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Corona Brain Injury Lawyer

Whenever you suffer an injury, whether you twist your ankle walking around town or you get into a serious car accident, the results can range from minor pain and frustration to life-altering situations. Suffering a brain injury can be devastating. All brain injuries can cause life-altering conditions. The worst brain injuries can even cause death.

What’s most frustrating about suffering a brain injury, often called a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is when someone else’s negligence caused your injury. In other words, it may have been entirely preventable. You could have avoided all of your pain and suffering.

If you or a loved one has suffered a TBI because of someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or carelessness, the law may entitle you to compensation. To find out, speak with an experienced Corona brain injury lawyer at Gomez Trial Attorneys today. Your lawyer can help guide you through the complex legal process, giving you every opportunity to make a full physical recovery.


Not all law firms are created equal. Filing a Corona TBI claim takes deep knowledge and understanding of the serious medical issues involved in your case. Not every law firm has the resources to take on such complex cases. We do and our results speak for themselves.

Gomez Trial Attorneys has recovered tens of millions of dollars for our clients, victims of brain injuries, just like you. Our goal is to help you collect maximum compensation so you do not have to worry about how you pay your bills. But you need to have a lawyer at your side whom you trust to get the job done. You need a lawyer with proven experience holding big insurance companies’ feet to the fire.

You also want a lawyer with trial experience. Our goal is to settle every client’s case for a fair and reasonable amount so they do not have to pay a dime for their recovery. But sometimes, insurance companies refuse to be reasonable and we need to take a case to trial. You do not want the insurance company excited for trial because your lawyer has no brain injury trial experience.

Partnering with an experienced and trusted TBI lawyer in Corona can give you the leg up you need and deserve. Let us take the legal stress and financial worry off your shoulders by aggressively protecting your rights. We can file your Corona brain injury claim and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to try to get you the maximum settlement so you no longer have to worry about your bills.

If you or a loved one have suffered a brain injury, speak with a trusted Corona brain injury lawyer today. We look forward to helping you chart a path forward for your physical and financial recovery.


Nearly three million people visit the hospital each year to receive treatment for a TBI. These injuries are most often caused by a direct blow to the head, although they can also occur when the victim’s body receives a bump, blow, or jolt.

Most often, TBIs are caused by:

Falls are the most common cause of brain injuries. They often occur in the elderly, who are at an increased risk of falling.

Violence, including gunshot wounds, is also a common cause of TBIs. An important note about crimes: victims often mistakenly believe that the criminal charge against the offender will provide them the compensation they need to cover their medical expenses. Unfortunately, that is not accurate. A criminal charge brought by a prosecutor may hold the offender accountable for their actions by sentencing them to jail time or probation, but it will do little or nothing to provide you compensation.

Your best chance of collecting the compensation you need to get better is by working with a seasoned Corona brain injury lawyer. No matter what accident or criminal act caused your TBI, you should not have to pay out of your own pocket for your medical expenses if someone else is at fault for your injury.


Any brain injury is a serious medical issue that requires immediate attention. Medical professionals classify some brain injuries as minor, but do not let that fool you. There is nothing minor about a TBI.


concussion is the most well-known type of TBI. While concussions are well-publicized as it relates to high contact sports, like football, much less impactful events can also cause concussions. A concussion occurs when the brain bounces around inside the skull and suffers an injury. Concussions are often caused by sports injuries and car accidents, but they may also occur without a direct impact to the head. When you suffer whiplash, for example, that can also cause a concussion.

While it is important to get a medical examination after you think you may have suffered a concussion, your body will usually heal with proper rest. Following doctor’s orders is paramount to your recovery and one of the best things you can do is rest. In fact, if you do not rest and you do not give your brain the time it needs to heal, you risk further injury that could be more serious.


A diffuse axonal injury happens when the brain lags behind the movement of the rest of your skull. This can cause tears in your brain tissue. Victims of a diffuse axonal injury usually lose consciousness and this can cause death. Generally, this injury happens in serious car accidents or extremely high impact events.

Recovery from a diffuse axonal injury usually takes many years. Victims may never fully recover because of the seriousness of the injury.


A coup-contrecoup injury happens when the brain bounces back and forth inside the skull. The brain impacts the inside of the skull in the accident’s direction with such force that it bounces off and impacts the opposite side of the skull. This causes two separate injuries on opposite sides of the brain. Because of the severity of this injury, there is often enough swelling that surgery is required to relieve the pressure inside the victim’s skull.


