836-02835-8) (Lot Code: 0028, 9342)
  • Whole Foods 365 Asian Seafood Seasoning, 5.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-99482-40683-7) (Lot Code: 0029)
  • Whole Foods 365 Mediterranean Rotisserie, 5.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-99482-40684-4) (Lot Code: 0026, 0029)
  • Whole Foods 365 Mediterranean Seafood seasoning, 5.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-99482-40687-5) (Lot Code: 0029, 9316, 9321)
  • Whole Foods 365 Southwestern Grille Seasoning, 6.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-99482-40682-0) (Lot Code: 0019, 0028, 0026)
  • Whole Foods 365 Toronto Steak & Chicken Rub, 5.00 oz. (UPC Code: 0-99482-40686-8) (Lot Code: 0025, 0026, 0028, 9310, 9321, 9362, 9363)
  • Whole Pantry Muchi Curry, 1.41 oz. (UPC Code: 0-99482-41956-1) (Lot Code: 0014, 9355, 9364)
  • Whole Foods 365 Canadian French/English Asian Seafood Seasoning, 4.62 oz. (UPC Code: 0-99482-72683-6) (Lot Code: 0029)
  • Whole Foods 365 Canadian French/English Mediterranean Rotisserie, 4.73 oz. (UPC Code: 0-99482-72684-3) (Lot Code: 0021, 0029, 9362)
  • Whole Foods 365 Canadian French/English Mediterranean Seafood, 4.23 oz. (UPC Code: 0-99482-72687-4) (Lot Code: 0029)
  • Whole Foods 365 Canadian French/English Toronto Steak & Chicken, 4.76 oz. (UPC Code: 0-99482-72686-7) (Lot Code: 0028, 9338, 9356)

On foil bulk packages, the lot codes will be found on the front label directly above the UPC code. On bottled glass and plastic items, the lot codes can be found on the bottom of the bottle.

This product contains as an ingredient the specific hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP), recalled by Basic Food Flavors Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada because it may be contaminated with Salmonella.

Salmonella is an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Healthy persons infected with Salmonella often experience fever, diarrhea (which may be bloody), nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. In rare circumstances, infection with Salmonella can result in the organism getting into the bloodstream and producing more severe illnesses such as arterial infections (i.e., infected aneurysms), endocarditis and arthritis.

To date, no illnesses have been associated with these products.

Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, contact the Defective Product lawyers of the Gomez Law Firm today.

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