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Riverside Child Injury Attorneys

Over 25 percent of Riverside’s population is  under the age of 18. With its substantial child population, it’s not surprising that Riverside families’ top concern is likely the well-being of their children. Watching the children we love suffer injuries and pain is a heart-wrenching experience.

Children are prone to accidents—a fact that parents and guardians throughout Riverside must accept. However, when our children sustain injuries and endure pain because of another person’s carelessness, it may prove especially challenging to accept knowing that such injuries were preventable. Accidental or intentional harm to children has a similarly painful impact on child injury victims and their families.

Severe child injuries come with costly medical treatment and lost wages for you and/or your partner when missing work to stay with your child in the hospital, or to care for your child at home. Even children who have positive long-term prognoses sometimes still need weeks or months to recover from serious injuries. Fortunately, California law provides an avenue for families to seek compensation for damages when children suffer injuries.

A child injury lawsuit will not take away the pain or undo any of the damage. Financial compensation can, however, help ensure that you have the funding you need to provide the best care and treatment for your child, and help partially or fully eliminate the economic burden that your family might be experiencing as a result of your child’s injury.

If you live in Riverside or the surrounding area, contact the compassionate child injury lawyers at Gomez Trial Attorneys for a free case evaluation to discuss your child’s injury, and the way it has affected your family’s life.

Gomez Trial Attorneys Advocates for the Families of Injured Children

Our award-winning team of child injury lawyers at Gomez Trial Attorneys understands the tragedy, pain, and anguish related to child injuries. We have over two decades of experience helping Riverside parents and guardians seek justice after their children have suffered serious injuries from accidents, events, and intentional harm. Our firm’s resounding commitment to advocating for families of injured children has led to tens of millions of dollars in compensation for clients from settlements and jury awards.

Recent case results involving child injuries include a $5 million settlement after a child suffered injuries in a bicycle accident, a $1.25 million jury verdict after a child fell victim to sexual abuse in school, and a $1 million settlement for child injuries as a result of daycare negligence. These past examples cannot guarantee a specific financial outcome for your child injury claim. Gomez Trial Attorneys, however, can aggressively pursue justice by building the best case possible against the defense, giving you the highest likelihood of recovering the maximum amount of compensation for your child’s injury.

Gomez Trial Attorneys Handles Multiple Types of Child Injury Claims

Children are more vulnerable than adults because of their small frames. Additionally, some children fall victim to intentional harm from others. We can help you and your child with any type of child injury caused by another party, but most child injuries typically fall under one of the following categories:

Traffic Accidents

Adults who ride in motor vehicles rely on safety features, such as seatbelts and airbags, for protection when a crash occurs. Children, however, do not have the same luxury. These features often lead to injuries, and even young children who ride in booster seats or car seats still face the risk of injury during a severe accident.

Children’s small frames and low weights make them especially vulnerable to common auto accident injuries, such as concussions and whiplash. The human brain does not completely develop until early adulthood, so even a seemingly mild concussion can cause lifelong struggles for a child. This is especially true of toddlers and babies who cannot yet speak. It can take parents months to notice an injury, because the only symptoms of a brain injury might be missing one or more developmental milestones.

A California court might find another driver financially liable for your child’s injuries if that party caused the traffic accident that led to the injuries.

Bicycle Accidents

Riverside County has one of the worst rates for child bicyclists suffering injury and fatality. Over 50 children under the age of 15 sustain injuries or die each year, according to California’s Office of Traffic Safety (OTS). Southern California’s sunny and warm climate makes cycling a fun activity for kids of all ages, who also reap the health benefits of remaining active, but even with all of the positives of riding a bicycle, it does carry risk, especially for young children.

Motorists have an elevated duty to drive with caution when children are riding bikes on the road. However, negligent and distracted drivers may not notice children bicycling and accidentally collide with them, forcing the bicycle accident victim to face severe injuries and complications for life (if fortunate enough to survive the accident).

Birth Injuries

Childbirth is an exciting time for new parents who cannot wait to take their newborns home from the hospital to care for them and start making unforgettable memories. Birth injuries can rapidly disintegrate the joy of childbirth. Birth injuries can occur naturally without cause, but many happen because of medical negligence or malpractice.

Doctors and other medical professionals have a responsibility to evaluate and diagnose any complications with a pregnancy. If these professionals fail to recognize a problem or misdiagnose a condition, newborns risk a birth injury that can lead to health struggles for life. Labor and delivery may also prove a dangerous time for a fetus if doctors improperly use birthing tools or do not adequately monitor it during delivery.

Swimming Pool Accidents

There is no shortage of public and private swimming pools in Riverside and throughout Southern California. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), more than 140 children age 14 and under drown in swimming pools between Memorial Day and Labor Day each year. This tragic statistic does not include children who almost drowned or drowning accidents that occurred during the rest of the year.

