DUI Danger: Study Ranks Drunk Driving Deaths By State

Are some states or geographic regions in the United States more prone to having drunk drivers on their roads than others?  Is there any reason to think that some parts of the country are more dangerous when it comes to DUI accidents or drunk driving deaths?  While a recent study does not necessarily answer those Read More

The Cost of Child Abuse: Study Attempts to Quantify Damages

Child abuse is something that people have trouble contemplating.  That’s because it’s an act that is so damaging to the victim that it’s impossible to fully understand for most people unless they have been through it themselves.  What we do know is that all forms of child abuse can and often do lead to long-term Read More

US Car Accidents: The $13,714.49 Per Second Problem

If you learned of a problem that was costing Americans a total of $13,714.49 per second, would you want something done about it?  Would you feel the same way if you received a random monthly bill for $113?  What if this problem also included a rising number of fatalities?  Such a problem already exists.  That Read More

It’s All In Your Mind: AAA Mental Distraction Study Challenges Distracted Driving Norms

The Age of Technology has changed the way we live in just about every way.  We can do a lot more a lot faster now than we could 30 years ago.  The Internet, cellphones and the like have all contributed to a world where information is immediately available.  Unfortunately, the presence of these tools is Read More

Defective Products Attorney Update: Study Signals Warning for Nursery Products

There is perhaps nothing more exciting than expecting parents learning that they are expecting parents.  As such, they tend to take some immediate steps to prepare for that magical arrival.  Parents need to prepare themselves for the rigors of caring for a newborn.  They also need to go about acquiring things.  These things, such as Read More

Causes of Cyberbullying: Study Traces Online Bullying to In-Person Contact

The prevalence of cyberbullying has exploded in recent years.  With new mediums and modes of communication come new opportunities for people to suffer through mistreatment.  People can make use of social media, texting, message boards and video sharing among other things to humiliate and harm others.  To date, most people who have looked at cyberbullying Read More

Drunk Driving Problems: Where Does Your State Rank?

One would think that by now, everyone would understand that drunk driving is a terrible decision.  While there is no way to definitively know how many people are aware of the risks of drunk driving, statistics exist that reveal that drunk driving problems are as intense as ever.  Recently, an online public records database published Read More

Taxi Accidents Study: Does Vehicle Color Make a Difference?

Many people feel somewhat uneasy when they climb into a taxicab for a ride.  That’s likely at least in part because taxicab passengers are not in control of that trip.  Not to mention, some passengers are quite nervous about the driving norms in different places.  For the most part, people who experience these feelings are Read More

San Diego Slip and Fall Attorney Fact Sheet – 20 Important Statistics

Fall injuries are serious matters.  Many of us have been conditioned to think otherwise.  We may think of the proverbial person walking into a courtroom with a fake neck brace.  This was an effective comedy tactic.  It’s also something that people in general need to put out of their minds when they think about fall Read More

Study Quantifies Specific Driving Distractions and Their Risks

Every San Diego car accident lawyer with any degree of experience has represented clients who were injured by distracted drivers.  We recently discussed a study that linked the increase in traffic deaths to an increase in distracted driving.  We also discussed a survey that linked car accidents in general to the use of smartphones in Read More

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