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Every day, San Diego residents and visitors show up in local emergency rooms suffering from injuries that were not their fault. A vast array of tragic accidents and incidents trigger their hospital visits: motor vehicle collisions, accidental falls, workplace mishaps, dog bites, drownings, shootings, and sexual assaults, just to name a few.

Hopefully, doctors can work their miracles on these patients and save lives. But that is only the beginning of an often long and painful journey for personal injury victims. Hospital stays, follow-up appointments, and medications generate mountains of bills, many of them not covered by insurance. Injuries cause people to miss days at work and lose thousands of dollars of income. All-the-while, victims must contend with the physical and emotional pain they never saw coming.

No one deserves that kind of struggle. But when it happens, what they do deserve is the best legal representation available to help them recover compensation from anyone who did them harm.

Gomez Trial Attorneys is a San Diego-based and California statewide personal injury law firm that have proven results for people who have sustained injuries because of someone else’s careless, negligent, reckless, or intentional conduct. To learn about how we can help you after a personal injury disrupts your life, read on below, and contact us.

About Gomez Trial Attorneys

Gomez Trial Attorneys is an award-winning law firm that represents California residents and visitors who have suffered catastrophic injuries and tragic deaths of loved ones. Gomez Trial Attorneys has offices in San Diego, Solana Beach, Bakersfield, Riverside, and San Luis Obispo.

The sole focus of our practice is on holding people and companies accountable for harming others. Our team has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our injured clients. Our results in just the past year include a $106 million jury verdict in a wrongful death case and a $16.2 million settlement in a slip and fall case. Of course, there is no guarantee that any personal injury case we handle will result in a large recovery.  But that is our goal for every client, and we work relentlessly to achieve the best possible outcome in every matter we take.

The Types of Personal Injury Matters We Handle in San Diego

Gomez Trial Attorneys is a full-service personal injury law firm. If you have sustained injuries that were not your fault, no matter the cause, there’s a strong chance our team can help you recover the compensation you deserve. Our practice areas span a wide range of accidents and scenarios that can leave innocent victims struggling with catastrophic injuries and losses. Here are just a few of the types of matters we handle.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

San Diego car accident lawyers

Some of the more common types of motor vehicle accidents we cover are:

These types of motor vehicle accidents constitute the second leading cause of unintentional fatal injuries in the United States (after drug overdoses), and a top-ten cause of unintentional non-fatal injuries, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data.

At Gomez Trial Attorneys, helping people injured or who lost a loved one in a motor vehicle accident constitutes a significant portion of our law practice. We have the capabilities to handle every conceivable type of traffic accident matter, from “simple” two-car collisions to massive pileups involving dozens of cars and trucks. In appropriate cases, our team works with experts at accident reconstruction and mechanical failure analysis to pinpoint the root causes and legally-liable parties in a motor vehicle accident, to help ensure that our clients obtain the maximum compensation available.

Brain Injuries

A brain injury can happen in countless ways. Our clients have principally sustained brain trauma in motor vehicle accidents and slip-and-fall situations, but those are just two common causes. It’s just as possible to suffer a brain injury while playing contact sports, from exposure to explosions as a soldier downrange or in training, or drowning. Even preventable non-violent events, like infections or stroke, can cause lasting damage to brain tissue.

No matter how our clients have sustained their brain injuries, the team at Gomez Trial Attorneys has vast experience helping them recover damages from the at-fault parties. Having represented numerous clients struggling with the effects of brain injuries, we know the questions to ask and the facts to investigate to determine what full recovery looks like for a client, and how to recoup the costs of that recovery.

Premises Liability (also known as Slip and Fall)

Like motor vehicle accidents, accidental falls account for a large proportion of unintentional fatal and non-fatal injuries in the U.S. Throughout California, falls happen everywhere: in retail stores and restaurants, in public parks and on sidewalks, and around private homes. Property owners—especially those operating businesses open to the public, and private homeowners with backyard pools—have obligations to keep their premises safe for visitors, invited guests, and even children coming onto the property.

Though we refer to cases where people get hurt on someone else’s property as slip and fall matters, we represent clients who have sustained virtually any kind of injury from falling, losing their balance, having an object fall on them, or drowning, just to name a few. No matter what kind of premises liability accident you sustained, you deserve compensation if it happened because of an unsafe or preventable property condition.

Construction Accidents

San Diego is growing. With growth comes construction. And with construction comes accidents on construction sites that devastate the lives of workers and their families. The construction accident lawyers at Gomez Trial Attorneys is committed to helping victims of these accidents. Construction is a dangerous business, and unfortunately, many employers cut corners on safety at job sites. Contractors tend to build their crews out of temporary workers who have very little power to insist on proper safety measures, and to hold their employers accountable when tragedy strikes.

We can help. Gomez Trial Attorneys is not afraid to stand up to big construction companies. We fight for workers and their families, no matter their immigration status or financial resources. There is no excuse for property developers and construction contractors failing to protect their workers from harm.

Dog Bites

San Diego County Animal Services investigates more than 6,000 dog bites and attacks every year. Some of those incidents involve serious, even life-changing injuries to the dog’s victim. Young children are especially vulnerable to attacks by dogs because they often do not know the signs of an agitated dog and they are short enough for dogs to bite their faces and necks. Children can suffer devastating physical and emotional trauma from being bitten by a dog. It is not uncommon for severe dog bites to leave lasting scars.

