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Car Accident Lawyer (Not) Fun Fact: State Route 99 Named Deadliest Highway

by John Gomez | Last Updated: October 17, 2016
Car Accident Lawyer

Californians used to depend on state routes to drive through the state prior to the building of the interstate highway system.  State Route 99 was a vital artery for those who wanted or needed to travel through the Central Valley of California.  State Route 99 was and is simply known as “the 99” to those familiar with it.  After Interstate 5 came about, fewer people used the 99 with any regularity.  As such, most would probably think that a road that is not nearly as busy as it used to be is all that dangerous.  When it comes to the 99, people who have that thought would be incorrect.  In fact, every car accident lawyer in the state probably saw a recent report that the 99 is extremely dangerous.  We’d like to share that report with you.

About the Report

Researchers at Value Penguin, a consumer research organization, completed the report.  They reviewed fatal car accident data across the United States between 2011 and 2015.  They divided the number of fatal car accidents during that time frame by the length of each road.  The researchers reached a result based on the number of deaths per 100 miles on each highway.  The 99 is 424 miles long.  264 fatal accidents occurred on the 99 between 2011 and 2015.  As such, 62.3 deaths occurred for every 100 miles of road, the highest total in the United States.

The study ranked the 50 deadliest highways in the country, and you can find a full breakdown at this link.  The 99 was not the only road that exists at least partially in California to make this dubious list.  Others included:

  • Interstate 10 – Number 4 with 54.5 deaths per 100 miles
  • US Interstate 5 – Number 7 with 43.9 deaths per 100 miles
  • Interstate 15 – Number 14 with 32.8 deaths per 100 miles
  • SR-1 California – Number 16 with 28.9 deaths per 100 miles
  • US Route 101 – Number 18 with 26.9 deaths per 100 miles

The 99 is the darkest highway in the United States.   The number of fatal accidents that occurred where no lighting was available was higher on the 99 than anywhere else in the United States.  The 99 was third on the list of highways ranking the highest number of fatal accidents involving drunk drivers.

California Car Accident Lawyer Perspective:  What It All Means

The study shows, obviously, that the 99 is a dangerous stretch of road.  Motorists need to use caution when driving on it.  The lighting does not appear to be as plentiful as it is on other, more modern roads and the high number of fatal drunk driving accidents is also troubling.  People who use this highway should be aware of these facts before heading out on any sort of trip.  Sometimes basic awareness of a danger can make all the difference.

If you have lost someone you love because of a negligent or reckless driver, you also need to take action regardless of where the crash occurred.  You can do so by seeking the help of a car accident lawyer from Gomez Trial Attorneys.  The firm has successfully represented people who suddenly found themselves grieving the loss of a loved one for over a decade.  Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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