Study: Trucking Accidents Linked to Drivers’ Poor Health

There are many reasons to live a healthy lifestyle.  For some people, doing so is more difficult than for others.  One profession where eating a healthy diet, exercising properly and getting regular, solid sleep is a challenge is truck driving.  Life on the road can not only be lonely, but it can be harmful to Read More

San Diego Car Accident Attorney Update: Dealing With Hydroplaning

San Diego residents are bracing for the continuation of what everyone agrees is a powerful winter storm.  This storm is ultimately expected to drop an enormous amount of precipitation all over the county.  As we all understand, this is going to make for some very challenging driving conditions.  We have devoted some attention recently to Read More

Study: Childhood Sexual Abuse at Home Raises Risk of Human Trafficking Involvement

As we’ve mentioned recently, January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month.  The children’s rights lawyers at Gomez Trial Attorneys are going to continue to work to raise awareness with regards to this terrible situation regardless of our place on the calendar.  Law enforcement agencies around the world have engaged in noble efforts to arrest those involved Read More

A Head Injury Examined: Technology Makes Tracking Brain Trauma Possible

Recent years have brought a lot of attention to the sport of football because of the risk of concussions, severe traumatic brain injuries, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE and other serious problems.  By now, most of us understand that playing football can and many times does inflict long-term damage on the brain.  There is a Read More

Retirement Finances and Elder Abuse: Study Identifies Potential Vulnerability

Elder financial abuse is an enormous problem in the United States.  We have focused on this issue more than once recently.  Many people understand that one of the biggest problems regarding financial elder abuse is that it is vastly underreported by victims of it.  Clearly, shame and embarrassment are likely reasons for this underreporting.  However, Read More

Pedestrian Accidents – Where They Occur The Most

Walking is not only the oldest form of transportation known to man, but it remains one of the healthiest.  Almost any doctor will tell a patient that going for a walk is a good, safe and beneficial way to get your heart rate up.  Unfortunately, the statistics relating to pedestrian accidents may force some to Read More

The Cyber Bully Problem Remains Prevalent, Says Authors of Recent Study

Chances are that nearly every child has a cyber bully in his or her life, whether that child knows it or not.  Until relatively recently, society had not learned very much about the nature of the cyber bully, as this form of bullying only became prevalent with the growth of the Internet.  More and more Read More

Elder Neglect Explained? 5 Sets of Statistics That Provide Context

Elder neglect and abuse is a growing if somewhat overlooked problem in the United States.  The problem is only going to get worse as more people than ever before approach their Golden Years.  Some states appear to be in better positions than others when it comes to elder abuse prevention.  Even hospital emergency rooms appear Read More

January Is National Birth Defects Prevention Month

There are few if any things more challenging for a family than when a child is born with birth defects.  Every parent knows the fear of such an occurrence when they are expecting.  Sadly, a surprisingly high number of parents in the United States are forced to face that reality.  Birth defects are so common Read More

Study: Concussion Test Could Be Possible With Simple Blood Analysis

For decades, the only ‘concussion test’ administered on people who had suffered a blow to the head involved asking them to describe what if any symptoms they were experiencing.  Even as the world of medical science advanced at a remarkable rate, almost any concussion test one could find was relatively rudimentary in nature.  This became Read More

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