At Gomez Trial Attorneys, we help victims of dog bite attacks—particularly assaults by dogs designated as “dangerous”—recover the compensation you deserve for their terrifying injuries.

Defective Medication and Medical Devices

San Diego residents go to the doctor to get and stay healthy. But what if the medicine your doctor gives you, or the artificial joint a surgeon implants in you, is defective? Who pays for the pain and long-term health complications of faulty medicine and medical devices?

The answers to those questions are not always simple, but Gomez Trial Attorneys has the resources and experience to figure them out. We stand up to big drug companies and medical device manufacturers to make sure they pay what they owe when their products harm our clients, and to force them to do better so that no one else gets hurt.

Sexual Assault and Abuse

The innocence of a child is sacred. Sexual assault and sexual abuse is a plague that has traumatized our children. Organizations like the Roman Catholic Church or the Boy Scouts of America have enabled and ignored rampant reports of child sexual abuse claims. At Gomez Trial Attorneys, there is a dedicated team of lawyers who represent children and adults who have been sexually abused at any time in their life. An organization that failed to supervise the children, or ignored the repeated complaints of an organization member can be held responsible for the act of child sexual abuse. Our team of attorneys is here to hold these organizations and predators responsible.

Medical Malpractice

Sometimes, it is not the medicine or medical device, but instead the poor quality of the medical care itself, that has harmed our clients at Gomez Trial Attorneys. Because of California laws making medical malpractice claims more difficult than other types of personal injury claims, some lawyers in San Diego shy away from pursuing cases.

We believe it is important to hold doctors and other health care providers to the “standard of care” they are sworn to provide to their patients. No patient should ever leave a medical professional’s care in worse condition than when the care began due to the professional’s negligence.

Nursing Home Abuse

San Diego’s population of elderly and infirm nursing home residents deserve extra attention and care. Unfortunately, some of the nursing and assisted living facilities where they live subject them to abusive practices and conditions. That is utterly unacceptable. At Gomez Trial Attorneys, we understand the difficulty of placing a loved one in the care of a home, and the feeling of betrayal and trauma that accompanies finding out the facility has harmed a loved one. We encourage anyone suspicious nursing home abuse or even about the quality of care they or a loved one is receiving in a San Diego nursing facility to contact us right away.

What Sets Our Attorneys Apart

Victims of someone else’s carelessness or recklessness have lots of options when choosing a personal injury lawyer in the San Diego area. Why choose Gomez Trial Attorneys over the others? Here’s why:

  • Personal Injury Attorney, John Gomez

    John Gomez, San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

    Our experience and results. Our team consists of lawyers who have excelled in every part of their professional lives. They were top students at law school, they perform at the highest level in the courtroom, and they have garnered awards from professional organizations that recognize excellence in the legal profession. Our reputation as tough, smart, sophisticated trial lawyers serves our clients’ interests day-in, day-out.

  • We have the resources your case deserves. Our size gives us a deep bench and the professional resources to tackle the toughest cases that smaller firms simply cannot handle adequately. Do not settle for a legal team that could do more for you if only it had the time and staffing to commit to your case. Instead, choose Gomez Trial Attorneys and our award-winning team of legal professionals.
  • We don’t hesitate to fight for our clients, in or out of the courtroom. Lots of personal injury attorneys focus their practice on settling claims, and most personal injury matters do settle before trial. We are of course willing to do so when it’s the right move for our clients. But the best personal injury attorneys—the ones who can achieve maximum results for their clients—are those who prepare every case as if it will end up in front of a jury, and who have skill and reputation to make defense lawyers fear them in the courtroom.  An insurance company will pay higher on your settlement if they are afraid your lawyers will take the case to trial.
  • We have a proven track record of results. There are few law firms anywhere that can boast the kind of track record of success Gomez Trial Attorneys can show for its work on behalf of injured and grieving San Diegans. Our attorneys have racked up hundreds of millions of dollars in jury verdicts and settlements, including multiple recoveries exceeding $10 million. As we said above, no result is ever guaranteed. But when you hire Gomez Trial Attorneys, you get a proven team.

Your San Diego Personal Injury Legal Team

San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys

Gomez San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injuries leave San Diego victims and families reeling from the physical, emotional, and financial toll of an unexpected catastrophe. In that critical, stressful time of life, they need a trusted, caring legal advisor who will give them sound, sensible advice in language they can understand, and who will fight for their rights while they focus on healing and recovery.

Come down to our San Diego office, or any of our office across California, to speak with us about your personal injury and find out how we can help. An initial meeting with our team is always free and strictly confidential. There is no obligation to hire us or to move forward with a lawsuit if you do not want to. We just want to meet you and hear your story, and give you a chance to see first-hand how we operate.

Can’t come to us? That’s no problem. We can come to you or we can speak by phone. Worried about cost? Don’t be. We represent clients on a contingency fee basis, in which we only get paid if we recover money for our client. There is no up-front cost to you.  If we do not obtain any recovery from you – there is no charge at all.

Contact Gomez Trial Attorneys to schedule your initial consultation by calling us at (619) 237-3490, or by filling out an online meeting request.

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