CDC Report: Rate of Car Accident Deaths Highest in United States

Since the turn of the 21st Century, car accident deaths had been falling in the United States.  That downward trend is likely due to several different safety initiatives.  These initiatives include improved safety and technology in vehicles and more awareness from motorists while behind the wheel.  Regardless of why, the fact that car accident deaths Read More

Study: NFL Traumatic Brain Injuries Shockingly Prevalent

NFL fans understand that the risks involved with playing this violent game are extreme.  We have heard the stories about players whose brains were severely injured while playing.  The worst part of this is that we only found out about many of these brain injuries after the players had passed away at young ages.  NFL Read More

Types of Spinal Fractures

Spinal fractures are common outcomes of many impact accidents, such as motor vehicle collisions, falls from heights, gunshots, or sports incidents.  The spinal cord is a complex bundle of nerves and vertebrae, responsible for delivering messages between the brain and the body. When the spine suffers a fracture or a break, it can have devastating consequences. There are Read More

Study: Aggressive Driving Fueled by Anger Strongly Associated with Higher Crash Risks

We have all seen ‘that’ driver on the roads from time to time – the one who seemingly has steam coming out of his or her ears and whose driving maneuvers reflect that mindset.  Perhaps some of us have even been that person occasionally if not more often.  We should realize that angry driving is Read More

Study: Fall Injuries Among Older Americans Cost Billions of Dollars

People who are 65 years old and older should be able to enjoy their lives after decades of hard work, perhaps raising a family and generally pushing towards a lifelong goal.  While many people in this age group are able to do so, this is also a time in life that can present several different Read More

Study: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Measurement May Be Possible

In recent years we have learned a lot about traumatic brain injuries and mild traumatic brain injuries.  This learning has contributed to a spike in the diagnosis of traumatic brain injuries in patients across the United States.  Prior to these advancements, many people who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury simply waited out the initial Read More

Weather-Related Crashes – It’s Not Just a San Diego Problem

Those of us who live and drive in San Diego County have heard the sarcastic comments over the years.  We hear these musings regarding what must happen to motorists as soon as it starts to rain.  Recent transplants especially seem to react with utter disdain at the mayhem that can unfold on busy streets and Read More

Pokémon Go Study: Game Is a Major Distraction for Drivers and Pedestrians

Pokémon Go is a game that has taken the entire world by storm.  Millions of people continue to play it on a daily basis.  While the game is obviously fun, somewhat addictive for some players and requires some light exercise, it also involves danger.  Media outlets have published a high number of Pokémon Go stories in Read More

Study: Online Bullying and Other Negative Facebook Experiences Raise Risk of Depressive Symptoms

In the world of social media, Facebook is a behemoth.  It has dominated the social media world for several years.  Today, there are more than 1.7 billion active Facebook users.  This total is more than many other social media Web sites combined.  Simply put, Facebook influences the lives of people who use it regularly.  While Read More

Study Reveals Distracted Driving Less Probable With Others in Vehicle

No one should drive while distracted.  No one can reasonably claim that they do not understand this message.  Despite the fact that advocacy groups have spent countless hours and dollars attempting  to raise awareness with regards to distracted driving, too many people still engage in this conduct.  Many states even have laws against distracted driving. Read More

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