San Diego Car Accident Attorney Update: AAA Study Quantifies Drowsy Driving Risks

Sleep deprivation affects people in several negative ways.  Most people simply do not function at proper levels when they do not get enough sleep.  According to Johns Hopkins University, sleep deprivation can increase your risk of colorectal cancer, of high blood pressure and of heart disease among other things. We have posted about the risks Read More

Online-Initiated Sexual Abuse of Children – Some Troubling Statistics

The sexual abuse of children is a scourge on our society.  We have posted about statistics relating to the sexual abuse of children in general.  We want to go further in our efforts to raise awareness of this issue by delving into how the sexual abuse of children can occur.  One of the common ways Read More

California Supreme Court Expands Employer Liability for Asbestos Cases

Employers are responsible for providing a reasonably safe environment for their workers.  If they fail to do so, they can face legal liability if an employee is injured and files a lawsuit in response.  Employer liability is a legal concept that’s nearly universally accepted.  However, courts in different jurisdictions have and will continue to make Read More

Weather-Related Traffic Accidents: A Statistical Perspective

We watch and read the news and regularly see stories about weather disasters that occur.  We tend to struggle to imagine what it’s like to experience such an event.  Those of us who have been through this type of a situation understand that it’s impossible to explain what it’s all about.  This is particularly true Read More

National Impaired Driving Prevention Month – Stay Safe This December

We have come to the time of year when people tend to relax and revel a bit.  The holiday season is always a time of fun with colleagues, friends and family.  Most people find themselves quite busy in terms of their social calendars.  This is a time for people to have fun.  It’s also a Read More

Study: Traffic Deaths Spike In United States Due to Increase in Distracted Driving

We posted recently with regards to the troubling rise in traffic fatalities in the United States in 2015.  It was the sharpest rise in traffic deaths in the country in 50 years.  More recently, we followed that information up with another look at traffic deaths in the United States.  They continued to climb upward during the first Read More

Study: California Car Accidents Lead to Poor Ranking For State’s Drivers

People often compare drivers by state.  While this is purely an anecdotal analysis when drivers discuss it, there are certain states that have poor reputations in terms of the drivers it allows on their respective roads.  California drivers are not generally thought of as being sound behind the wheel, as is the case with several Read More

Study: Childhood Bullying Leads To Greater Risk of Being Overweight As Young Adult

Childhood bullying is a serious problem both in the United States and around the world.  Bullying is also a constant presence in our society, even though some events tend to lead to a spike in its prevalence.  We are still learning about how childhood bullying occurs, why it occurs and the long-term effects of it Read More

CBS Seatback Failure Story Prompts Strong Reaction From Legislators

We all understand that every time we get into a vehicle, we are taking some sort of risk.  Many of us are particularly aware of potential risks when an infant is in the vehicle.  Obviously, infants are extremely vulnerable to harm in crashes.  This is precisely why infant car seats are not only manufactured, but Read More

Signs of Elder Abuse – Keep An Eye Out This Weekend

Millions of people will be visiting with older relatives this holiday weekend.  Thanksgiving is an opportunity for family members who may not see all that much of each other to get together and enjoy each other’s company.  People who live in nursing homes or who require in-home care often times do not have busy social Read More

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