How Many Concussions Before You Suffer Brain Damage Gomez Trial AttorneysThe steps you take after your brain injury can make a difference in your ability to recover compensation for your injuries. We understand that no amount of money will undo the accident that has caused you such pain and suffering. Although we cannot guarantee any amount of recovery, it is important to realize that the potential of recovering this money will relieve any worry about your finances and allow you to focus all of your effort and energy on your physical well being. You may have a long road to recovery ahead and you deserve every opportunity to get better.

Right after your injury, you should:

  1. Call 911. This may seem obvious but it can be hard, as many people want to get out of the accident situation as soon as possible. Especially if your injury was caused by a fall, you may feel embarrassed. But you need to make sure you are not injured. You do that by calling for help. When you call 911, emergency medical personnel will evaluate you and make sure you do not have serious injuries. If you do, they may take you to the hospital for further evaluation. They will document their notes, along with the police report, which can help to show you are not at fault for your injuries.
  2. Take pictures. If your injuries are too severe for you to take pictures, ask a trusted friend or family member for help. You want to get pictures of the accident scene, any vehicles or other people involved, and your injuries. Documenting the moments after your injury can paint a picture of what occurred and how you suffered a TBI.
  3. Speak with witnesses. This might also be something you need to ask for help with if you can’t do it because of your injuries. The police will speak with witnesses to compile their report. But some witnesses will not wait around for the police to arrive at the accident scene, so you at least want to get witness contact information, if possible. Your chosen legal advisor can then speak with them later. It’s important to discuss what happened with a witness as soon as possible because they will forget over time. Witnesses can also provide a unique perspective on the seconds leading up to your accident. This information can be vital to proving that someone else’s negligence caused your brain injury.
  4. Follow your doctor’s advice. If your TBI requires hospitalization, you may have little choice but to do as ordered. But if you suffer a concussion, for example, you may be sent home to recover. Do not push yourself. Do not go back to work until your doctor says you are better. You will feel better long before your brain has actually fully healed. It is crucial to your health and well being that you continue to rest and not take part in any strenuous activity. Ignoring your doctor could result in a second concussion that leads to lifelong injuries.
  5. Contact Gomez Trial Attorneys. When you suffer a TBI, you face physical pain. Your recovery could take months or years. Because of that, you may also face financial hardships. But that should not be your burden to bear. Someone else’s negligence caused your injuries. Let us help you hold that person accountable for their actions and help you get every dollar you deserve so you do not have to pay a dime out of your own pocket for your medical expenses or financial losses.


Diagnosing a TBI requires a medical professional. But there are signs and symptoms that you should look out for, in yourself or someone else, if you have recently been involved in an accident where you could have suffered a brain injury.

These symptoms include:

  • Headaches;
  • Dizziness;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Amnesia;
  • Disorientation;
  • Poor concentration;
  • Sudden change in personality;
  • Sudden change in appetite;
  • Agitation; and
  • Depression.

Any of these symptoms could be evidence of a more serious condition. If you have recently been involved in an accident and you suffer from any of these symptoms, see a medical professional immediately. To give yourself the best chance of getting better, you need a quick and accurate diagnosis so your doctor can treat your TBI.


No amount of money will make you forget what you have been through or undo the life changes you face. What money will allow is for you to not stress over your finances. Your medical recovery will be costly. Worrying about how you will pay those bills can cause you to lose focus on your physical well being. Developing a strategy for collecting maximum compensation for your injuries is the job of your Corona TBI lawyer.

Your lawyer may try to get you compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional distress;
  • Lost wages;
  • Lost earning potential;
  • Loss of companionship;
  • Loss of life enjoyment;
  • Present and future medical bills; and
  • Rehabilitation costs.

Keep in mind that the majority of your expenses may come in the future. You can see the bills you currently have sitting on your kitchen table. But your future expenses may far outweigh the bills you currently face.

You also need to keep in mind that the impact on your life is much more than just medical expenses. You also likely face financial loss. Depending on the type of TBI you have suffered, you may spend months out of work. In the worst cases, you may never return to work. Not only does this make it hard to pay your medical bills, but it also means you can no longer support yourself or your family.

