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California Tire Defects Attorney

California Tire Defects lawyer

The Firestone Tire recall of 2000 brought to the public’s awareness the potential dangers of badly manufactured or designed tires. Tire manufacturer recalls are not uncommon. In fact, every major tire manufacturer—Ford Firestone, Uniroyal, Dunlop, and Cooper included—has issued them at one point or another. But in the vast majority of cases, these recalls have only come after a significant number of consumers had been injured or killed by defective tires. Defective tires can separate easily and cause a crash, becoming the direct cause of a catastrophic injury or wrongful death. If you have suffered from a defective tire, it is time to enlist the assistance of the Tire Defect lawyers of  Gomez Trial Attorneys. Based in San Diego, CA our firm represents clients nationally and throughout California who have been injured or lost a loved one due to a defect in an auto, SUV or truck tires. Our highly skilled and experienced teams of attorneys can help ensure that you and your family recover the compensation that you are entitled.

We know that defectively designed or defectively manufactured tires will come apart at a high rate of speed. A tire blowout can cause pieces of the tire to wrap around the wheel, affecting the control of your vehicle. In such circumstances, a vehicle may take a sharp turn or flip and overturn several times. Occupants of the vehicle are likely to suffer catastrophic injury or death. Tire failures are particularly dangerous when the vehicle is traveling at highway speeds. Tire failures are also more likely to lead to rollovers when they occur on a vehicle with a high center of gravity, such as many popular sport utility vehicles. When a tragedy of this nature has occurred, you want to know who or what was responsible for the tire blowout that caused the serious injury or death. In the case of tire defect (e.g. tread separation), a claim may demonstrate that faulty design led to the blown tire and caused a crash.

Tire blowouts can occur for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Tire construction
  • Tire manufacturing defects
  • Tire design defects
  • Tread separation (de-beading)
  • Tire shredding
  • De-treading
  • Adhesion failures

Our attorneys are experienced in investigating and litigating product liability claims. We have the experience, resources, and skill required to handle even large and complex tire defect cases. One of the most difficult and important tasks in preparing and presenting a defective tires case is securing the assistance and testimony of qualified experts. The defective tire lawyers at our law firm have the resources necessary to obtain experts that are qualified to testify about the defective products at trial. We are able to build the best possible case for our clients by keeping our caseloads low and by hiring qualified experts and investigators to help assemble evidence. In this way, even if a case settles out of court, the preparation our attorneys have made for trial gives them a very strong bargaining position and usually yields higher settlements.

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