Orange County Car Accident Data – Some Violations More Common Than Others

There is a cause or causes for every Orange County car accident.  People who drive regularly in this area would be well-served to know the nature of the primary causes for these crashes.  If motorists understand the most common violations associated with these collisions, they may avoid these common mistakes.  At this point, tens of Read More

Trend Shows Increased Risk of Palm Springs Car Accident

The mention of Palm Springs can evoke the thought of certain iconic images. We visualize long, straight roads lined with majestic palm trees; world-class golf resorts; and high-end sports cars cruising down El Paseo.  These are all scenes associated with this relatively small city of under 50,000 permanent residents. The place is typically a destination Read More

Pokémon Go Accidents Piling Up – Be Careful When and Where You Play

We wrote about the burgeoning Pokémon Go phenomenon last week and delved into the potential dangers of playing this incredibly popular game in the wrong place and at the wrong time.  While this game is obviously fun and millions of people have downloaded and played it, it’s also dangerous if proper precautions are not taken.  Read More

Startling Child Sexual Abuse Statistics – Things You Should Know

There are certain topics that no one wants to talk about or think about.  Unfortunately, some of these topics are so important they need to be discussed even though they are uncomfortable for some and excruciating for others.  One such topic is child sexual abuse.  The sexual abuse of children is a major problem nearly Read More

Collision Focus: The 5 Most Common Types of Serious Orange County Accidents

If you live in Orange County or in other populous areas of California, you simply understand that car accidents are a way of life and something that happens multiple times every day.  While that’s not a comforting thought, acknowledging that reality will help motorists make sound decisions and drive defensively so that their chances of Read More

Vehicle Passenger Rights – Passenger Killed in San Diego Rollover Accident

All of us have ridden in vehicles as passengers recently, and few if any of us have thought about the legal duties that attach when such a situation unfolds.  Sadly, it seems all too often that either passengers who have been badly injured or family members of passengers who have been killed are forced to Read More

Pokémon Go May Be Fun, But It Can Also Lead to Liability

Every once in a while, something new takes the American culture by storm.  Its popularity rings through to every age group, gender or just about any other demographic you can think of at the time.  Sometimes these phenomena are songs, sometimes they are movies, and sometimes they are video games.  It’s a video game that’s Read More

A Close Look at Orange County Car Accidents

Orange County is an area of Southern California that has exploded in growth over the past 30 years.  At this point, more than 3 million people call Orange County home.  While this growth has led to a lot of development and other positive changes, it has also led to increased congestion on the freeways in Read More

The 5 Deadliest Cities for Riverside County Car Accidents

When people think of traffic in California, they tend to think of crowded freeways in Los Angeles, San Francisco and perhaps San Diego.  Those who live in California and who have driven across the state understand that there are other areas that involve heavy traffic, high speeds and a large amount of risk.  One of Read More

Possible Overcorrection Leads to Fatal Car Accident in San Diego County

Approximately 3,000 people are killed in California car accidents every year.  Some of these fatal crashes involve recklessness or aggression on the part of at least one motorist involved.  Others are the result of terrible decisions such as getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol.  There are others, such as the fatal Read More

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