Worrying about your finances, however, should not be your burden. That should be the sole responsibility of the at-fault party in your accident. By working with a knowledgeable Corona brain injury attorney, you can build the strongest case possible to prove that the other person is at fault for your accident and owes you compensation.


Corona Brain Injury AttorneysOur clients come to us with questions all the time. And we don’t mind—that’s exactly why we are here. Our job is to help you understand what comes next in the legal process and help you collect the compensation you need to recover from your accident.

When you suffer from a brain injury, your life may be forever changed. Unfortunately, that can mean a massive amount of medical bills. In fact, the lifetime economic cost of a severe TBI can quickly reach into the millions of dollars. This is an astronomical financial burden that you had no part in causing, so you should bear none of the responsibility.

By partnering with an experienced Corona brain injury lawyer, you can help set yourself on the right path to recovery. Your goal should be to make sure your health is properly cared for. Our goal is to do everything in our power to make sure you do not pay a dime for any of that medical assistance.


Yes, nearly two million people per year suffer a TBI. About 90 percent of those victims do not require extensive hospitalization. Some may even avoid spending a night in the hospital. The other 10 percent are not so lucky and require hospitalization.

Even if your TBI is mild enough that you do not need to stay in the hospital overnight, your medical expenses could still reach exorbitant amounts. The longer you stay in the hospital because of the seriousness of your TBI, the higher those medical bills get. But you should not have to worry about the costs of your medical care. You want to get the best medical care possible so you can give yourself the best chance of recovery. You can do that by working with a seasoned Corona brain injury lawyer to help you hold the at-fault party accountable for your injuries.


Maybe. But only a doctor can make that call. That’s why, even if you think you have a minor TBI or you may not even have a TBI, you need to seek medical help immediately.

Understanding the severity of your injuries is key to making sure you get better. If you have a mild TBI, that’s great news. But do not think that you should have not seen a doctor. Your TBI could have very easily been more serious.

Even with minor TBIs, you need to follow your doctor’s orders for recovery. You may not need any procedures or surgeries, but that does not mean you can head back out to your regular life tomorrow. Your doctor will tell you to rest—heed that advice. If you get back to your regular life too soon, even if you feel better, your brain may not have fully healed. This could lead you to suffer additional injuries and this time, they may be lifelong. Do not take the chance. Get some rest and give your brain and body the time they need to heal correctly.


That depends on the severity of the TBI. As an example, if you suffer from a concussion, your doctor may tell you to rest and take over-the-counter pain medication as you need it. More severe TBIs, however, require a more proactive approach to treatment.

With a more serious TBI, you may need:

  • Surgery;
  • Physical therapy;
  • Occupational therapy;
  • Cognitive therapy; and
  • Speech therapy.

More severe TBIs can have a serious impact on your motor and speech function. This means you may need extensive rehabilitation, both in a facility and once you return home. The last thing on your mind should be how much all this rehabilitation will cost you.

That’s why you need to speak with a knowledgeable brain injury lawyer in Corona as soon as possible after your accident. You can have your lawyer begin the Corona brain injury claims process while you are working on your recovery. You do not have to wait until you are better to file your claim. In fact, you should not wait.


Do not wait to file your claim, because the law limits the time you have to file. In California, you only have two years from the date of your injury to file a Corona brain injury claim for damages against the at-fault party. Two years might seem like a long time, but think about all of the time you will spend in the hospital and rehabilitation, especially if your TBI is severe.

Missing this important deadline could mean you miss out on your chance to collect compensation from the negligent party. That’s why it is so vital to the success of your Corona brain injury claim that you contact a trusted TBI lawyer in Corona as soon as you possibly can. Your lawyer can file your claim, making sure that you do not miss this all-important deadline. They will also make sure your claim moves forward while you worry about your physical well being.


You absolutely might. Your brain sits inside your skull in a jelly-like liquid. This helps to protect it, but there is very little space between your brain tissue and the inside of your skull. When your head hits the pavement after a fall, for example, you might have the sensation of feeling your brain hit the inside of your skull.

But that same sensation can happen even if your head does not impact a hard surface. The most common example is whiplash in a car accident. When your car is struck from behind, your body moves forward but your head whips back in the direction of the impact. If this force is strong enough, your brain could smack into your skull, causing a concussion or other TBI. So never think that you are definitely out of the woods just because your head has not taken a direct impact.


The long-term consequences of suffering a TBI largely depend on the type of TBI you suffered. In the most severe cases, victims suffer from permanent disability.

