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Collision Focus: The 5 Most Common Types of Serious Orange County Accidents

by John Gomez | Last Updated: July 20, 2016
Orange County Accidents

If you live in Orange County or in other populous areas of California, you simply understand that car accidents are a way of life and something that happens multiple times every day.  While that’s not a comforting thought, acknowledging that reality will help motorists make sound decisions and drive defensively so that their chances of being involved in a collision are minimized.  With that in mind, it may be useful for people in the area to be aware of the 5 most common types of serious Orange County accidents that occur.  This statistical information may be surprising to some, but our hope is that with more knowledge comes more awareness and with more awareness comes more safety on the roads.

Serious Orange County Accidents Defined

Tens of thousands of Orange County car accidents occur every year.  These data include crashes that occur on both city roads and highways.  A large number of these crashes do not lead to injuries that require any type of medical attention.  Instead, they lead to at-worst minor cuts or bruises and property damage to the vehicle or vehicles involved.  Serious Orange County accidents, which are those being communicated presently, are those that lead to at least one injury that requires medical attention or to at least one fatality.  Below are the 5 most common types of serious Orange County accidents along with the number of each that occurred in 2015:

  1. Broadside collisions – 193
  2. Vehicle/Pedestrian accidents – 143
  3. Collision with object – 89
  4. Rear-end collision – 87
  5. Sideswipe collision – 54

These statistics are from data that are collected by the University of California-Berkeley “TIMS” Web site, which stands for Transportation Injury Mapping System.  A link to the Web site can be found here.

Orange County Accidents – Ideas to Consider

As can be seen by the most common types of collisions that lead to at least one serious injury or fatality, any vehicle can be hit from just about any direction at any time.  In addition, pedestrians in Orange County seem to face a high level of risk when they are out walking with vehicles in the area.  Given this information, the following ideas may be worth considering for motorists and pedestrians in Orange County:

  1. Give yourself room – Considering the number of ways in which vehicles can be hit by others, drivers need to make sure that they have enough room in front of them, behind them and to each side of them at all times.
  2. Keep your eyes open – We are taught from the time we learn to drive that we need to have our eyes constantly moving so that we can spot danger from any direction before it’s too late.  The same idea goes for pedestrians.
  3. Assume nothing – Driving and walking in a paranoid/fearful state is not healthy, but drivers and pedestrians should assume that anything can happen at any time.  The extra split-second that this heightened awareness may provide could prove to be the difference between an accident occurring and avoiding one.

Overall, Orange County accidents occur with alarming regularity.  If you or someone you love has been harmed in this manner by a negligent driver, contact the Orange County car accident lawyers at Gomez Trial Attorneys as soon as possible.


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