Help Prevent Drowning Deaths This 4th of July Weekend

The 4th of July Holiday Weekend is upon us, and it’s a time for Americans to unwind and relax with family and friends.  Millions of people will travel, and we hope that is all done safely.  Millions more will go swimming, as this is always something that people of all ages enjoy when immersed in Read More

5 Suggestions for Avoiding a Holiday Car Accident

As we near the end of June, which is also National Safety Month, we want to look ahead to the first few days of July.  That’s because the 4th of July weekend is approaching and millions of Americans will get behind the wheels of vehicles to travel.  Unfortunately, this is also the weekend that’s statistically Read More

Trauma and the Human Body

By Ben J. Coughlan, Esq. All too often it happens that a friend, a family member, or a client is involved in what he or she thinks at the time was a minor car accident. But as the hours, days and weeks pass, what the person initially thought was whiplash symptoms that would heal quickly, Read More

Erskine Fire Lawsuit Possible for Many When Cause of Blaze is Released

Too many people around the world understand what it’s like to suddenly lose everything.  It is a helpless, overwhelming feeling that can lead almost anyone to give up hope and to give in to despair.  What do you do when your home and everything you’ve worked for literally goes up in flames?  What value could Read More

Five of the Biggest Data Breaches in U.S. History

Data hackers have become more sophisticated as technology advances. Newer technologies strive to protect users from security breaches, yet data infiltration is still an epidemic. The biggest data breaches affect tens of millions of people in one hit – exposing private data such as credit card numbers, medical records, and personal information. Take it from Read More

Erskine Fire Attorneys: Update on Dangerous Kern County Wildfire

Wildfires are one of the scariest forces of nature.  People can see them coming and smell them coming.  People understand the dangers these wildfires force upon anything and everything in their paths.  Despite all of this understanding, there is little if anything people can do when a wildfire approaches.  The best choice to make, obviously, Read More

A Step for Children’s Rights – Sting Leads to 238 Arrests of Suspected Child Predators

The Internet is an innovation that has benefited the human race immeasurably.  It has changed the way all of us live in a fundamental way.  The foundation of this change is that information is now available in seconds that would have taken hours or days to obtain 30 years ago.  Sadly, this is not always Read More

Study: Nursing Home Abuse Among Residents Is Prevalent

Many of us already realize that nursing home abuse is a serious problem that’s likely to get worse in the coming years.  Many of us have also been forced to deal with the realities of nursing home abuse because a loved one has been harmed.  When we think of nursing home abuse, many of us Read More

Children’s Rights Attorney Update – Troubling CDC Statistics

In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to bullying and other forms of danger that are faced by young people in the United States.  We have advanced culturally to the point where these problems are now taken much more seriously than they were in the past, and that’s providing help to many Read More

Fatal Car Accidents – “100 Deadliest Days” for Teen Drivers Is Here

Many of us who are older likely remember those glorious days of our youth when school ended for the year.  Even if we worked summer jobs that we didn’t particularly enjoy, summer was a time of exuberant freedom.  Things are much the same these days, although we are learning more about the dangers teens in Read More

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