Other negative impacts can include:

  • Memory problems;
  • Difficulty communicating;
  • Sensory changes;
  • Confusion; and
  • Depression.

What matters most is your ability to recover from your injuries. The faster you seek medical assistance, the better your chance of making a full recovery.


Your recovery time will vary depending on the type of TBI you suffered. For mild concussions, you may be back on your feet in a few weeks—provided that you follow your doctor’s orders and get appropriate rest.

More serious TBIs will take months or years to fully recover from. Some victims may never completely recover from their injury, as suffering from such a serious TBI can forever change their life. Your health, your age, and the type of TBI you suffer all play a part in your ability to recover fully from your injury.


To prove someone else was at fault in whatever accident caused your TBI, you must legally prove they are liable. This is more complex than it sounds.

You must show that:

  • The negligent party owed you a duty of care to act in a reasonably safe manner.
  • They breached that duty by acting in an unsafe manner.
  • Their breach caused your accident and your TBI.

This might still seem simple to you—you know that this other person injured you. But you must prove it in a legal setting, and that all starts with filing a Corona brain injury claim for damages.

When you partner with our Corona TBI lawyers, you can lean on their years of experience dealing with these complex cases. Filing a Corona brain injury claim sets in motion what we hope is your eventual recovery of damages for your pain and suffering.


Bibianne Fell is the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Member.This is the most frequently asked question we get from clients and prospective clients. Any lawyer who gives you an answer or guarantees a result is not being honest with you. We cannot know for sure what your claim is worth. But, with all the facts of your specific case, we can put together a reasonable estimate.

We have decades of experience helping TBI victims like you recover compensation for your pain and suffering. Based on that knowledge, we can create an estimate of what your case is worth.

We look at items like:

  • How long you spent in the hospital;
  • The number of surgeries or medical procedures you endured;
  • How much time you spent out of work; and
  • If you returned to work at all.

We want to make sure you receive compensation for your medical bills but we also want to make sure you do not suffer other financial hardship. When you spend time out of work, even just a few weeks, that can wreak havoc on your finances. Being out of work was not your fault. The person who caused your accident and your TBI should compensate you for your lost income. You should take every opportunity to avoid suffering financially because of an accident that someone else caused.

Two-thirds of all bankruptcies are filed each year because of outrageous medical bills. Do not let yourself join this statistic. Call us instead.


Settlement is always an option. But if the insurance company representing the at-fault party calls you soon after your accident with a quick settlement offer, you should be cautious. The insurance company does not have your best interests at heart. The insurance company only cares about their profits and, to keep money in their pocket and out of yours, a quick settlement is in their best interest.

What they will not tell you about the initial settlement offer is that it is not their best offer and it likely will not include enough funds to cover all of your financial needs. Besides that, when you sign the settlement offer, you will waive your right to bring any future claims against the insurance company for this accident. That could leave you paying out of pocket for medical expenses and financial losses.

This is an unfortunate situation many TBI victims face. They have suffered a life-changing injury and then suffer from the despicable tactics of the insurance company. Your best bet to avoid this situation is to work with an experienced TBI lawyer in Corona. Your lawyer will aggressively negotiate with the insurance company, always keeping your best interests in mind.


Most likely not. The vast majority of Corona brain injury claims settle out of court. A trial is a time-consuming process that we know you want to avoid. That’s why we aggressively protect our client’s rights by negotiating on their behalf with the insurance company.

Sometimes, however, insurance companies refuse to settle for a fair and reasonable amount. That’s when trial becomes necessary. While rare, that’s also why you want to choose a legal representative with proven TBI trial experience. You certainly do not want a lawyer taking your case to trial for the first time.


John Gomez

Brain Injury Attorney, John Gomez

Your lawyer is your advisor and your confidant. The lawyer you choose can make an enormous difference in your ability to recover maximum compensation for your TBI.

Your lawyer can help you by answering all of your questions, showing you the path ahead, investigating your accident and injury, speaking with trusted medical experts, reviewing police and medical records, speaking with accident witnesses, and negotiating with the insurance company. We do all of this to get you every dollar you deserve.

Our goals align with yours—we want to see you get better and not to have to pay a dime out of your own pocket for any of your medical expenses or financial losses. To get started, contact Gomez Trial Attorneys or call us at 833-GET GOMEZ (833-438-4663) today.



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