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San Bernardino Personal Injury Attorneys

It only takes the span of a few moments to change your life forever. After that, the life you once knew vanishes and you may find that the road to recovery which lies ahead is a long, tough journey. Nobody should have to do this alone.

Serving the San Bernardino area for years, Gomez Trial Attorneys has resources, time, and experience to dedicate our clients. We have built our San Bernardino personal injury law firm with trial attorneys who put our clients’ needs, and the needs of their families, first. Our San Bernardino personal injury lawyers come from a diverse background and a multitude of prestigious law schools around the nation. We are a line of defense when taking on personal injury cases in San Bernardino.

Gomez Trial Attorneys has won monumental cases for our clients, with significant settlements and payouts over the years. We are committed to our clients and fight zealously for them, whether in a court of law or at the negotiation table. The dedication of our team of San Bernardino personal injury lawyers and paralegals has leveled the playing field for ordinary people up against the odds. Gomez Trial Attorneys may be the right fit for you.

What Is a Personal Injury?

Personal injury covers a very wide spectrum of accidents and damages. If you have suffered an injury, you may receive compensation, regardless of the severity of the injury. The compensation can also depend upon the amount of money lost, changes to your quality of life, and many other factors.

Here are some components that can establish personal injury:

  • Physical trauma: This is physical trauma received from some form of blunt force trauma or penetrating trauma, either intentional or accidental. Broken bones, bruises, cuts, hemorrhaging, burns and injuries that require medical treatment are all part of this world. Even if injuries are not life-threatening, they may still affect the quality of your life.
  • Emotional damage: While emotional trauma is often more obscure and difficult to gauge the severity of, it can still affect your health in many of the same ways as physical trauma can. Emotional trauma is also a biological reaction to a stressful situation, and your body can undergo reactive changes in similar ways as if it were physical. The amygdala is the more primal portion of the brain, which controls the fight or flight reaction. The production of hormones, such as cortisol, are controlled in this region of the brain. Under states of stress, these hormones can affect you and eventually disrupt your overall physical and mental health. The source of this can be anything from bullying to gaslighting, mental or emotional abuse, or post-traumatic stress, to name a few.
  • Pain and suffering: No one can truly estimate how something will affect another person. We are creatures that respond to the world around us through our senses. A traumatic event, whether physical or emotional, will affect people differently depending on their perception of events. The stress of any given personal injury can be detrimental to one’s health. This may present itself in the form of prolonged stress after surviving an industrial accident and suffering chronic pain. It could come from the emotional trauma of undergoing several surgeries and facing a long road to physical rehabilitation. It could also arise from other sources.
  • Permanent disabilities: If you are injured, you may have become permanently disabled. This can be in any variety of ways, from reproductive health, trouble breathing, or losing motor function due to any severity of paralysis, etc. This will affect many things in your life, from relearning how to do basic tasks to your livelihood. Either way, your quality of life may have changed dramatically.
  • Death: The ripple effects of death due to personal injury reach far and wide. Family members, the community, and loved ones who depended on the deceased must rebuild their lives after such a loss.

Effects of San Bernardino Personal Injuries

The repercussions of a personal injury can be numerous. Injuries can result in loss of time at work, which can eventually lead to loss of wages and may result in unemployment. Recovering from an injury can be an expensive process, saddling too many victims with enormous medical bill debt as they try to recover. Injuries may require multiple surgeries, physical therapy, mental health counseling, or other rehabilitative measures. Additionally, there may be costs associated with repairing damages or recovering losses from any destruction of property that may have resulted from the event. You may be struggling to rebuild your life.

Contacting our experienced San Bernardino attorneys can relieve some of the pressure associated with navigating through the legal system. This is especially true when you simultaneously try to rebuild your life and recover from your injuries.

Where Can San Bernardino Personal Injuries Happen?

The short answer to this is just about anywhere, as we are physical creatures that exist in a hostile world. Almost nowhere is truly safe when it comes to injury, and that, unfortunately, includes even the San Bernardino community.

Here are some examples of how injuries can occur:

