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Daycare Liability: What is a Provider Liable for If My Child is Injured?

Childhood injuries can be devastating. When parents need someone to care for their children, they trust daycare facilities to supervise, watch over, and protect them – taking measures to ensure their safety. Sadly, many daycare facilities are negligent in these procedures and the results can be permanently damaging. Does a Waiver Protect Daycare From Liability? Read More

What is the Timeline of a Personal Injury Case in California?

While different personal injury cases call for different procedures and lengths of time to complete, if you look closely, there is a pattern across typical cases in California. Understanding the probable timeline of your own personal injury case can help you prepare for the journey ahead and get you a jumpstart on the groundwork it Read More

What is the Difference Between a Class Action and a Mass Tort?

Class actions and mass torts are phrases one hears in lawsuits that affect large numbers of people, such as a case against a company that wronged many people with one action. While they are the same in this regard, the similarities end there – these phrases have very different meanings. Mass Torts A mass tort Read More

Driving Law Myths: Fact or Fiction

In the state with America’s longest coastline, beautiful beaches, and great surfing, it’s no surprise that driving while barefoot in California is legal. There’s a myth that driving or riding a motorcycle without shoes in California is against the law, when in fact law enforcement has no problems with it – although it’s not recommended Read More

California Texting and Driving/Distracted Driving Laws

Following the nationwide trend to prohibit texting and driving laws, California has created several laws banning the use of cell phones while driving. The state enacted these laws to protect California citizens, behind the wheel, in the passenger seat, and pedestrians. Make sure you’re aware of the laws, enforcements, and repercussions of texting and driving Read More

Toxins in Children’s Toys: Which Toys Have Them and How Do You Avoid Them?

As children’s wish lists grow to include the most popular toys on the market today, parents unknowingly shop for new items that may be hiding toxic chemicals in their makeup. A study by an environmental group found traces of dangerous substances, such as antimony, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, cobalt, and lead in children’s toys, as well Read More

What Are PCBs? How Dangerous Are They?

PCB is the acronym for polychlorinated biphenyls, a group of 209 manmade chemicals found in products commonly used by Americans today. Manufacturers like to use PCB because it’s resistant to acids, bases, and heat – the same properties that make it incredibly harmful to the human body and to the environment. PCBs and Humans PCBs Read More

Car Seatback Failure

Auto manufacturers have recently been the targets of mass scrutiny when it comes to producing defective cars that fail to ensure the safety of children and infants in the backseat in the event of a car accident, resulting in serious injury and death to children worldwide. Called “seatback failure,” this defect is the reason dozens Read More

School Liability for Serious Sports Injuries

There are many variables surrounding liability in the event of a serious sports injury on school grounds. The laws are complex, and confusion about them often leaves parents and students feeling inadequate in their fight against injustice. The court often dismisses school sports injury lawsuits after the deposition because the victim is unable to prove Read More

California Liquor Liability Laws

Each state has different rules when it comes to the consumption and distribution of alcohol. Due to an increased chance of an accident while intoxicated, states must account for the potential liabilities involved. In California, our liquor liability laws are different from many other states; those involved share responsibility, depending on the extenuating circumstances surrounding Read More

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