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Two Fatal San Diego Accidents Occur During Most Recent Storm

by John Gomez | Last Updated: February 23, 2017
Fatal San Diego Accidents

It’s been quite some time since motorists in San Diego have had to navigate their vehicles through difficult weather conditions on a regular basis.  We have all gotten involuntary retraining in recent months.  The winter rains have returned.  People need to drive differently in inclement weather.  Unfortunately, mistakes tend to be magnified when they occur during storms.  Tragically, mistakes apparently caused two fatal San Diego accidents last Friday night during the most recent winter storm.  Our team has focused on driving in poor weather several times, including providing a statistical look at what occurs in these conditions.  We have also discussed common causes for weather-related accidents and how to avoid them.  We hope that people drive with extreme caution during future storms so that the need for a San Diego car accident lawyer does not arise for people in the area.

Fatal San Diego Accidents – The Chain-Reaction Crash

The first of two fatal San Diego accidents took place at approximately 5 p.m.  It occurred on southbound Interstate 15 near the Mira Mesa Boulevard exit.  According to this report, a driver may have been driving too fast for the conditions.  The motorist lost control of the vehicle and set off a chain-reaction crash that ultimately involved four vehicles.  Another report stated that the driver may have been hydroplaning immediately before the crash.  A passenger riding in a Geo Prism was killed in the accident.  Everyone else in those four vehicles was injured.  Those injuries ranged from minor to moderate.  None of the names of those involved were released by police.

Fatal San Diego Accidents – The Disabled Vehicle Crash

Less than an hour later, at approximately 5:40 p.m., another fatal accident took place.  This one occurred on the northbound Interstate 15 just south of University Avenue in City Heights.  A woman was allegedly speeding in her Volkswagen when she lost control of her vehicle.  She crashed into a utility truck that had stopped along the side of the road.  A passenger who was riding in the Volkswagen was killed.  The driver was injured and taken to a nearby hospital.  Police did not release the names of those involved in this crash either.  The authorities stated that speed was likely a primary factor in this fatal accident.

San Diego Car Accident Statistics

First and foremost, we’d like to offer our condolences to the families and friends of the people who were killed in these San Diego car accidents.  We also hope that the people who were injured in these crashes are able to make fast and full recoveries.  Unfortunately, these collisions will now become part of the overall statistics regarding San Diego crashes.  According to data provided by UC-Berkeley, the following statistics describe this problem during the calendar year of 2015, the last year from which complete data are available:

  • Total San Diego car accidents:  13,517
  • Number of fatal San Diego accidents:  232
  • Crashes leading to at least one severe injury:  774
  • Crashes leading to at least one visible injury:  4,268

San Diego Car Accident Statistics In the Rain

In addition, 384 San Diego car accidents occurred in 2015 while it was raining.  It should be noted that the number of crashes was lowered by the fact that the area was under a severe drought during that year.  As such, it simply was not raining very often.  Regardless of the weather patterns, three crashes during the rain took at least one life during that year.  In addition, 20 crashes led to at least one severe injury and 105 crashes resulted in at least one visible injury.

The primary causes of the crashes that occurred while raining in San Diego that year included:

  • Unsafe speed – 49 percent
  • Improper turning – 18 percent
  • Automobile right of way – 7.6 percent
  • Traffic signals and signs – 7 percent
  • Driving or bicycling under the influence of alcohol – 4.9 percent

Given that nearly half of the San Diego car accidents that occurred while raining in 2015 were caused by unsafe speeds, it’s likely that many of them also involved hydroplaning, as was the case with one of the fatal crashes above.  Hydroplaning is clearly dangerous, and we’ve recently provided some ideas to consider in order to minimize the risks involved with this situation.  Click here for that information.

San Diego Car Accidents – Passenger Rights

Passengers in vehicles that are involved in San Diego car accidents have rights.  If a passenger is injured in a crash, that person may be able to pursue a legal recovery against the driver or drivers responsible for the collision.  Basically, drivers of vehicles take on what is known as a legal duty of care when they get behind the wheel.  This duty requires motorists to act in a reasonable manner.  When a driver acts negligently or recklessly, that driver breaches the legal duty of care.  If the breach of that duty causes the accident that results in injuries and/or other losses, the passenger needs to pursue his or her legal recovery options.  Many times, this involves filing a claim against the responsible driver’s insurance company.

How a San Diego Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Unfortunately, dealing with an insurance company can be difficult when it comes time to recover losses.  Insurance companies are skilled at avoiding financial liability and will employ highly skilled defense attorneys if such a step is necessary.  For people who are already injured and who do not possess a legal background, this scenario can soon lead to that injured person reluctantly accepting an unjust result.

This should not happen.  If you or someone you love has been injured or you’ve lost someone you love in a crash caused by someone else, you need to make sure that you are giving yourself the best opportunity to protect and assert your legal rights.  You can do so by seeking the help of a San Diego car accident attorney who understands how to achieve proper results for injured clients.  Contact Gomez Trial Attorneys as soon as possible for a free case evaluation if you face this difficult situation.

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