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San Diego SUV Rollover Attorney

If you need an experienced SUV rollover attorney in San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino or anywhere in Southern California, Gomez Trial Attorneys can help. SUV rollovers are one of the most dangerous types of vehicle crashes on the road today. Each year nearly 220,000 rollover crashes occur in the United States, many of which lead to serious injury and even death. If you or a loved one has been injured or has suffered a fatality in a Sport Utility Vehicle rollover accident, you need the help of an experienced SUV rollover accident attorney who can help you through this difficult time. John Gomez is one of the most experienced SUV rollover attorneys in the country and has represented victims of SUV rollover cases involving virtually every kind of accident. Gomez Trial Attorneys handles vehicle rollover accident cases nationally, but most often in Southern California, including San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino and Imperial Counties. We offer free consultations and handle all personal injury cases on a contingency basis, meaning you pay nothing out of pocket. In fact, you won’t pay anything unless we win your case. Call us now for a free case evaluation and to find out what we can do to help you. We are committed to helping our clients in any way possible.

SUV rollover Information

SUV rollover accidents and deaths are happening at alarming rates and numbers in California due to the growth and popularity of Sport Utility Vehicles. Nearly 1 out of 4 vehicles on the road in the U.S. is an SUV. Sport Utility Vehicle rollovers are an issue for multiple reasons. Since SUVs possess a higher center of gravity then normal vehicles, they are much more susceptible to rolling over. The center of gravity of an SUV is also affected by the load, or the number of people in the car plus any cargo being carried by the SUV. In addition, SUVs are made without roll bar protection. Originally, these vehicles were made for offroad activity and most offroad vehicles have roll bar protection on top of the roof. Auto manufacturers, however, began marketing SUVs as family cars and did not include roll bars. Without roll bars for protection, rollover accidents are much more dangerous. In many cases, makers of SUVs can and should be held responsible for the injuries or deaths that occur as a result of these rollover accidents because of weak roof structures and safety restraint system failures that are built in these motor vehicles. In a 2003 NHTSA report, not a single SUV earned the highest government safety rating. The Ford Explorer, Totota 4 Runner, Honda Passport and Isuzu Rodeo are some of the SUV’s that have been involved in rollovers that led to serious injuries and death. Ford Explorer rollover accidents have led to as many as 500 lawsuits claiming vehicle defects against Ford Motor Company.

Rules for Recovery in a Rollover Accident Case

Number1Award2019In a normal personal injury claim, negligence needs to be shown in order to collect damages. Liability in a product defect case, like one involving the product liability of an unsafe Sport Utility Vehicle, is controlled by strict liability. Strict liability is a legal doctrine that makes a party responsible for damages their actions or products cause regardless of any “fault” on their part. In these cases, the plaintiff does not need to prove that a manufacturer was negligent, only that the vehicle was defective. Innocent victims who are injured due to a defective product deserve just compensation. The San Diego SUV rollover attorneys at Gomez Trial Attorneys can help you and your family in this difficult time. We are dedicated to helping our clients and we get results. Call today for a no cost, no obligation consultation.

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