  • Workplace: Since the Industrial Revolution, laws have been put in place to ensure the health and safety of employees. With regulatory offices such as OSHA overseeing safety accommodations, and Workers Compensation Insurance safeguarding the livelihood of employees who may be injured on the job, accidents still happen. When they do, it may be due to negligence in the workplace and your employer may be held accountable for these lapses in providing a safe work environment. Workplace accidents may be minor or extremely serious, depending on your line of work. Either way, if you have been injured in the workplace, you may seek compensation accordingly.
  • Leisure: From an afternoon at the park playing flag football or diving into the local swimming pool, having fun can quickly go south. Sports and recreation are the sources of many injuries. Whether it is mountain biking single track trails, sea kayaking, a game of softball, or any other recreational activity imaginable, you might find yourself injured in the pursuit of having a good time. Someone may be liable for your injury. If so, you could seek compensation for your recovery.
  • Home accidents: They say that a significant amount of accidents take place at home. But, these kinds of accidents are also just as likely to happen in someone else’s home, especially if care has not been taken to warn you of hazards you are likely to encounter there. Slip and fall cases, accidental poisonings, drownings, loose railing, broken sidewalks, and electrocutions are just some of the countless ways you can be injured in a home.
  • Businesses and accessibility: Businesses have a responsibility to the safety of their customers, and this is not limited to provisions set up by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Appropriate accessibility options can include handrails in bathroom stalls, automated doors, wheelchair ramps, and clearly marked disability access points. Non-compliance means that businesses may be held liable for resulting injuries, as well as discriminatory practices resulting in mental/emotional injury.
  • Slip and falls: These types of injuries are often very serious. In what they call an “acceleration/deceleration” injury, a body at rest is brought into motion very quickly and stopped even more violently by the ground. It often involves a slick surface. This impact has been known to break bones such as hips or wrists, split skulls, or even cause brain injuries such as concussions or intracranial bleeding. These can usually be prevented by making others aware of hazards that could clearly result in slip and fall accidents.
  • Brain injuries: This field is breaking new ground every day, with analysis from sports injuries, car accidents, and even slip and fall cases resulting in surprisingly complex findings. Your brain is the most important part of your central nervous system, and special care and consideration must be taken into account whenever the brain is involved. A traumatic brain injury may result in immediate physical dysfunction, or present itself years later.
  • Auto/truck/motorcycle/vehicle injuries: When you are traveling at high speeds, you are demonstrating Newton’s Laws of motion. Since force equals mass times acceleration, this means that the force of the impact in or around a vehicle will typically be much greater than an injury without one. From broken bones, ruined organs, paralysis, permanent disabilities, and traumatic brain injuries, getting hurt in a vehicle accident is usually avoidable unless someone is at fault.
  • Animal attacks: Even if an animal attacked you without the instruction of their owner, their owner may be deemed responsible for failing to keep their animal contained to prevent anyone from being hurt by it. Animal attacks can do a lot of damage. Dog bites, horse tramplings and kicks, or other preventable animal attacks can require a lot of medical attention and result in pain and suffering. The owner of that animal may owe you compensation.
  • Medical malpractice: Going in for a routine operation or life-saving procedure puts you in the hands of someone you have no reason to believe is incapable of performing their duties as a medical professional. After all, they do have all those degrees on their wall. But, as with any profession, some people just should not enter that line of work. With medical professionals, however, mistakes made in surgery can be deadly. Botched plastic surgeries, unnecessary operations, use of hernia mesh and other outmoded forms of medicine, can affect your health. In many cases, these are due to incompetence or an attempt to cut corners to save money. Your health is something that cannot be taken for granted.
  • Daycare centers/nursing homes: Poor policies, accommodations, or insufficient background checks on staff can put the most vulnerable people in our lives in danger. If your child or elders are injured while under the care of a San Bernardino-located facility such as this, they may be held accountable.
  • Mental abuse: Just because the bruises do not show, mental abuse is no less detrimental to your health and safety than a physical attack. Bullying, harassment, threats, menacing, and other “non-violent” attacks can lead to undue stress and may manifest themselves in very physical ways. Victims of mental abuse typically have to recover from heartbreaking and life-changing events, causing severe pain and suffering.

Insurance Companies

Your case may result in an insurance company low-balling you for compensation. Some of these companies may do whatever they can to reduce their losses, even though the very reason people pay money to insurance companies is to receive compensation if tragedy strikes. A skilled attorney may help you navigate the negotiation process and advise you on how to proceed when dealing with insurance companies.

Private Individuals

Private individuals may be held accountable for their actions, resulting from either intended violence or accidental injury. Even if a case has gone to court with criminal charges pressed, you may still seek compensation in a civil court case. If the injury was accidental, you may also have to go after a person for compensation if they do not have insurance.


Many injuries can be avoided if the right precautions have been taken and sufficient warnings are put into place. Failure to do so means that the cause of injury may be deemed negligent. The result of negligence is no different than a direct assault: someone has been hurt when the injury could have been prevented. Now, that injured person is left with trying to put the pieces of their life back together.

What Can I Do?

The process may provide you with a few options. If you or someone you know has been hurt, gather as much evidence as you can. This might come in the form of police reports, hospital records, medical bills, photographs, eyewitness accounts, surveillance footage, or in other forms. Your attorney could take this evidence and present it to the court and opposing counsel in the form of discovery.

Once the suit is filed, the discovery provides both sides with information that can be weighed to establish a dialog between the parties. This is done in mediation/arbitration, which can lead to either a settlement for a cash amount outside of court, or a continuation of the court process in which a trial is set.

In a trial, a judge or jury will hear evidence provided by both parties to determine fault and a compensation amount. The potential drawback to this is that juries and judges are not always predictable in what they decide or how they interpret the information provided. You may actually have more personal control of what you can get in a settlement during negotiations. Your attorney could guide you in what they believe will yield the best results. This may be in a settlement or to move forward to trial, complete with expert witnesses and other evidence supporting your case.

Either way, hiring an experienced attorney is an advisable means of pursuing compensation for your injury. From the expense of damaged property and medical bills to compensation for rehabilitation and continuing pain and suffering throughout your recovery, an attorney could fight for you.

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Attorney John Gomez

Personal Injury Lawyer, John Gomez

This sometimes lengthy process can drain you emotionally. Gomez Trial Attorneys can help expedite the process and increase your odds of getting the compensation you deserve for your personal injury. When John Gomez started this firm, he was determined to put together a team of trial attorneys who were a force to be reckoned with, to fight for ordinary people facing uphill battles. We pursue a successful result in every case, and we are not afraid to fight for the rights of our clients. You did not ask to be injured. You should not have to pay for treating those injuries.

Gomez Trial Attorneys is here to take on San Bernardino personal injury cases so victims can put their lives back together. We are dedicated to our clients and love what we do. If you were injured in the San Bernardino area, contact us or call us at (619) 237-3490 today to see what Gomez Trial Attorneys can do for you. Injured in an accident? Get a real trial lawyer. Get Gomez.

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