C1 Fractures: Jefferson Fracture and Atlas Fracture

A Jefferson fracture, or atlas fracture, is a bone break within the anterior and posterior arches of the C1 vertebra, named after the British neurosurgeon (Sir Geoffrey Jefferson) who wrote reports about the fracture in 1920. This type of C1 fracture stems from axial loading along the axis of the cervical spine. Axial loading occurs when the head Read More

C2 Fractures : The Hangman’s Fracture

“Hangman’s fracture” is the colloquial name for a traumatic spinal cord injury that affects the axis vertebrae. Doctors have used this term since 1965, when some doctors used it to describe traumatic spondylolisthesis involving the pars interarticularis of C2 on both sides. Hangman’s fractures can involve the lamina, pedicles, pars, or articular facets of the axis vertebra. These fractures Read More

Orbital Fractures: Causes, Treatment and Prognosis

An orbital fracture, or a broken bone in the eye-socket, is a common type of traumatic facial injury. The eye socket, or the orbit, surrounds the eye and protects it from external forces. The floor and nasal sides of the eye socket are paper-thin, making fractures occur frequently in any kind of impact that involves the head or Read More

San Diego Bicycle Accident Lawyer Update – Journalist Peter King Takes Heat for Tweet

Chargers game traffic is often a complete mess.  We all understand that, and that’s why those of us who have gone to Chargers games tend to plan accordingly and leave home early.  When a Chargers game is held on a Friday night, traffic is likely to be even worse than usual.  Many a San Diego Read More

California Elder Abuse Overview – Statistics and Warning Signs

California elder abuse is becoming an increasingly more prevalent problem.  California is home to approximately 1,300 licensed, long-term nursing care facilities.  Nearly 350,000 people receive care in these facilities every year.  Estimates indicate that the average cost of a skilled nursing facility is more than $90,000 per year per resident.  In addition, facilities statewide are Read More

California Personal Injury Plaintiffs No Longer Need Worry About Immigration Status

Some developments may not receive an enormous amount of coverage in the news, yet these happenings can still have a profound effect on a large number of people.  Such was the case yesterday when word came out that California Governor Jerry Brown was signing AB 2159 into law.  AB 2159, put simply, ends a decades-long Read More

Update: GTA Lobbying Efforts the New Anti-Discrimination Law Regarding Plaintiffs in Personal Injury Cases

We published an article a few months ago that highlighted the efforts of California personal injury lawyers Max Halpern and John Michael Montevideo from Gomez Trial Attorneys.  Attorneys Halpern and Montevideo are members of CAOC, or the Consumer Attorneys of California.  They were in Sacramento in May to lobby legislators on several topics including forced Read More

Blue Cut Fire Continues to Ravage San Bernardino County

It’s the time of year when conditions in California are right for wildfires to burn.  Unfortunately, that’s what’s happening in San Bernardino County as what is being called the Blue Cut fire continues to rage out of control.  At this point, the fire is burning across an estimated 30,000 acres and it appears to be Read More

Bullying Possible Cause in Teen’s Suicide in New York

Adolescent years are difficult for everyone.  For some, this time in life is much harder than it is for others.  That’s because some young people are subjected to bullying.  We have learned a lot about bullying in recent years.  We used to think that it was just a ‘normal’ part of growing up and not Read More

Orange County Traffic Relief to Begin on Saturday

Motorists often have a difficult time in Orange County traffic when they are traveling north or south.  There are not many options for these directions.  As a result, roads such as Interstate 5 are often jammed with vehicles.  Clearly, traffic congestion in the area leads to a large number of Orange County car accidents.  Hopefully Read More

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