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Pokémon Go Class Action Lawsuit Filed in Canada

by John Gomez | Last Updated: August 11, 2016
Pokemon Go Class Action

We’ve previously discussed some of the potential problems with the game known as Pokémon Go.  We’ve also provided some specifics with regards to Pokémon Go accidents.  Now it seems that another problem has arisen with this game.  That problem has led to the filing of a Pokémon Go class action lawsuit in Canada.  The basis for the lawsuit is that the plaintiffs feel as though their privacy is being invaded.  At this point, there is no Pokémon Go class action lawsuit that’s active in the United States.  This is something that could begin to happen with a game that has become instantly popular across the entire planet.

About the Pokémon Go Class Action Lawsuit

CBC News published a story about the lawsuit recently.  A link to that story can be found here.  A law firm in Canada filed the lawsuit on behalf of property owners who live in Alberta.  According to the lawsuit, Niantic, Inc., the maker of Pokémon Go, designated this couple’s property as a Pokémon Gym.  The game works by having players chase and hunt characters that appear in different places.  People playing the game were allegedly appearing on this couple’s property repeatedly.  The plaintiffs claim that there have been more than 100 trespassers on their property since July 22.

The article stated that the couple tried to reach out to Niantic to have them remove the property from the game.  Niantic allegedly has not responded.  As such, they decided to file the lawsuit.  The attorneys representing the couple believe that there are a significant number of people who are dealing with the same problem.  The claim has yet to be certified as a class action by a judge.  That is a necessary step before it can proceed.  Niantic is based in California.

Pokémon Go Statistics and Problems

As stated above, Pokémon Go has become instantly and incredibly popular.  The game, which is offered in app form for mobile phones, launched on July 6.  Within 13 hours of its release, it became the top-grossing app in the United States.  The game was such a success that its parent company, Nintendo, saw its market value rise by an estimated $9 billion in 5 days.  At this point, the game generates $1.6 million in revenue every day.  It is downloaded between 4 and 5 million times per day and it attracts more than 20 million users worldwide on a daily basis.

Given all of this success and how the game is played, it should come as no surprise that there are problems surfacing.  In addition to people dealing with trespassers, there have also been several car accidents across the United States that involved Pokémon Go on some level and some people have been harmed and one even killed while playing the game.  The game is a distraction for people, but it’s played in public places in many instances and that’s why we are seeing these types of stories.

The San Diego personal injury lawyers at Gomez Trial Attorneys hope that if you are playing this game, that you do so safely and responsibly.


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