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Weather-Related Crashes – It’s Not Just a San Diego Problem

by John Gomez | Last Updated: September 21, 2016
Weather-Related Crashes

Those of us who live and drive in San Diego County have heard the sarcastic comments over the years.  We hear these musings regarding what must happen to motorists as soon as it starts to rain.  Recent transplants especially seem to react with utter disdain at the mayhem that can unfold on busy streets and freeways when the local weather turns inclement.  Given the lack of rain in recent months and years, there haven’t been many situations when this problem has resurfaced.  The San Diego area got a much-needed dose of rain earlier this week.  Yes, it led to a high number of weather-related crashes.  According to data provided by the federal government, however, these weather-related crashes are hardly a problem that’s limited to San Diego County.

About Weather-Related Crashes

The Federal Highway Administration’s Road Weather Management Program tracks statistics regarding weather-related crashes along with other data.  The data provided by the FHA indicate that rain is particularly dangerous for motorists across the United States.  Those interested in reviewing all of the data can find it here.  The FHA reports the following with regards to car accidents in the rain:

  • 573,784 car accidents occurred during the most recent reporting year while it was raining.
  • This represents 10 percent of all vehicle crashes.
  • 228,196 people were injured in accidents that occurred while it was raining.
  • This represents 10 percent of all people injured in collisions.
  • 2,732 people died in car accidents while it was raining.
  • This represents 8 percent of all traffic fatalities.

Only crashes in wet pavement, which includes crashes while it was raining, caused more traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities.  Therefore, the numbers are clear:  Rain is an extremely dangerous condition in which to drive.

Ideas for Avoiding Weather-Related Crashes

Most of us in San Diego see that it’s raining and anticipate problems while we are on the road.  Generally, we don’t worry about ourselves so much as we become concerned about what other motorists may do unexpectedly.  That mindset alone can lead to poor decisions and mistakes.  Driving while nervous or while on-edge is in itself risky.  As such, motorists may want to consider the following suggestions for the next time they drive in the rain:

  • Give yourself extra time to arrive at your destination, as it’s likely that traffic will be moving at a slower rate than normal.
  • Provide yourself as much following room as possible, as you may need extra time and space to execute maneuvers.
  • Do what is necessary to keep yourself calm and clear-headed while you’re on the road.
  • If you feel yourself hydroplaning, do not slam on the brakes.  Instead, pump them consistently in order to slow down.

Contact a San Diego Car Accident Lawyer

People can still act in a negligent manner even though it is more difficult to drive in the rain.  Bad weather does not excuse poor driving, even in a place such as San Diego where bad weather is relatively rare.  Contact a San Diego car accident lawyer at Gomez Trial Attorneys for a free case review if you’ve been injured by a negligent driver.

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