Swimming is another activity that provides children with opportunities for exercise, outdoor time, and simply having fun in the water. However, swimming pools can be death traps for young children. In fact, more than 60 percent of children under age four who have a drowning incident do not survive. Private and public pool owners have a legal duty to maintain a safe pool area. Negligent owners who do not properly maintain their pools, such as failing to erect proper barriers, put children at risk for accidents and injuries.

Playground Accidents

Toddlers and young children love to play at the park, especially in Riverside’s pleasant climate. Public and private parks at schools and throughout Riverside provide these opportunities, but owners have a legal obligation to keep parks safe for children. This also includes the proper maintenance of swings, slides, jungle gyms, and other playground equipment. Failure to fix or replace old equipment can lead to severe, sometimes deadly injuries for children.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 200,000 children age 13 and under receive medical treatment for injuries from playground accidents each year. Among those who receive treatment, about 10 percent sustain dangerous traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Toy Injuries

The CPSC estimates that children across the nation sustain over 200,000 injuries each year because of defective or dangerous toys. About 75 percent of those injuries happen to children age 14 and under. According to the CPSC, non-motorized scooters cause the most toy-related injuries. Kids play hard and often hurt themselves with toys, so not all toy injuries warrant legal action.

However, if your child suffered toy-related injuries from a defective toy, or the manufacturer didn’t warn of the dangers of a particular product, you need to consult with a child injury lawyer immediately. The toy company might be held strictly liable for damages related to your child’s injury if its product was defective, or if the company did not warn the public about related hazards.

Dog Bite Injuries

Poorly trained or aggressive dogs can attack innocent passersby, but young children are especially vulnerable to dog bites. Kids do not always realize the risk of approaching a strange dog, and their shorter frames put them at increased risk of dog bites. Dog bite injuries are not only sometimes fatal, but when a dog bites a child’s face or arm, it can leave permanent scars.

A national study of fatal dog bite injuries found that California consistently ranked second in the number of dog bite attacks over a 13-year time frame. Children under age nine suffered approximately 50 percent of dog bite attacks, and babies under age two suffered approximately 25 percent of dog attacks. Negligent pet owners who keep dangerous animals and do not properly restrain their dogs while walking put children at risk for painful and emotionally traumatic dog bite injuries.

Sports Injuries

Middle school and high school kids who play school-sponsored or extracurricular sports during or after school are at risk for a sports injury. The CDC reports more than 2.5 million children visit emergency departments across the nation each year from sports-related injuries. Full-contact sports, such as football, hockey, martial arts, and boxing, are the largest culprits. Repeated contact often leads to concussions.

The long-term impacts of concussions can devastate child victims. Once a child suffers one concussion, he or she is prone to suffering repeated concussions. Many schools require parents to assume the risk if they allow their children to play sports. You may think you have no recourse for your child’s sports injury if you’ve signed a waiver, but that is not always the case. Consult a child injury attorney who can evaluate your claim and advise you on the best course of action.

Daycare Abuse, Neglect, and Negligence

Even in two-parent households, one parent staying home to care for young children is often a luxury. Today’s economic reality is that most households rely on income from both parents working, which means that families need to rely on daycare facilities to care for their children while working. Most daycare providers, whether at home or in a facility, are exceptional people who love kids and provide the best care possible for little ones. However, children suffer accidents, and some daycare providers abuse and neglect children.

Finding out your daycare provider has harmed your child will certainly anger you and inspire you to take legal action. If your child suffers injuries from abuse or neglect at a daycare facility, you can report the facility to the police for criminal charges, and you can also bring a lawsuit against the individual or facility. Many situations fall under the umbrella of daycare neglect and abuse, including physical abuse, dehydration, malnutrition, sexual abuse, confinement, and lack of supervision.

Consult Gomez Trial Attorneys After Your Child Suffers an Injury

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Watching your child suffer after a preventable injury is an emotionally draining and painful experience for parents. Child injury cases are emotionally charged situations because of the anger, rage, and despair that often accompanies child injuries. At Gomez Trial Attorneys, we understand your feelings and are here to help you seek justice against those who harmed your child. Our experienced legal team can investigate the circumstances of your child’s injury, gather relevant evidence for your claim, and build a strong case against the defense, while you focus on helping your child through this difficult time.

If you reach a settlement agreement or the court rules in your favor, you can receive compensation for damages, such as medical treatment costs, lost wages, and the pain and suffering your child has experienced. Don’t delay; reach out to an experienced attorney as soon as possible to discuss your child’s injuries and opportunities for compensation.

Contact Gomez Trial Attorneys online today or at (619) 237-3490 for a free case review to discuss your child’s injury and the best way to move forward for you and your family. We are ready to help your family seek justice.

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