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Orange County Jury Awards $531,388 verdict to Rear-End Collision Victim

by John Gomez | Last Updated: September 27, 2018
$530,000 verdict

Elham (“Ellie”) Azimy, an Orange County plaintiffs lawyer, was rear-ended by a company delivery van at a low speed. She later developed neck and back problems. She found doctors to treat her on a lien and eventually hired an attorney to represent her. She never had any surgery. The attorney recommended that she settle her case for $50,000 because she was Persian and a personal injury lawyer and an Orange County jury would not like her.

“The idea that a human being’s pain is worth less because of their ethnic background was offensive to us. We also think lawyers are pretty decent people and deserve justice too. I bet you agree,” said Founder John Gomez.

We believed her case was worth more and agreed to represent her at trial. At trial, the defense argued that Ellie was using her background as a personal injury attorney to “game” the system. A defense doctor testified that she faked her pain in her exam. The defense also argued that Ellie was using the lawsuit as a payday because her law practice was already failing before the car crash.

The defense offered $75,000 pre trial and suggested in closing argument that the jury award her $23,000. After a two-week trial, an Orange County jury awarded her $531,388.83.

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